Increasing Bliss-Ability


This post is especially dedicated to Everyone that has crossed my path in any shape or form, no matter the lenght of our interaction. I literarily mean Everyone. And its also especially dedicated to Every situation I have found myself in so far. Every One. You are the reason why I've expanded to who I am today.

This post is in celebration of what we all have become due to what we have lived. In celebration of how we at anytime can decide how we want to live and feel, and decide if we want to Let it happen.

Yes, I meant "Let" it happen. Because when we Strive, things happen with more effort than if we Let it come to us. When we Let it come to us, we make it effortless and enjoyable.

When Relaxed and Laidback, the things we want to experience can make their way to us without hinderance. When Relaxed and Laidback, the cells of our body work optimally, our mind get clear and can focus easily.

It's exhilirating to be in the process of learning to optimize Bliss-Ability. And it's almost more exhilirating to watch how the Bliss-State itself works like a Wand-Of-All-Desires-Come-True.

My Bliss-Ability has reached Awesomeness and it's lotsa fun watching the world adapt around me...

Adoring the Universe for creating All-That-Is and for letting us Play.

Awww, the delicious feeling of Unconditional Love, Muah!



This Genious Universe of Ours

It's really exciting to start a new year with the knowledge that things will go my way. Knowing that All is Well at all times. Knowing that if I ask for surprices I will get some. If I ask for adventure, it will happen.
Knowing that Well-Being is within at all times. Knowing that I have the power to feel good whatever might happen. Knowing that I cant get it "wrong". Knowing that its up to me to create myself and my life experience.
I am the one choosing through my focusing.

And knowing that Feeling Good serves me in more ways than just enjoying my Singing Heart. It attracts on to me more reasons to be joyous and feeling good. It attracts on to me more things to bask about. More things to feel excited about. All the things I'd ever imagine wanting in my life. Everything is just some thoughts away, some imagination away, some prasing away, some basking away, some apprechiating away... Following the guidance of the Emotions, deliberatly allowing the natural flow.

Quite genious this Universe.

In celebration of this New Year which will be filled with as much adventures, fun, laughs, ease, flow, surprices and joyous expansion as I deliberatly will allow myself - In celebration I Bow with Love and Exhilaration, I Sing with Love and Exhilaration, I Dance with Love and Exhilaration!

Happy in Heart and Soul to be part of this Mind-Blowing-Game called Life. Continuously expanding In Love.

Thank You Universe for Being You, Adorable.