Inspirations ~ Appreciation To Revel In

I'm so excited about the response to this 30 day challenge, and as most of us are on Day 20 already there are others just joined in!!! And there are people inspired to sharing their high vibe energy to inspire others, so feel free to go to Ferris Jay's blogpost on the Art Of Appreciation reading about her adventures including some nice useful tips and tricks for your own challange period!! She began with her report with this blogpost of Day-1 today :)))) Tara Woodruff has been posting regularily since the beginning and is on Day 20 today!!! Here is a sample!!! Feel Free to have a peek and get inspired by these wonderful bloggers :))) Yay for Appreciation and Inspiration!!!! Ps. Tatiana is making fun videos daily as her "report" of this challenge, Enjoy them HERE :)))


Fabulous Reminders :)))

QUOTE ...just don't be so heavy handed on the knowing-what-you-don't-want... ...SO MUCH of what you DO want is defined by your pushing-agaist-what-you-don't-want. And that slows you down, it takes the joy out of your life... it causes you to have more unwanted experiences that you need to have. And it keeps you, most of all, from being in vibrational alliance, in vibrational harmonics, in vibrational BEINGNESS with your power and your clarity, your health, your stamina and your vitality and all that stuff that you are talking about. You can just feel when you've focused it into being. So if we were standing in your physical shoes ~ we would come determent, determent to align....(with what you want) without pushing agaist...(what you don't want).... ~Abraham LIVE L.A 2012-01-28

Having Fun :))))

When I have FUN NOW, feeling good now.. the things that previously felt "wrong" or "uncomfy" now feel IRRELEVANT.. and thats becasue they are.. cuz Everything Always Works Out For Me (already RIGHT NOW) !!! ♥♥♥


Appreciating My Followers :)))

A HUGE THANK YOU for enjoying this Blog and I also want to specially thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who has donated money for enjoying the reading & watching as well as participating in the meditations and challenges offered !!! The past week they have (most of them) ranged from 5 Euro to 20 Euro, as well as some above and below :))) DEEPLY appreciating your feedback and your engagement in creating a fabulous good feeling life for yourselves !!! I'd also love to share with you an opportinuity I recently embarked on, to easily and effortlessly get some extra income meanwhile spending my time doing what I truly LOVE. I signed up just a couple of days ago, and I've gotten a really LOVELY response :))) I feel its a fun thing and I'm having a good time with it since its really easy and effortless, as well as it does not require any payment or anything like that. I'm having Success with this already within the 48 hours I've been on this, so I'm expecting this to be valuable in many ways. I've already learnd some good things from it. I've always thought it would be hard to join "things like these", cuz I've had a belief that "money cannot come easily" lol.. but NOW I KNOW that its possible, so just gladly spent the few minutes it took to sign up, and I'm already rockin and rollin with it.. :))) So whatever comes out of this, it has been created with just a few minutes of my time to "dare" signing on with a screen name and my email, then sharing it (easily, took like 2 minutes). If this feels like something fun and worth the few minutes time, then feel free too use this (or copy-paste) link signing up http://signup.wazzub.info/​?lrRef=22959 ...and Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!! Ps. If you havent started the Appreciation Challenge yet.. its MIND BLOWING, check out the instructions, its easy and fun and FEELS AMAZING :)))

Appreciation Flowing Rampant ~ Wooozaa!!! {with Video}

Flying High on the Knowing of How-Things-Work :))))


$ $ $ Opportunities ~ LOOOVE THOSE :)))

Great opportunity is in the air. A never-done-before PROFIT SHARING PHENOMENON!!! A new website based in Las Vegas known as Wazzub is making history. You should be part of it! Join the website now for FREE and invite others for FREE through your reference link (which you will get after joining the site) before 10th April 2012 which is their official launching date to become a Founding Member and get opportunity to get paid monthly for life for just doing that! For example if you join today and invite 5 people to join through your link and these invitees do the same 5 generation deep, then you could get $4,000 per month the rest of your life! (And a friend of mine has already 45 signed up for her after 4 days!!! Just Sayin' I've got 18 signed up after 2 days and is waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy past the "valified to recieve payments") Here is where to join this opportunity of the year 2012 http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=22959 JOIN NOW :)))) Easy & Free REALLY, I've spent about 20minutes in total on this, and its Expanding RAPIDLY, really its time to join! I've had no "bad side effects" of this whatsoever, on the contrary very enjoyable in all, they just ask for your name and email, no creditcard or such :)))) Here's the link again: http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=22959 JOIN NOW :))))

Community Of Co-Operative Components

Get Paid to Turn on Your Computer. What?... Yes, It's true!... I've just joined WAZZUB and you should too. Do you know why?... WAZZUB is the first truly global community that pays its members for doing NOTHING different than what they are currently doing every day. Yes, you'll get paid and all you'll have to do is choose WAZZUB as your home page on April/10/2012 when they fully launch their state-of-the-art home page. That's it! ~ This has NEVER been done before! It's the NEW "Perfect" Internet Phenomenon ~ Check it out and join for F*R*E*E. You could earn UNLIMITED PASSIVE INCOME every month for LIFE! But you must hurry, 99.99% of the world doesn't know about this yet. Go NOW: http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=22959 Together we activate the power of "We"! Thank you!

Day 16 ~ Blissbumpsy Ride {with Video}


Day 15 ~ Magically Effective Creation Challenge :)))

One Hundred And Eight ~ Yum for Anger Management or Meditation Practice {with Video}

To Recite a mantra or do breathing exercise "108 times" is a traditional way in yoga to practice yoga and meditation. It's a very lovely way to meditate and the lenght of your mantra (and the velocity of you reciting it) will determinate how long the meditation will be. I love using different kinds of mantras, there are all kinds - for all purposes LOL :))) And it's really nice to put a melody to it aswell :))) So feel free to improvise!!! To count to 108 may seem impossible as you recite, but there are tricks on how to do this. You can use a Mala (a meditation neckless kinda thing) and you can use your hands. In this video I'll show you how to use your hands. This is very useful since you always have your hands with you... and IF you'd at anytime feel angry or something like that.. you can take a round of 108 mantras ~ and you'll be at peace shortly :))) ..maybe even especially so if you have a lil nice melody to it.. try it out for yourselves ;) Yay, ENJOY!!! Ps: In the Previous post "A Comfy Meditation Seat" you'll find tips to facilitate a blossoming meditation practice

A Comfy Meditation Seat {with Video}

Meditation can be done in various ways and is a great tool to enhance wellbeing, clarity of mind and serenity. In other words, making life easier and more joyous. Here's a short videoclip on how to create a comfortable seat which will facilitate your practice by giving you more freedom in your spine, more space in your body and a calmer nervous system. The perfect start on your journey. Love to all!!!


Getting Around Feeling "Uncomfy" {with Video}

Today is Day 14 of the Magically Effective Creation Challenge, and I've been amazed with all of your results as well as my own progress!!! Thanks to all participating and sharing your appreciation and results!!! Here is a video describing how you can make this challange even more effective on subjects/situations where it feels alil uncomfy stating the sentences "as if already happened"... Your FEELING is your INDICATOR of progress. Any amount of relief or feeling-better IS progress. Everyone is doing swimmingly, I LOVE being part of this together with you, YAY!!!! These Tips&Tricks can of course be used apart from this challenge, ENJOY :))) Ps. Also with HUGE appreciation for everyone supporting this work, through donations, LOVE knowing you're progressing so effectively!!! Your Feedback is joyously recieved!!!


Today's List Of Appreciation ~ No Coincidences, Yay!

It's Day 9 and I'm sharing with you a sample of todays written appreciations, down below the image ♥ First part called "Now" is current reality and experiences. And the second part called "Intentions" are desired experiences. As I've already communicated through my videos, ALOT of my intentions has already become my current reality. And most which have not already, are things/experiences that are intended to happen further on.. for example.. a retreat experience this summer will not be my reality until then.. altho I've already experienced glimpses of it in form of "planning" with a friend etc. It was a written intention of mine during these days, and then my friend started to talk about us going there together.. so I'm kinda seeing all of these things coming, in one way or another now.. REALLY enjoying coming up with new ones too.. :))) Ps. This image was found through google pictures searching "appreciating"
*** N O W Appreciating that the new pen I've used to write the appreciations & intentions.. is now finished..lol.. had to get a new pen..lol.. Appreciating how I now get to not-need-to-do the presentation for this current course, and is why I'm having loads of freetime at this moment!!! Appreciating The Balloon Co-Creative experience with Kat Coats..lol.. I didn't know why I actually used them in my video of today.. and then she gave me the answer.. we were co-creating this experience..lol.. Awesome.. I'm deeply appreciating the connection we all have.. and how OBVIOUS it is to me now!!! Appreciating the Appreciaton-Mode I'm in!!!! Appreciate Appreciating :))) Its a delicious way to get in a high-flying mood :))) Appreciating all new donations to my Blog - I LOVE you, its wonderful to coach people this way, I LOVE knowing people getting results and as they do, they feel BETTER and feeling better, one feel more abundance and wants to share. I LOVE sharing abundance too!!!! YAY :))) Appreciating the beautiful photos my friend Iara has on her profile, photos of delicious and very beautiful food :))) Appreciating the colors of those photos and the way she presents them, so they look really attractive... yum :))) Appreciating my Webcam, Skype, My computer, Facebook, Internet, Technology.. yum.. everything making it easy to connect and share the fun & beauty of this life experience... Appreciate how we CAN communicate without words.. even when not together physically.. appreciating how powerful Intentions actually are at inspireing others (also wanting the same) to interact... wonders seem happen on a daily basis..or we are used to think of them as wonders or coincidences... altho there are none of that.. everything is Co-Creation between "willing" components...and doing the Intending, the Creating Deliberately... thats YUM YUM YUM ♥ Apprecating the new songs I learned to play and sing w my harmonium today.. I also appreciate how I am a FAST-learner!!!! I'm hooked..gotta get up even earlier tomorrow.. And I'm Passionate about being Passionate about this!!!! Wooooozaaaa :))) ***INTENTIONS I'm appreciating myself for taking the enjoyable time learning harmonium and getting a hang of it sooooo fast, got loads of songs already to play and sing.. I'm learning fabulously fast, its a PLEASURE being me :))) I'm appreciating the new sessions of music at my house with my friends.. I'm Kirtan-REady :))) Appreciating that I've now got TWO dear friends coming from afar to visit me for a fun and exhilrating experience ~YES :))) APPRECIATING AIRPLANES ♥♥♥ appreciating having TIME now for all my clients and students, we have so much fun together!!! I'm drawing to me exactley who wants and benefits from my services, co-creation at its BEST :))) ..there was todays sample ♥♥♥ LOVE to Everyone, Muah!!!!

{Video} Day 9 ~ Celebration of Results ~ Wooozaaa!!!

With Great Love to all participators in this 30day process, and some extra Love to Tatiana with her daily videos about this process :))) There is too much to mention, Appreciation Overflows :))) Enjoy and Have Fun!!!


It's Day 108 of Theme Playfulness {Oh My!!!}

Oh MY Source, I've reached the 108th day of this 108-Days-Theme-Playfulness "Challange"!!!! And its OVER THE TOP!!! Time seem to have passed sooo quicky..lol.. feels like I started a week a go LOL... The Results ~THE RESULTS!!!!~ have been Mind-Blowing, on an EVERYDAY basis... As I wrote in my FB report today: ... I simply cannot end this Theme.. its bringing to much of the most AWESOMEST results!!!! Last day of this theme???? ehum.. I dont think so :)))))))) ..as I watched Marilyn Holzmann's video today (Day 5 of the Appreciation challange), where she so lovingly expressed her current situation and how to gain your appreciation-balance back after dealing with negativity... I just found myself so filled with WONDER as I understood how WELL the playfulness has worked on "negativity" in my experience!!! It really has changed my view of it as I am no longer "being aware" of it in anyway.. I'm also not afraid to be playful in considered "serious" circumstances and discussion.. lol.. When I find myself being playful in those situations I can twist and turn it and most times I even get the other person to PIVOT too.. Its a BLAST ♥ When I'm playful the "negative" people or comments or complaining does NOT bother me, not the slightest.. instead I see it as an opportunity to PLAY arounds.. so I'm twisting the context, the words etc.. and as I'm doing this from a playful mode and therefore able to use my intution.. it comes out PREFECLTY... and so - it all pivots.. and most times everyone involved can see the "other perspective" and will laugh at it and such.. Recently I've gotten several comments about this, and they are always compliments and in a kinda impressed "how-do-you-do-that" kinda manner.. LOL.. and as my Dad the other day (he likes to discuss, provoke and compete) said... "But Hey, if you use Humor in a discussion you can never win it" ..and I replied: "When you're filled with humor, you're just caring about the fun of it, so who cares about winning??? LOL" as I thought to myself "Having fun is winning all the time" - and we both laughed long and hard (my son and mom joined in too)... I've been doing this gradually and it has become more and more automatic for me to be playful in ALL situations... instead of my old habit of going defensive or trying to avoid it at any price (pushing agaist it - which does never give me less of it, but more lol).. So, one of the biggest APPRECIATIONS of todays Current Things I Appreciate List (Day 5 of the 30 day Magically Effective Creation Challange with Appreciation Intentions, see previous posts***) - Is All The AWESOME results of this Genious Playfulness period.. High-10 to Myself, My Inner Being, Source and To EVERYONE in my life that has been making it sooo juicy ♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOVING IT!!!!!!!
Ps: ***http://joylovebliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/day-1-of-magically-effective-30day.html and there is a video description with "how to start tips" here: http://joylovebliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/30day-challange-video-with-tips.html ... and I got the image searching for "playfulness" on Google Pictures


The Inspiration Of Having The Awesomest Friends

Hey Everyone, I simply ADOOOOOORE the response to this Challange I posted on here recently!!!!! THANK YOU all so very much :))) And I have to share this VERY INSPIRING VIDEO from a friend of mine that is on the train with us on this fabulous challange :))) She posts videos about her days on this challange - check her out :))) She has been doing this before, as you'll notice - she's a pro :))) So, feel free to Enjoy her Beautiful Sparkling Energy, and catch the vibe of it!!! And YES, Thank You Tatiana, I felt a very strong calling to do the video with tips & description regarding the challange.. Loved that you shared this with me, and with everyone else - how this life experience is a CO-CREATIVE one.. Its quite a mind-blow to think about, and a marvellous thing to be LIVING... It was delightful to make the video and I LOVE the response I got to it aswell. Tatianas video is kinda an answer to it, and a very inspiring watch describing in a delicate manner some more about how this Universe Works... Yum :))) Ps. The Video I posted is here: http://joylovebliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/30day-challange-video-with-tips.html ... and in the comments below I've posted some more inspirational examples.. and feel free to post your own link if you've posting somewhere :))))


The 30Day Challange {Video with Tips & Description}

Wrote about this Challange in the previous blogpost, here: http://joylovebliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/day-1-of-magically-effective-30day.html


Day 1 of Magically Effective 30Day-Challenge ~ Feel Free To Join !!!

WOW, can you believe I'm already at my 104 day of Theme Playfulness???? And a lovely group of friends of mine have decided to start an EFFECTIVE and fun 30day creation "challange" together!!! Several of us have already tried this and similar things, so we KNOW it will be Fun, Feel Fabulous and be Magically Effective... Join In :))))) So, what will we do then..??? Ok, here it comes: EVERYDAY (no misses!!!) for the next 30 days we will all write a journal with three posts (or do it in your own creative ways)... Its about goosing up in your feeling of Appreciation in sucha way that the Universe cannot but yield its wonders to you :))) 1: Appreciation for what has happened today/recently 2. Appreciation of what I want to come to me/get/happen, as if ALREADY happened (specific) 3. Appreciation of what is on its way (general) ~ High-5 !!! Have fun and get ready to be Mind-Blown :)))) I ADOOOORE my Kick-Ass-Master-Creator-Friends.. We ROCK... and this process ROCKS too..Fab Fab Fab..THANK YOU Friends!!! And Thanks to EVERYONE else participating and goosing up their vibes.. Its SO MUCH FUN doing this TOGETHER!!!!! Ps: Found the picture at google pictures, searching "journaling" Ps2: Next post includes a Video with Tips and Description + there is also a video with "tips and tricks" on the same youtube channel.. :)))


The Things Seemingly Going Wrong

Recently something "happened" to me that according to my standards was considered "things went wrong". And even though I'm fast at pivoting and looking for positive aspects of things happening nowadays, and quick at making the best of things. THIS thing seemed something more important than other things, and the current circumstances made it look like it had gone kinda very wrong lol... I actually started making the best of it straight away, but there was something about this I couldnt really let go of. Things actually are going extreamly WELL for me, and I'm usually very accurate at knowing when things will go the way I planned and not - since I now know my Emotional Guidance System, I can tell how I feel about the subject at hand. I had in general felt FABULOUS around this time this happened. There was a slight feeling of vunerability regarding this specific subject, I had noticed that, but compared with the overall wellbeing I had felt, this seemed not at all be the cause of this "going wrong" in this kinda seemingly extreme way... It did not make sense for me that something would go wrong, and since I was bothered about it, I couldn't let in the "going-right-ness" of it either..hahahaha.. But as soon as I managed to let go a little more... things really started FLOWING to me...in a matter of just a few days, the whole situation changed into MANY AWESOME things, I could never have imagined and with fabulous opportunities opening up like crazy!!!! It is now comic to me how I could see this as something "bad" happening to me. In hindsight, what happened was the tiniest thing compared to the Awesomeness that exploded out of it!!!! I cannot feel other than the DEEPEST of APPRECIATION for things seemingly going wrong!!! The Universe HAS my back and knows exactly how I want it, and KNOWS how to Surprice and Delight me in all kindsa wonderous ways.. I can now see how PERFECT this was. It was exactly what I needed to act in certain ways - which was essential to open up these wonderful opportinities I now have before me - The Universe tricked me into this Awesomeness very cleverly... I knew it - THINGS CANNOT GO WRONG for me anymore. ALWAYS right, and I'm now skilled enough to cash in every bit of it!!!! Woooooooooooooohooooo!!! What a team!! My Feelings* and I - We are invincible!!! *Ps. Our feelings are our indiviudual guidance towards everything and anything we want. Want more details about how to understand this guidance system??? Let me know! (Picture found through searching for "calvin and hobbes" on google)


Day 100 of Theme Playfulness!!!

It has been sucha DELIGHT to do these days, it seems like I started just a week ago or something - so many LOVELY, COOL & MAGIC things happening. I've got 8 days to go.. but hey - this was sucha BLAST of FUN - Playfulness will continue in many other forms.. I'm HOOKED :)))) WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Looking forward to these remaining 8 days and then something new will naturally start blossoming... its a "Next Logical Step"... Cannot go back from here!!! The WONDER to start seeing life (again!) through the eyes of a Toddler (aka Source itself!!!) is MAGICAL, a sheer DELIGHT!!! YUM, I can only say YUM.. No words are enough to describe this period.. This Universe is AWESOME, We all are AWESOME, we can be + do + have EVERYTHING we want, we can create our FAVOURITE mood in any moment we feel like it, we can definately RELAX into the knowing that the Universe has our back at ANY and ALL times...... AND there is infinite potential.. the feeling of THAT, cannot be other than ~ BEYOND WORDS :)))


ExtraOrdinary Everyday Experience

It's Day 94 of Playfulness... say what?? NINETY FOUR, can you believe it???!!... and I'm reveling in the fact that my life is FABULOUS thanks to this experimental "challange" of mine... Any ordinary situation turns IMMEDIATELY extraordinary as soon as I turn the playfulness ON... ANY situation.. I've now made it second nature in most situation and life is MAGICALLY unfoldning in an effortlessness I never could imagine to be living ever... It's an elation to understand what an AWESOME difference that "little" shift makes to the whole experience. I've been asked to share some of the processes I've used on my path up to starting this challange ~ so let me know if you have any other requests. I might get inspired to write about it :))) Blissing Out is Your Birthright and your reason to be here ... YUM.. it's the CORE of who you are and accessable anytime you LET it flow... And there are many ways of doing so... :))) Ps. Feel free to share your favourite ways to LET your bliss flow freely