Being in Charge of Well-Being


Ever noticing yourself resisting a task at work, resisting getting up in the morning, resisting meeting a certain person, resisting doing what you love cause you "should" be doing something "valuable instead"...?

Its all about habits of thought-patterns you picked up on your journey of Life.

...so how about experimenting letting go and see how good it can acctually feel - how much difference it can make :)

Without your own foot stepping on the brakes cronically (negative habits of thought), things will move smooth like silk.


Here are some great things to notice about your habits of thought...
If you had the tools to feel good anywhere and anytime - would you choose:

* Caring more about what someone else's thinking of you, rather than feeling good?
* Complaining rather than feeling good?
* Talking/thinking about something that clearly does not please you, rather than feeling good?
* Letting someone else decide how you should feel and think about something, rather than feeling good?
* Observing "defects" about yourself or someone else, rather than feeling good?
* Expecting things to not work out, rather than feeling good?
* Worrying about what someone might say to you, rather than feeling good?
* Listening to others worrying/complaining/critisizing and joining them in it - rather than feeling good?
* Taking something seriously - rather than feeling good?
* Letting news scare/worry you - rather than feeling good?
* Observing whats Wrong about somthing - rather than feeling good?
* Getting "depressed"/overwhelmed/confused/discouraged due to something happening in your life - rather than feeling good?
* Not believing in yourself/your capacity - rather than feeling good?
* .... and so on...

Good News, habits of thoughts can be changed rather quickly and easily, if you want to. The clarity of mind which follows these habits-of-thought changes has fantastic benefits of course. On many levels.

Decide if Feeling Good is a good enough reason to let go of all these kinds of habits of thought!

Lotsa Love Coming Your Way!

Genuine Well-Being from the Inside Out


Marvelling in the experience of the harmonious, eyes-sparkeling, beaming, grounded, dance-prone, sure-of-myself kind of Well-Being I have personally and deliberatly created for myself...

Bring it on World - Let's Rock n' Roll :)

Lotsa Love Coming Your Way


Everyday Marvelling

My Experiment is still working wonders and I'm getting better at it every day passing by.
Starting to get immune to complaints and "bad news", it cant get me out of my well-being-state that easily, becoming automatic. Really Cool!

I'm also noticing how I alot more often automatically expect things to go well.. including an attitude of "not worried about my response/reaction if things would be acting up on me either".

I know that its not the situation that makes my mood (anymore), instead its me deciding how to feel.

I feel free and calm and at ease almost every hour of the day now. And I can pivot myself rather easy if needed. Feels kinda like In Love at all times. Feels like beaming and having lotsa fun!

Thinking about how it feels when you're in love and mesmerized by your beloved - can you worry or complain about something without losing that In-Love-Feeling? Not really, you interrupt your feeling of well-being quite fast. Same with returning to In Love by just getting a glimps of her/him, as long as they don't do or say something that triggers you into other feelings...

Getting the hint... This emotional stuff can be done deliberatly. Isn't that something?! :) Feeling (genuinly) in love ...or well... filled to the brim with love maybe (but it's same-same)whenever it suits you. Yum!

It pays off big time training yourself to noticing and focusing on the good stuff "only", yay!

Deep apprechiation to MySelf for trying this stuff, and sticking with it "patiently"...
or well..rather..Playfully and Joyously playing along with the Universe!!!

Lotsa Love coming your way!