Joy-Sparkling Experiments


Time flies when having fun and it's exhilarating to notice the wonderful progess this experiment has resulted in. Keeps getting deeper. Getting alot more Apprechiation-Prone, Joy-Sparkly-Prone, Dance-Prone, Skip-Prone, Laugh-Prone...

Feels fantastic to know that these things can be trained into perfection, no need to "be born this way". And its wonderful to have a Guidance System working like a GPS and telling me that NOTHING IS UNCERTAIN, although it will always play out in the way I'm able to ALLOW it to happen.
Also, it always has the potential to AMAZE you beyond what you might have been thinking was possible.

Setting my standards to "Things ALWAYS work out for me" has made a believer out of me. I now KNOW that I create my reality, that I ALWAYS can change anything that has happened that might not be to my liking - or that I find I want to modify.
Although what I find more pleasureable, is to just Prepave an outcome I want, and so it is. Things can always be modified...so, if not beforehand, then after.... (seems impossible at first, it takes some Ignoring of What-Is, but when you get the How-To its lotsa FUN) Everything is possible.

What I want is OH-SO-CERTAIN. The journey "There" is what LIFE is. And the more I allow - the more the Universe wants to PLAY :)

The more I allow the Universe to conspire for me (not trying to bang it into place that is) - the more AMAZED I am of the resaults. The Universe is THE BEST conspireer and gives me Cues on what I "might want to do", where I "might want to stop", what "might want to read", where I "might want to go" ... to swiftly get there.

THIS is what I came here for, this is what I signed up for - this is DELICIOUS LIFE EXPERIENCE!!!


Thank You, Adoring You - Apprechiation Blast comin your way :)))





Can you be playful and serious at the same time? Of course not.

Can you be playful and feel bad at the same time? Of course not.

Ever thought about it that way?

In my experienting on how to optimize my daily joy and chill percentage I've discovered that playfulness really does the trick, every time. Adding the attitude of playfulness makes the whole difference on how you experience the current task or experience. Cuz you can't be tense and playful at the same time. You cant be bored and playful at the same time. You cant be irritated and playful at the same time.

You cant have ANY negative emotion at the same time as you're being playful! Yay!!!

Alright, so how do I increase my daily playful precentage?

Personally I've found that there are alot of things we automatically do that keep up the seriousness, quite simple things acctually... hahaha :) So... to be playful you gotta care less about what others think, you gotta care less about your belongings, care less about what things cost, care less about keeping order, care less about how you walk, care less about being elegant or appropriate, you gotta dare being alil crazy. All about having fun really. Being more childlike... (or drunk-like, if you prefer? hahaha)

So well, sing and dance while doing the dishes. Use the dish-brush as a mic once in a while maybe even. Sing and dance while cleaning. Sing and dance while cooking. Sing and dance while grocery-shopping. Sing-a-long to a happy song while paying the bills. Skip along the sidewalk while walking to work. Making the ordinary-everyday-things playful and joyful.

Removing the breaks to make your life a joyous experience! No more shoud-do's but instead play-a-do's...

Wear different colored socks on each foot? Buy a childrens note book instead of the elegant one you "kinda dont wanna ruin"? Buy a childrens pen with glitter and hearts or ...my favourite.... a lucky-troll on top?

Things that repetingly can bring you back to a more relaxed, chilled place - things that remind you of your playfulness over and over again are real TREASURES for your mood and well-being!

You can't be stressed-out and playful at the same time.... yum... fabulous!!! Love it!

Have any of your own tricks to share? Feel Free :)

Adoooring everything and everyone reminding me to be the joyful loving eager being that I truly am - Delicious Life Ahead !

Ps. picture found on Google searching "lucky troll"



...wow...my life has turned into sucha delicious high-flying-feeling everyday experience... and is now begining to fill up with friends feeling the same way... and current friends bringing themselves "here" to...

Naturally Feeling Fabulous, On Purpose... who knew my Experiment would be this successful... hahahahaha :)))

Where will this "end" :o)

We are all up for a delicious life, thats whats up - katching!!!


Feeling Freedom - On Purpose


Wow, I'm in awe, over and over again!

These past days I've been playing around with feeling even better than I currently do - since I now feel comfortable with the pretty-high-good-feeling-place where I'm at.

So I asked myself again "ok, so how do I want to feel from now on?" and then I thought... wow, since I can go for anything I want, how about Invincible..? How about the freedom feeling of "rules-does-not-apply-to-me"?

...yes, kinda felt like a good idea and a possible step from where I was...

...so I stared to bring myself there by describing to myself how it would feel to feel that way and why it would feel so good to me
- and so...there I was... :)

Then, feeling this way, I found a lovely quote from my favourite teachers which pretty well described the feeling place I've just reached.

This quote is about setting your Joy-Standard. That it should be set real high. And how you can bring yourself higher and higher, and stay there just because you can and because of how lovely it feels to be there. So, here it is:

"You won’t settle for oneryness when you know the deliciousness of bliss, and you wont settle for worry, when you know the deliciousness of wellbeing, and you will not settle for sickness, when you know the inherent potential for wellness, and you will not settle for 'not-enough', when you know the universe is unlimited." (Abraham-Hicks)

I love making my life feel easy and I love feeling fantastic and most of all I love doing it all On Purpose - just cuz I can and it feels sooo lovely - such a yummy feeling of Freedom!!!



How This Universe Works (i.e. Rocks!!!)


Alignment with Source equals... Oh Hello Everything-I-Want, you're mine! :)))

This Universe ROCKS - Wooooohooooo!!!!



Who-I-Really-Am ♥


My life is fun! I'm loving it and feeling fabulous! I am a powerful creator, creating my dream life and I am right on schedule. Im Savoring more, fixing less. Laughing more; crying less. Anticipating positively more, anticipating negatively less.

Nothing is more important than that I feel good - so Im practicing that and LOVING the consequences of it ♥


Real Life when Inspired by Abraham-Hicks, Loooove You!!!