Day 18 of My Intention Game ~ yesterday ~ LOL, lotsa fun and lotsa interesting dynamics happened this day .. saw (another) two interesting license plates (click here to read about the other ones I've seen recently).. one saying "JEU" that means Game in French and is the first part of my name... the other one said "TRO" which means Faith or Trust in Swedish... Also had a VERY NICE bouncy-bumpy-ride with the bus..lol.. and a classmate began laughing at my reaction to the bouncy ride..lol.. I was delighted by it and she laughed at my delighted reaction and said "you are sooo funny"... and started telling me about her son saying shes "childish" and she had said "but how boring it would be to grow up and also grow grumpy".. and he took her hands and started to dance with her right then and there LOL.. (he's 12yrs old now).. She got totally delighted :))) LOVED to rendez-vous with this playful side of this ... actually kinda "taking stuff seriously" woman :)))) WONDERFUL In the afternoon I had a kinda surpricing and interesting experience in many ways.. it was kinda contrasty but turned quickly into something ease and funfilled and very "co-operative-components".. so I kinda suspect it was a fun combo of letting desires of all involved come true in a surpricing disguise LOL.. Oh My Source.. so many FUN things and experiences and SITCOMS are happening.. I need to jot it down in the moment to remember ALL of it.. So DARN COOL :))) Ps. The License Plates from this day describe very well what I'm currently up to: "The GAME of FAITH/TRUST in the Univerese".. (Details HERE).. How about THAT??? LOL.. FREAKIN-YUM!!!


Fun & Crazyish

Day 13 ~ Fabulous, this morning as I was heading for lecture I saw ANOTHER car with a license plate saying "FUN", this time in english.. and since it was parked I took a pic w my mobile phone..lol.. THIRD license plate spelling FUN I've seen in less than 8days (first two times they said "KUL" which is the same word but in swedish).. ( see previous posts, like to the latest one HERE ) I am IN LOVE with my Intention Game.. !!!!!! Feel Free To Join ~ Details click HERE :))) Then as I reached the hospital entrance a lil guy (2-3yrs old maybe) in a mini-car was heading out through the enterance with high speed.. and his mother running after and trying to stop him.. LOL.. Felt really laid back today and nailed diagnoses at the seminar even tho I didnt know how to diagnose..just went with "experience" (and guidance of course).. LOL.. :))) Felt AWESOME ! ..Left for lunch at great place for some soup..yum.. and studied some.. then as I headed for the tram.. I heard some laughter above and heard a male saying "oh no, there comes another one".. I looked up and two kids and (I assume) the dad standing at their french balcony at the 3rd floor, wanting to let a waterfilled balloon crash on the sidewalk .. checking so they wouldnt hit anyone with it...so when I had passed by already they let it crash onto the street .. and they laughed long and hard lol.. :))) I had to laugh too.. LOVE witnessing people having crazy fun!!! Before I reached the tram I passed a row of benches and one was covered with grass (it was actually a piece of lawn.. LOL).. I'm rendez vousing with the best shit LOL.. :))) .. and the day is not over yet.. Ps. Also ADORING how funny kids are.. A 2,5 yr old and the twin sister were playing and riding the slide.. and their mother wanted to head back home but they refused.. and so the Mother tried out saying: "But who will I play with at home if you won't come along?" One of the Twins, while she headed up for another slide-ride said nonchalantly: "Daddy"


How Am I Accomplishing All This ?

Day11 ~ FUN-PACKED-DELUX day..lol.. beginning eager .. great feeling yoga practice and lovely breakfast.. then heading to BorĂ¥s, asked to pay on the bus but they wouldnt let me lol.. so I got to ride the bus for free.. and just before we arrived at the hospital I'm looking out the window of the bus seeing a TREE HOUSE in one of the large trees beside the road LOL!!! Then I went to Neo and wow, ...there was a baby VERY obviously getting worse according to the x-ray .. but was VERY obviously improving (we noticed when examining him..) LOL.. THAT was funny!!! Even the grumpy doctor had to laugh while he noticed and concludingly said it.. LOL.. And when getting coffee there was some hilarious language stuff.. I was getting the milk out and the danish doctor said Better check if its fresh.. but the danish word for fresh is the same word as the swedish one meaning the opposite of sick/ill ..LOL.. so the nurse and I began to laugh.. and we had to explain it to the danish doctor..lol.. Later on me and Jonathan had a good laugh over lunch.. and then when in the elevator he pressed the mirror in the back of it - and it made a sound like a little baby dog..LOL.. too much fun.. we laughed hard.. and then on our way back to Neo we noticed that one part of the floor in the corridor was pure glass.. so we saw the corridor underneath and it was FUN walking on it..since it felt like we were walking in the air and were going to fall through anytime soon.. TOO FUNNY LOL.. and then more fun in the afternoon.. lotsa laughter.. and on my way back with the bus..I look out the window about half way to Gothenburg when a car passes.. with the license plate spelling KUL (swedish word for FUN).. One of the BEST days ever.. LOL.. SUPER FUN PACKED!!! Ps. this was just some of the fun of today.. really, LOL.. How much fun can happen in a day.. I'm about to see.. its getting more and more fully PACKED..lol :)))) How am I accomplishing this amount of fun?? Details HERE :)))


My Life IS Comedy !!!

Wow, I don't know which day I'm on, but it's probably around Day 10 of 108 of the new Challange (details HERE)!!! And I've been playing around with setting my feeling-intention..(My Intention Game is described here) which is totally blowing my mind and making me wonder Why-Didn't-I-Start-This-Hilariousness earlier LOL!!! I'm experiencing so many completely hilarious things I don't know where to begin..and its really coming in concentrated form.. (many things each day since the first day I began to experiment with my own Intention Game) ...alot of it is SITCOM.. I mean the situation is SO FREAKIN comic, and it kinda would need some backgroud to describe it.. What I love about it is that - Alot of times it seems really personally-adapted for me LOL.. like "an inside joke"... There is ALOT of laughter, even with people I've never met before - lotsa FUN "misunderstandings" and COOL interactions and encounters.. just hilarious stuff going on!!! I'm sticking with the "FUN"-intention for a while more..LOL.. it just is TOO MUCH FUN to change it into any of the others yet.. (for details click HERE) Well, really all of those great feelings are a part of my day too, but the HILARIOUS things going on - its just TOO FUNNY to want to focus on something else.. My life IS a Comedy right now, and I'm MEGA-AMUSED and BIG-TIME-APPRECIATIVE of this Universe litterarily PLAYING AROUND with me and laughing along with me.. it's obvious that this Universe knows me intimatly LOL cuz all the jokes are RIGHT-ON-TARGET!!! ADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING BEING ME :))) Thank You Thank You Thank You, Muah!!!! Ps. Some of the awesome stuff I've mentioned HERE :)))


Darth Vader and Stand-Up-Comedy :))) LOL

Day 6 or 7 ??? ...currently too much fun going on I'm loosing track of the less important stuff lol... .. wow.. yesterday I saw Darth Vader a few times..the day before I saw a car with registration plate spelling FUN as I was riding a bus driving "rally"...lol and today we had Stand-Up-Comedy (yes, REALLY!!!) during the last lecture.. and lotsa laughs at the others too.. and a free super delicious lunch + coffe breaks (with even Green Tea as alternative).. Living a FUN and very good life.. yum!!! My Intention Game ROCKS!!!! Ps. Join me in this Fun Game Challenge :))) Click here or here for details!!!


Comic Results of the new 108-Day Challenge :)))

I'm on Day 5 of the new 108-day Game (see details here) and the 4th day of living the awesome results of my Intention Game (details here) lol... my everyday life includes more comical and funny situations ever.. got great results already the first day I had intended for.. and I got kinda hooked.. I chosed "FUN" as my theme for the 1st day... and I've stuck with it cuz of the delightful and even some hilarious results..lol..just an example: as I rode the bus today, which was driving kinda fast rally-ish..lol.. I looked out the window and the registration plate letters of the car just passing spelled "KUL" (meaning FUN) Easy as pressing a button, click!!! ...awesome!!! :)))) Ps. More info to start yourself here.