Joy Blossoming

Feeling good is up to you, really.
And when you get the hang of it, it feels way cool to know that.

It IS possible to, under any condition, wake up with positive expectations for whats next!

It's a question of breaking the habit of feeling like the victim to current conditions and instead choose to guide your thoughts to something (whatever!) that feels like relief again and again... Stepping out of your "powerlessness" (you really arent, just feels that way due to your thought pattern..) and regaining your power again.
Wouldn't it be nice to feel in-power and energized on a regular basis? :)

...as easy as starting to deliberatly think differently about things you are used to feel bad/fear/nervous/etc about.

...can seem tricky at first, but soon enough you'll get leverage and things ease up. Some determination to deliberately focus your thoughts is of good help of course.

After some work on it.. magic seems to start happen. For real.

And on top of it - your newfound relief/joy/freedom-feelings will benefit you tremendously energy-wise, health-wise, self-esteem-wise...and more :)

Deep apprechiation to my teachers for the tools and to myself for using them, making my mind & body such a wonderfully happy place to be, Adoring You All!

Love Love Love, all is pure Love :) Yum!


  1. i love hearing the words of our wise teachers being broadcast through us, and realizing that We are our wise ones. it is Us, waking up to ourselves :) love love love!!!