Loving Molding The "False Alarm" ~ Take That "Facts" !!!

At first I thought the Universe was tricking me, or well having fun with me... And at times it was hard for me to get to that "amused" place.. :))) But then I realized it's actually ME all along. I am the creator of the situation... or how can I say - I am the PERCEIVER of what I'm currently experiencing as well as influencing the parts of the situation to fall in a certain way... Uhm..let's see...let's begin from the beginning.
I mean that there is something about what I experience that is my own creation, and when I encounter something that triggers me because of the unwanted-ness of it, it sucks, and it seems like a joke when it turns around into "false alarm" as soon as I made peace with it... Like if the Universe was "testing me" with harder and harder things...like the most important things I know to prefer in life...
Some things we experience push our buttons more, right? And when that happen we tend to get more upset than other times. It's a trigger. Because we see it as important for one reason or another. The reason might be ridiculous but it doesn't matter, it IS important to us and I love that I can decide what's important to me and not. That's a lovely thing about being alive, to prefer this and that... So well, when something is one of those IMPORTANT ones, that I prefer - and that one goes "the other way", it sucks more. And I've found that to be a GOOD thing. Especially when knowing how the Universe works. And what happens when you know how the Universe works AND something that SUCKS happens, is that you tend to get very eager about FEELING GOOD about it "regardless"... and what happens next is usually that things turn around in a way that the first very "clear" evidence of something...turns out to be false alarm. And it's so WELL done that you couldn't even SUSPECT that it could have been false alarm in the first place. It seems like written in stone, and that was it. So something important went "wrong" and you just have to try feel good either way. And it tends to be harder to feel good when it's something important, lol. However, the funny thing is. As soon as you feel better - something about the situation (I've found) TURNS and molds into "false alarm". It's so cool, and it has happened to me quite a few times since I started to experiment with understanding the "laws of this Universe"... and at first I thought that the Universe was playful with me, although I have to admit it felt kind of cruel at times... Anyhow, it was the BEST trigger for me to "learn how to manage feeling good NO-MATTER-WHAT"... cause it was really "NO MATTER WHAT" when stuff like "THAT" had come up. But lately I've started to understand that it can be seen another way, I got the insight that it's actually not a game played with me by the Universe or God or whoever you'd want it to be.. I've understood that it's actually ME making it happen. First I make the "unwanted" happen because I ponder it in a way that makes it active and I'm not aware enough to notice the momentum of it, and BAM, there it is. And SINCE the characteristics of the situation is HUGELY important, I notice it a lot, and it triggers me to FOCUS in a strong way to "make myself feel better" regardless, I make peace with it to the degree I'm able to in the moment. And I've trained myself to be quite good at finding a GREAT feeling - or at least relief. And so, as I find relief (or a better feeling still)...something actually happens TO the situation as well as to my own perception of it - people and events actually "change". I mean, someone in the situation might notice he/she had made a wrong diagnosis or missed something crucial etc - which makes the situation turn around on a dime. It's so freakin interesting to experience these shifts!!! And notice that MY own effort to "feel good no matter what" MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. As soon as I make peace fully with it, fully fully (which is quite hard to do at first if you believe like most people, but willingly it's fully possible to master!)...then well, things actually turn in an "unexpected" direction which can be (as odd as it seems in that current moment)revealed as "False Alarm". It's astounding how things can turn around with such small info-adding... a misunderstanding of a tiny detail which is revealed and BAM... there you have it ~ your "unwanted" turned into something not only beneficial but BETTER than before. As well as you noticed how you managed to feel good "regardless", which is amazingly empowering :))) So TAKE THAT "Facts" !!! :))) And, High-10 Universe!!!