Miracle Is The New Normal

As I've entered Day 93 of Theme Playfulness, The things I thought was Magical before, are Normal and the Everyday-Ordinary Days Of My Life ... are Beyond Words Wonderous :)))I've experienced the Impossible happen, people have shared with me "Miraculous" Stories (about themselves or loved ones, no fiction folks) of considered "impossible" healings taking place... I'm CONVINCED. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, EVERY SINGLE THING. I'm Knowing it, and its SUCHA HIGH to LIVE it!!!! Experiencing Synchronicity, Miracles, Magic, You Name It.. My "New" Life is PACKED with Details to Muse over... Eternally... AND Deliciously FUN, LAIDBACK, EASY and EFFORTLESS... :))) What???!!! Oh, YES, Big Time Elation!!!!! AND keeps Getting better..What???!! YES, it DOES!!! Get ont it!!! Theme Playfulness is Da Shit :))) Get Da Hang, Glide and Keep Living It!!!

Kick-Ass Coolest Thing Yet

I've been asked to put up a Donation Button!!! How COOL isn't that??? I ADOOOOORE it!!!! Are You also Enjoying My Experiment Results and Inspirations? Feel Free to Join the Donators, Sharing Your Own Celebration Of Life, I'm Deeply Appreciative of Everything Coming My Way, You Guys Totally ROCK ~ Keep Living It :)))


Magnificent Immense YummyNess

LOL... this is getting outta hand.. lol.. I'm having no more vocabulary to describe whats going on ... I'm feeling so darn FABULOUS its beyond words... AND its BEYOND the "beyond words" I've written before lol.. I've sung myself into pure ecstasy, pure bliss today.. and I've made some more melodies to my collection.. I've TOTALLY blissed out and I'm fuller than ever with Who-I-Really-Am I suppose.. I dont really know how to describe it.. it becomes mediocre..lol.. Its complete deliciousness in the NOW. I need nothing, I lack nothing, I am feeling soft yummy wellbeing become me and I'm caressed & wrapped from the inside out... Blisschills ripple through my body and my mind wast and unlimited, without bondaries, there is no beginning or end - becoming one with space and time.. Its a MAGNIFICENT feeling, a HUGE feeling, a MASSIVE feeling, an UNLIMITED feeling of wonderfully dense LOVE I guess.. The appreciation is not containable, it floods to and through me, with no end... LOOOOOOVING where I am right now, and I'm not really "anywhere" special LOL... I'm feeling deeply satisfied with this Incredible Magnificent UnDescribeAble Immense YummyNess filling me... Fully LoveWrapped, Delish (((♥))) THANK YOU, MUAH!!! Ps. I know the spelling is scwewy.. :))) It's Day 86 of Theme Playfulness... try it, da** it!!! Wooohoooooooo!!!!!


I AM Celebration, I AM

.... lovely calm deeeeeep breaths coming automatically.. and I feel blissful from the inside out..I'm enjoying FULLY and I'm enjoying EVERYTHING ... been enjoying music, singing, and BEING.. just being wonderfully blissed out and feeling fabulous... couldn't care less about christmas lol.. whos celebrating that anyway lol.. and why not celebrate always.. I'm IN the state of Celebration, no need for certain rituals, certain people, certain presents, certain trees, certain baking/foodmaking... certain whatever that is "necessary" for it to feel celebrative.. I AM celebration from the inside out...I AM celebration cuz I've let myself RELAX and FLOW with whats natural to me... Basking in my Celebration-State-Of-Being I'm savoring the delicious smell of the air, the delicious feeling of the cool air flooding down the nasal passage... I'm in need of Nothing, I'm fully satisfied with What-Is. I'm in complete LOVE with What-Is. And What-Is right now is Enjoying Being Me. The deep breaths and the calm blissed-out-ness is Enough. Who Knew? LOL Naturally High On Life, Manifested (((♥))) Pure Love, Pure Bliss ~ The Completeness of Satisfaction... The Mind Content is Delicious, The Feeling in My Body Delicious... This is how it really feels to LOOOOOVE What-Is Regardless how it looks like, Really, there is nothing special about this moment except MY INCREDIBLE STATE OF BEING ~ Muah!!!! In Love With The Divineness Dancing Through My Body, Breathing Through Me, Radiating Through Me, Feeling, Hearing, Tasting, Touching ~ Through Me... In Love With The Infiniteness Of You and Me, Far Out Cool... Enjoying every single second, its Awesome.. THIS is Being Alive,,, WoW:ed,,, Yum!!!! Ps: Picture found on Google searching Heart Song


Being The Fulfiller Of My Dreams

...love how it feels to wake up and know that I'm the boss of my day... I love how it feels to know I can be, do and have anything I want... I love how it feels to know that I can feel the In-Loveness whenever I want and choose my own subject, no matter what... I'm the boss of me and my reality... I love how it feels to imagine something happening that I'd really want, and get into it in sucha way it feels like I'm actually LIVING it right now... I love how I can choose the emotion I feel, I can decide how I'd like to feel and achieve that emotion easily... I love how it feels to love and appreciate... I love how the love and appreciation I feel wraps me up in bliss and exhiliration as I savor my deep breaths, I enjoy every second of the wellbeing I feel.. and I've created this, I did this, I have decided how I'd like to feel and I am feeling it right now... and the knowing that everything will always work out for me however things look like right now is the most delicious knowing.. the knowing that I can "mess up" and "fail" any number of time, and still get it RIGHT, thats what I call a yummy feeling... There's some exquisite confidence in that knowing and I'm bathing in the feeling of it... I'm letting it ripple through my body and I know I'm an extension of Source who is aware of me at all times, applaude me at all times, is on my side at all times, calling me towards what I really want at all times, loves when I'm playful at all times... loves me no matter what and KNOWS my potential at all times, showering me with the Unconditional Love knowing that I'm Unlimited, that I'm Undeniable, that I'm Invincible, that I'm Successful, that I'm Worthy, that I'm Genious, that I can at all times relax into that knowing too, and become the fulfiller of all of my dreams (((♥))) Ps. The picture is from http://www.alexross.com/Dreaming.jpg, found by searching google "dreaming"


Blissy Blissy Blissful Reminders (((♥)))

YUM, I Loooooove seeing photos of MYSELF being used by Wonderfully Talented people in a Blissful Context!!!!! Thank You Universe for letting me notice this today, Muah (((♥))) ...so... Thats a Blissed-Out ME in the photo, on Snatam Kaur's blogpost... http://snatamkaur.blogspot.com/2011/12/sat-nam-everyone_19.html

The Idea Of Marriage Vows Abe-Style

My heart opens fully to the idea of Marriage when I read this Quote, I feel exhileration in the knowledge that This Is How I Want Every Relationship In My Life To Be, Simply Yummy!!!! "I promise you that I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep myself happy. And I'm not gonna hold you, not ever, responsible for the way I feel. So you're free. You are free to behave in whatever way you decide to behave, because I am an exerciser of unconditional love.The first partner that I'm reaching for, the relationship that is SO supremely important to me, is the relationship between me and me. And when I get that into alignment, you're going to have a really good time with me. Because when I hook up with that source energy, you're gonna be loved like you've never been loved. You're gonna be appreciated like you've never been appreciated. You're going to be uplifted like you've never been uplifted. And you're off the hook, because I take responsibility for how I feel." ~ Abe Ps. Thanks to Andreja Reberšak for the inspiration for this post. Picture found on Google Pictures searching "marriage ring heart"


Being Big Time Influencial ~ On All Subjects

~ During these periods of Playfulness I'm loving the solidness of my knowing that I've come to - Luck is nothing random, Luck is Up To Me! I can influence my "Luck" and I can influence every bit of my life experience. First of all I can influence how I feel and how I respond to a current situation and I can influence the outcome. It seemed complicated at first, but that depended only on me making it such. It really is Easy, as I Get-Out-Of-The-Way... I'm making myself Naturally Influencial, Big Time, Letting The Universal Laws Work On My Behalf ~ The Power That Creates World, The Unlimited, The Invincible, The Undeniable BECOMES ME....Merging together in a Wonderous Dance of Bliss... EVERYTHING works out for me Deliciously, Effortlessly and Joyfully. It's ALL up to ME...(And ALL up to YOU, regarding your life!) The Independence of Our Life Experiences is Evident when coming to KNOW the Laws, yet we are Co-Creating in a seemingly Magical Way. Coolest Shit Ever! So, Want to Be INFLUENCIAL on all subjects??!!! Learn It, Own It and Watch The Evidence of How This Universe Works,as it will Blow Your Mind :))) Ready? Steady? Go!!!! Fly High and your Life Experience will Fly-High with You :))) FIREWORKS ((((((♥)))))) Ps. The picture was found trough google "Fireworks"


Tricks For Kick-Ass Genious Experience

Simply adoooooooooring how easy the Abe Teachings are to apply, when getting a hang of it.. And what MAGNIFICENT results it brings :) Developed my own approach to it, out of the insights I've got applying it...And as my own experiment, I've been blown away by the results!!! Like putting on a magic cape, savouring the moment and KNOWING that Things Will ALWAYS work out for you ~ Forever... Kick-Ass-Genious!!!! Thank You Universe, Love You, Muah!!!! :)))
Ps. Picture found through Google Pictures searching for "Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly."


...Cool Stuff Happening To ME :)))

As I went from the seminar today, a motorcyclist passed me (I was walking), and he was standing up while driving - playing around... and as he passed me he let go of the handlebars and balanced standing on his motorcycle while it was moving forward.. !!! And I was like: HeyHeyHey, playful things are a match to me!!! YAY!!!! ...as I joyfully semi-skipped my way along the sidewalk... How I ADORE this whole concept of Creating My Own Reality.. yum :)))) Ps. It's day 63 of Theme Playfulness..and this is just an example.. hee hee


Day 59 Invasion Of Immense Joy

It's Day 59 of Theme Playfulness and I've recently been invaded with an Immense feeling of Joy and Love and Appreciation... just different aspects of whats at the core of Me (and everyone else!).. What a delicious feeling to LET IT FLOW FREELY :)))) There are so many things to appreciate... all the little things that make up the big picture.. the amazing LoA bringing it all together into utter perfectness... Impressed with how I can easily pivot nowadays on really most subjects.. I said that a year ago too, but it keeps getting noticably DEEPER and there is no end to refinement... I totally ADORE knowing about LoA, adore applying it and I ADORE feeling so amazingly fabulous that I couldnt care less about anything else than just BEING in that wonderful feeling... Genious to be the one picking and choosing exactly how I want it, and consistently getting new opportunities to define myself and my wantings into an even more delicious reality... I love how I can see anything and everything in a way that makes my heart sing... YES, I SAID EVERYTHING!!!!! Its so LOVELY to advance in the appliance of Abe's teachings.. to have access to the bigger perspective of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ♥ YUM :))))


Feeling The Appreciation-Abundance

I'm definately in deep appreciation for a massive amount of subjects... So lovely to have the knowing that WHATEVER happens to me is serving me tremendously.. how more appriciative can you be???? :))) Appreciating the LoA, myself, the beauty, the everyday-adventures, the LOVE I can experience... the delicious feeling of being in the flow, feeling attracted and getting ideas and following them, and noticeing that when I do - I'm ALWAYS getting it my way, so very naturally.. Deep appreciation for Source and for me being an extension so I can experience this so called reality that I can CHANGE and MOLD in whatever way pleases me... how cool is THAT??? :)))


Day 51 of Theme Playfulness ~ Exquisiteness

Day 51 of Theme Playfulness ♥ Sucha Exquisitly Wonderful Way To Be... Advancing in every aspect of Living My Dreams ~ On The Edge ~ Kick-Ass Confident of that Things-ALWAYS-Work-Out-For-Me ♥ This Universe in its geniousness, Adore getting to know you in this deep intimate ways ~ Rockin n Rollin My World :)))) Muah!!!!!


My Newfound Deepened Hang-loose-ness

Day 44 of Theme Playfulness Challange... and noticing good-er & bliss-ier vibes coming my way as I relax more and more into Life Of Play... I'm really LOVING to be noticing that the hang-loose-ness of me is having influences even on the most seemingly impossible things/scheduales/people... as I let the hang-loose-ness come FIRST, the influence follows.. ♥ Still tending to leave things open until I feel the energy flow in a more "obvious" way..before acting, as well as "letting me be happy EITHER WAY"... which has made things move in my desired direction.. Occationally became Often became Mostly... and really seems to become ALWAYS!! Not that things aren't either way working out.. (it ALWAYS does go my way as a whole) ..but now I'm seeing a more obvious pattern of things in more detail going as I desired... Experiencing more of getting Divine Guidance on how to get it "my way" ...as well as giving myself more freedom on how to make things work out... I am more flexible in my mind... ...which has showed off as an increased flexibility in my body... ♥ ♥ ♥ Yummy Life !!!


Being Comfy About The Uncomfy

I've come to appreciate the Uncomfy so much lately. During these recent days of Playfulness I've come to a much deeper sense of the Benefit of Uncomfiness! It actually Defines-Me in more and more Detail. Everytime I encounter it, I get a deeper understanding, a clearer picture, an eye-opener of what REALLY is important to me and how I want to live. My life gets richer, spicier and uniquer everytime I get to Define it in more Detail. Ain't that exquisite?! The Uncomfiness is an opportunity to take a closer look at what IS working and what I do LOVE about my life ~ letting what I LOVE get spacious in my current experience. It's like I'm at a crossroad getting the chance to improve my experience by deciding which way FEELS the best, which way I LOVE the most ~ what Defines Me the most. And its Me deciding, no one else. And everytime I let myself be the creator of my experience, it comes with a feeling of Relief, a feeling of Juicier Love, a feeling of a Fuller Experience. How I Adore it! I get to Decide What Defines Me! And Everyone else gets to do the same ~ a Win-Win! Rock n' Roll!


Day 37 of Theme Playfulness

Day 37 Theme Playfulness: Already Day THIRTY SEVEN!!!! I've played for 37 days, and all is still well ;) LOL .. Actually better than ever before... Mind more blissful, body works perfectly, things line up.. big smiles come my way, people being funny round me, relaxed, kids spontaneously start playin'... my mind is very clear and receptive, learning fast and I'm sharper than ever before... grasping concepts - the bigger picture - very easily.. at the same time I know that it is just ONE of the ways you can see/experience this ;) ...food is richer and I love eating whatever I'm inspired to, just the love of enjoying it.. my body feels very comfy and happy.. a classmate said the other week... "oh, I saw you on my way to school today, couldnt miss you - The skip in your walk" ... I'm usually skippin alil actually..sometimes kinda doing a lil dance as I go.. LOL... Enjoying my good-feeling-physical-being VERY MUCH! I enjoyed alot being me before also, and it has increased since I started studying Abe... and after discovering how very "effective" Playfulness is, and starting to play around with that - it increased alot in a short time... And Now, as I'm dedicated to this Theme Playfulness its becoming EVEN MORE....DEEPER and JUICY-ER... RICHER...FULLER... yum!!! Its all about DARING being FULLY playful.. and being it as often as remembering to, and on as many subjects as remembering to... And remembering is NOT hard, its actually rather easy.. especially if you create some tricks for yourself.. as I've done.. hee hee... :))) The oftener and the more subjects.. the more High-Flying and Flowing Life Tends To Be !!!! Worth remembering, huh? ;)


Letting Bliss BE Life Experience

Feeling anything less than fabulous, is nothing but - not letting the bliss inside BE life experience ♥ ~Jeuline


Making Room For What I Love

How do you feel about cleaning, washing the dishes, paying bills and things like that? Does that bore you? Does it feel like a "must" that you need to drag yourself trough? Interestingly I've found a very effective way to feel even EXCITED about doing things I previously thought were kinda boring :))) I've been adding a second thing to the task, that I can do meanwhile. Personally, I love to sing and to practice singing ~ which is perfectly well combined with doing something else... So I put on some music or a recording with vocal excersises, and since I really LOVE singing - I kinda do the cleaning without noticing. And NOW, when I see there is something that needs to be put in order, or I see the dishes pile up (usually they don't pile up anymore actually)... I associate it with the joyous task of singing...and that I get to spend time doing one of the things I really LOVE doing - so there is NO resistance in me anymore to make it happen... Voila! :) So, I've Made Room for Singing in my busy scheduale.. and I've got a Effortlessly Clean and Tidy House, as a Bonus :))) Laid the basis for a JOYOUS Heart, Mind, Body and Soul... Cannot be much better, can it? :) Ps. I've got a Vacuum Robot, so I can do the floors when I'm doing something NICE (+ wherever I fancy doing it)... That's what I call Honoring-What-I-Love-Doing :)))


Living Playfully

Wow, I'm at Day 29 of Theme Playfulness and have been filled with Wonder cause of all the playful and funny things/situations/people coming my way during this period. Somewhat hard to describe with regular words how it feels to Embody Playfulness, so I just found this Quote by Osho to help me out: "The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love - everything disappears. One starts living with a very light weight or almost no weight. So weightless one becomes, one can fly in the open sky. " This feeling might be un-graspable to imagine without a personal experience, I just know that this is how I want to continue to live. I Adore every moment of my life and really - everything turns out easy and fun this way! Worth daring to try it out :))) With Deepest Appreciation to This Universe and The Magical Life Experience it provides me with! More on Playfulness and How-To HERE :)))


Divine Perception

YOU are the Divine you're searching for. YOU are the Well-being you want to experience. YOU are the Delicious Feeling of Love. The Key to Living Your Dreams is realizing that YOU are the means to everything you want to be, do and have ~ So Relax into the Wonder of this Life Experience ♥ YOU are part of the perfectness of the Whole ~ Savour the Moment of Being Divinly YOU. Relax in the Attitude of Being Worthy of the Wonderous Life you came here for ~ and Let the Universe Deliver to you, the Evidence of that Knowing. Everything you want is Avaliable to you, let your Eyes Open Up to See it ♥ ~Jeuline


The Divinity In Us All

Adooooooore focusing myself into Delicious-Exquisite-Joy :))) Favourite Pass-Time, yum!!! ~ ~ ~


The Deliciousness of Wonder

Day 14 of Theme Playfulness ~ Woooooooooooooooohoooooo!!!! No words are nuff to describe the deliciousness, the wonder.... ♥ In Awe of my Lucid Life Experience ~ Celebration!!!! :)))
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The gourgeous photo was found at: https://www.facebook.com/p​hoto.php?fbid=269757446391​261&set=a.152507458116261.​27912.148326861867654&type​=1&theater


Being Me

~ Feels fabulous to feel wonderful about being Me ♥ I am Me and I love it, minding my own reality ~ yum!!! :)))

108 Days Of Playfulness

~ Today, the 1st of October 2011, is the first day of my new 108 Days Playfulness Theme. The intention is to apply playfulness in as many parts of my life as I can come up with, and revel in the impact I already know it has on my life experience. Playfulness applied means - everything works like magic around me, in all areas. So I have alot of wonderous things to look forward to! Very Exciting Indeed! Wanna play along - just go ahead :) ~


Uncovering The-Fabulous-Good-Feeling


Feeling GOOD is your Natural State of Being - so let go of the thought/concept that makes you feel otherwise right now.. and Savour The Fabulous Good Feeling you've uncovered ~Jeuline





Want to feel FANTASTIC on a daily basis?

Then you're actually wanting to re-learn how to focus on what makes you feel that way - and let go of what does not make you feel that way!

Coaching avaliable and ready ~ when you are :)



My Yummy Mind Habit


Energized, Good-Feeling, Clearminded, Things-Go-My-Way, Sure Of Myself, Loving Everyday Life, "Luck" Follows Me, What-I-Want-Flows-Easily-To-Me, Expert-At-Handling-Previous-Stresstriggering-Situations, In-Love-With-Life, Skip-In-My-Step, Fabulously-Functioning-Body, Savouring-The-Moment-Habit, Self-Empowered-Delux, Quality-Of-Life has Skyrocketed, Utter Compassion, Tendency-To-Attract-Fun&Laughter, Feeling Extremely Comfortable and At Ease with My Self, My Mind and My Body, Reveling in the Well-Being I feel....

are some of the side-effects of My Experiment..

♥ Soon avaliable for YOU ♥



Going For Ripeness Only


...I'm WOW:ed by the abundance that surrounds me...

I've got access to abundance of joy, abundance of opportunities, abundance of clarity, abundance of love, abundance of comfort, abundance of posibilites, abundance of support, abundance of delight, abundance of wonder, abundance of amazing people to interact with, abundance of delicious food to eat and try out, abundance of countries and adventures to explore, abundance of lovely places to stay and live at, abundance of things to try-out, abundance of things to get Genious at, abundance of things to joyously learn, abundance of interest, abundance of curiosity, abundance of new ideas flowing to me...

Sucha wonderful feeling to being wrapped by the love of this wonderous universe, to be held and know that the Universe supports every single wish I utter and becomes it for me to enjoy... I'm in love with this life - I love dancing with this Universe and feeling the sparks about everything new coming to me...

Unlimited, Undeniable, Unstoppable I am!

My words are acting as magic wands and there are endless ways to create, endless posibilities to mold and change everything into exactly the wonder I want... no more going for "second-best" just cuz there might not be a better one around for me... Its a Hell-Yes, or it isn't!!! If not yet an Hell-Yes,, then l let it RIPE into perfection, since I now KNOW I can..it will not slip away from me..it will "come back" as a better version... and delight me in its delicious ripeness.. It's such empowerment to know this!!!! :)))

...no more going for "second-best" just cause there might not be anything/anyone better around... If not a Hell-Yes yet, let it Ripe into Delicious Perfection!!!! ~Jeuline

Hell-Yes to travel, Hell-Yes to feeling free & lovefilled, Hell-yes to spacious fabulous houses at wonderous locations, Hell'Yes to being surrounded by playful & joyous-unlimited-thinkers, Hell-yes for comfortable and easily accessable travel-ways, Hell-yes for things flowing efforlessly into my experience, Hell-yes for taking the money out of the equation - there are endless other options on how to let things in, Hell-yes for letting the "who-how&when" be up to the Universe - the Expert-On-How-I-Want-Things-To-Be....., Hell-Yes for the feeling of being on vacation on an everyday basis, Hell'Yes for Loving, Basking, Praising, Enjoying, Singing, Flying, Dancing, Drawing, Painting,...and more..., Hell-YEs for the salt-water-pool in Nosara Costa Rica - and having a pool like that avaliable anytime I might want to enjoy it...., Hell-yes for openminded flexible people and situations, Hell-yes for adventure, for spice-in-life, for clarifying- & improvment-causing experiences, Hell'yes for knowing my power, Hell'yes for enjoying the strength, flexibility, stamina & agility of my body, Hell'yes for being the creator of my mood, Hell-yes for eating delicious, Hell-Yes for being radiant, charming and attracting, Hell-yes for having friends/family/staff around to make life utterly comfortable, spacious, easily-maintained, freedom feeling and laughter-filled...

♥ HELL-YES for being part of this Genious Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D



Getting WOW:ed (!!!)


My life experience is as Badass as I allow it to be... can't help but getting pickier & pickier with what I feel, think and give my attention to - as my understanding deepens... Thats what its all about... Keep getting WOW:ed !!!

♥ Let the Universe ROCK-your-world too!!! :D


Creating Whatever-I-Desire


By Choosing to Feel-Good under any and every circumstance - I get access to an even better-feeling Reality to revel in...

Trough experiencing un-wanted I get Clear about What-I-Want and then I Revel in the Knowing it's already unfolding for me.

The feeling of Reveling-in-the-knowing IS Evidence of that it is, Right Now, on its way towards me...

My emotion about it is the indicator if near or further away from me at this very moment in time.

So learning to take control over your emotion, IS the "fix" of everything you have ever wanted. As my teachers say: You can Be, Do and Have anything you want. No exceptions.

Its mindblowing to get to Feel and Know the Power we all can access - the Power-That-Creates-Worlds is ours to use, to the degree we allow it - to allow the creation of Whatever-We-Desire.

Avaliable to EVERYONE, which of course include You, and You, and You and You....

Have Fun with it, Dreams In The Works!!!





Having-Fun Removes Obstacles ~Jeuline


Dream Life In The Works


Coaching and Consultations - On how to design Your Life to match your Dreams and learn how to Trust and Follow your Inner Guidance. Take your power back! You are the creator of your experience!



Feeling Undeniably Invincible


The past month or so, I've been highly honored to watch some fabulous improvements in my life experience coming into place.

As this experiment moves along, I've become more and more skilled in creating my life ~ on top of having been feeling Quite Amazing for quite a long time now.

The new platform I've come to, has been another eye-opener for me of how powerful these techniques I'm using, really are.

For some reason I've been having my foot slightly on the breaks still, trough feeding my thoughts habits (beliefs) about "Reality IS and Cant Be Changed".. which I've leared it CAN, but have been keeping forgetting about it.. hee hee... Rather funny when looking back on the "seemingly very SOLID relities" I acctually have changed...

I really have accomplished magnificent things (including considered Impossible ones) and not even trough witnessing these things I have been completely "satisfied".
And now I've understood why ~ it's simply because this high level I've gotten to keeps getting Normal to me as I go along!

It now feels "Normal" for me to accomplish beyond-words - and as I move along to things that seem "bigger" (read: Even More Impossible)... well, then I'm at the same as last time.. "This very thing, that I'd really would like.. might be too much to ask for"....

Alright, so there is where I've been until quite recently.. and the eye-opener that followed has been Exquisite!! I now have understood that it really is EASY. And that I will MASTER it.


I'm on my way to mastery and it is sucha Delicious Journey!

I have proved to myself that I can change the way I feel, under even seemingly extreme circumstances.

I have proved to myself that I can change outcomes trough changing the way I feel.

And I'm now starting to be able to change outcomes - under "even seemingly extreme/impossible circumstances".


And why is this possible, you might ask? Becasue what this experiment has been about, to one part, has been to figure out if there really are "LAWS" that govern what I draw to myself as experiences/people/situations/money etc... And it all points at that there is a LAW... and equal to the Law Of Gravity.. it "works" EVERY SINGLE TIME..

Finding out the "HOW" and you got it ALL, at your fingertips!

This all is sucha High. I completely ADORE my life and I ADORE how I am the CREATOR of myself in it!!! And being able to - on top of that- Master it.. is Beyond Words... I'm IN LOVE with this Universe and this Game Of Life! Genious!

So as this moves on, I've gone from feeling Very-Good to Fabulous to Beyond-Words and it has become "Normal".. On top of that (if that in itself would not be enough..lol..) I'm getting to live my Dreams...

And this morning I felt INVINCIBLE as I started my day. How about that to accompany Breakfast..?? :)))

Awe.... :)))

Having a BadAss Experience ~ Complete Bliss ~ Can't-Stop-Smiling Fully-Reveling-In-It ♥ Fabulous!!!

A morning like this calls for a beyond-words continuation of this already wonderful day... Yay!!!

Love You - MUAH!!!!



Joy-Sparkling Experiments


Time flies when having fun and it's exhilarating to notice the wonderful progess this experiment has resulted in. Keeps getting deeper. Getting alot more Apprechiation-Prone, Joy-Sparkly-Prone, Dance-Prone, Skip-Prone, Laugh-Prone...

Feels fantastic to know that these things can be trained into perfection, no need to "be born this way". And its wonderful to have a Guidance System working like a GPS and telling me that NOTHING IS UNCERTAIN, although it will always play out in the way I'm able to ALLOW it to happen.
Also, it always has the potential to AMAZE you beyond what you might have been thinking was possible.

Setting my standards to "Things ALWAYS work out for me" has made a believer out of me. I now KNOW that I create my reality, that I ALWAYS can change anything that has happened that might not be to my liking - or that I find I want to modify.
Although what I find more pleasureable, is to just Prepave an outcome I want, and so it is. Things can always be modified...so, if not beforehand, then after.... (seems impossible at first, it takes some Ignoring of What-Is, but when you get the How-To its lotsa FUN) Everything is possible.

What I want is OH-SO-CERTAIN. The journey "There" is what LIFE is. And the more I allow - the more the Universe wants to PLAY :)

The more I allow the Universe to conspire for me (not trying to bang it into place that is) - the more AMAZED I am of the resaults. The Universe is THE BEST conspireer and gives me Cues on what I "might want to do", where I "might want to stop", what "might want to read", where I "might want to go" ... to swiftly get there.

THIS is what I came here for, this is what I signed up for - this is DELICIOUS LIFE EXPERIENCE!!!


Thank You, Adoring You - Apprechiation Blast comin your way :)))





Can you be playful and serious at the same time? Of course not.

Can you be playful and feel bad at the same time? Of course not.

Ever thought about it that way?

In my experienting on how to optimize my daily joy and chill percentage I've discovered that playfulness really does the trick, every time. Adding the attitude of playfulness makes the whole difference on how you experience the current task or experience. Cuz you can't be tense and playful at the same time. You cant be bored and playful at the same time. You cant be irritated and playful at the same time.

You cant have ANY negative emotion at the same time as you're being playful! Yay!!!

Alright, so how do I increase my daily playful precentage?

Personally I've found that there are alot of things we automatically do that keep up the seriousness, quite simple things acctually... hahaha :) So... to be playful you gotta care less about what others think, you gotta care less about your belongings, care less about what things cost, care less about keeping order, care less about how you walk, care less about being elegant or appropriate, you gotta dare being alil crazy. All about having fun really. Being more childlike... (or drunk-like, if you prefer? hahaha)

So well, sing and dance while doing the dishes. Use the dish-brush as a mic once in a while maybe even. Sing and dance while cleaning. Sing and dance while cooking. Sing and dance while grocery-shopping. Sing-a-long to a happy song while paying the bills. Skip along the sidewalk while walking to work. Making the ordinary-everyday-things playful and joyful.

Removing the breaks to make your life a joyous experience! No more shoud-do's but instead play-a-do's...

Wear different colored socks on each foot? Buy a childrens note book instead of the elegant one you "kinda dont wanna ruin"? Buy a childrens pen with glitter and hearts or ...my favourite.... a lucky-troll on top?

Things that repetingly can bring you back to a more relaxed, chilled place - things that remind you of your playfulness over and over again are real TREASURES for your mood and well-being!

You can't be stressed-out and playful at the same time.... yum... fabulous!!! Love it!

Have any of your own tricks to share? Feel Free :)

Adoooring everything and everyone reminding me to be the joyful loving eager being that I truly am - Delicious Life Ahead !

Ps. picture found on Google searching "lucky troll"



...wow...my life has turned into sucha delicious high-flying-feeling everyday experience... and is now begining to fill up with friends feeling the same way... and current friends bringing themselves "here" to...

Naturally Feeling Fabulous, On Purpose... who knew my Experiment would be this successful... hahahahaha :)))

Where will this "end" :o)

We are all up for a delicious life, thats whats up - katching!!!


Feeling Freedom - On Purpose


Wow, I'm in awe, over and over again!

These past days I've been playing around with feeling even better than I currently do - since I now feel comfortable with the pretty-high-good-feeling-place where I'm at.

So I asked myself again "ok, so how do I want to feel from now on?" and then I thought... wow, since I can go for anything I want, how about Invincible..? How about the freedom feeling of "rules-does-not-apply-to-me"?

...yes, kinda felt like a good idea and a possible step from where I was...

...so I stared to bring myself there by describing to myself how it would feel to feel that way and why it would feel so good to me
- and so...there I was... :)

Then, feeling this way, I found a lovely quote from my favourite teachers which pretty well described the feeling place I've just reached.

This quote is about setting your Joy-Standard. That it should be set real high. And how you can bring yourself higher and higher, and stay there just because you can and because of how lovely it feels to be there. So, here it is:

"You won’t settle for oneryness when you know the deliciousness of bliss, and you wont settle for worry, when you know the deliciousness of wellbeing, and you will not settle for sickness, when you know the inherent potential for wellness, and you will not settle for 'not-enough', when you know the universe is unlimited." (Abraham-Hicks)

I love making my life feel easy and I love feeling fantastic and most of all I love doing it all On Purpose - just cuz I can and it feels sooo lovely - such a yummy feeling of Freedom!!!



How This Universe Works (i.e. Rocks!!!)


Alignment with Source equals... Oh Hello Everything-I-Want, you're mine! :)))

This Universe ROCKS - Wooooohooooo!!!!



Who-I-Really-Am ♥


My life is fun! I'm loving it and feeling fabulous! I am a powerful creator, creating my dream life and I am right on schedule. Im Savoring more, fixing less. Laughing more; crying less. Anticipating positively more, anticipating negatively less.

Nothing is more important than that I feel good - so Im practicing that and LOVING the consequences of it ♥


Real Life when Inspired by Abraham-Hicks, Loooove You!!!



Feeling Fab for the Sheer Delight of it


Optimal Feeling Awesomeness has passed all the tests and is Mine to Stay ♥ Muah!!!

..everything is possible from here, sooo cool... I'm ready to be amazed. Love You, Thank You :)





My unconditionally-feeling-good-experiment has had me reach a new level. Again. Readier than ever to live life fully with a confidence deeper still.

My experience keeps getting deeper yet sweeter - chills-down-my-spine contentment. Living a real-time Euphoria, loving every second if it. Heart is singing. Body is light, strong and skip-prone. Mind is clear and loving. Things flow smoothly. And - its getting better all the time. Mind blowing.

Beyond words apprechiation to everyone taking part in this lovely and adventurous game of life - the love dancing in my heart bows to the love dancing in yours - we are all one - Namaste





" I dont want life to be taken seriously. Seriousness is a kind of psycological disease. Life has to be fun. Life has to be a rejoicing. A dance. A song. A love affair. Its such a small life. Being serious is simply wasting opportunity. Before reaching your grave...have a lil dance, have a lil drink. Rejoicing is my religion. " (Osho)


Some time ago I did a kind of fun challange inspired by Osho, intending to take everyday-doings playfully. I really love the idea of feeling playful in every and any given situation. Giving a real boost to the joy inside and life becomes a rejoicing indeed.
Beginning small or not, this has a transformative effect. Everything and anything gets easy and joyous just by changing attitude. Very lovely indeed.

I remembered this challange now that I head this quotation stated above. Acctually have been continuing it just for the joy of it, and happy I started.

Getting a habit of being (more) playful makes life real fun and a lovely place to be. Really love the approach to life living for the fun of it and making rejoicing (instead of renounciation) a "religion", joyously affirming life!

All is well :)





I adooooore being the owner of my perception...so I can choose to focus on whatever creates a good feeling inside of me...anytime, anywhere, yum! ♥ Can't help but being pickier and pickier... hahaha! Wicked, I'm In LOVE with it, sooo awesome... ~ Kah-tshing!! :)))

This Anytime-Anywhere-Joyous-Experience is mine forever more - only I can be my own allower of it. THAT is awesomeness extravaganza!



The Joy In My Heart


"Today - no matter where I'm going/what I'm doing/who I'm doing it with - it is my dominant intent to let Everything around me be Irrelevant. And the only thing that IS relevant - is the Joy in my Heart - of which I have complete and utter control."

♥ Loving this Quote from a recent Abraham-Hicks seminar (january 2011)



The Gourmet Selection Of Emotions


I cannot be but filled with Wonder, admiring how the Universe keeps yielding to me and making my life experience such a Yummy, Cozy, Cuddly, Delicious and Rich place to be.

My heart Sings in apprechiation to the Universe for letting me taste the Gourmet Selection of Emotions ♥

Its getting beyond awesome being me, Muah Muah Muah!!!

♫ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪



Watching The World With Glittering Eyes


‎"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
~ Roald Dahl



Let The Fun Begin {Exercise}


Motivation v/s Inspiration

Are you focused upon the joyous, wanted, outcome of your action/non-action? Or are you focused upon the dreaded, unwanted, outcome you're trying to avoid with your action/non-action?
Feel the difference of it... Are you joyously approching your goals or are you struggling in the awareness of what might happen if "you do/don't"?

And do you motivate others, making them aware of the unwanted outcomes they need to avoid? Or do you inspire them into action/non-action, by making them aware of all the deliciousness they're looking forward to?

Wouldn't it be nice if I could base my life in only inspireing myself towards my goals...Wouldn't that be Delicious, Exciting, Empowering... Not only when getting "there", but along the way!

I'm going to play around with this for a month, becoming aware of how often I motivate myself/others rather than inspire myself/others...and for the fun of it...refrase it..turning it into something inspirational and joyous...

So, let the fun begin!
Are you with me?




Increasing Bliss-Ability


This post is especially dedicated to Everyone that has crossed my path in any shape or form, no matter the lenght of our interaction. I literarily mean Everyone. And its also especially dedicated to Every situation I have found myself in so far. Every One. You are the reason why I've expanded to who I am today.

This post is in celebration of what we all have become due to what we have lived. In celebration of how we at anytime can decide how we want to live and feel, and decide if we want to Let it happen.

Yes, I meant "Let" it happen. Because when we Strive, things happen with more effort than if we Let it come to us. When we Let it come to us, we make it effortless and enjoyable.

When Relaxed and Laidback, the things we want to experience can make their way to us without hinderance. When Relaxed and Laidback, the cells of our body work optimally, our mind get clear and can focus easily.

It's exhilirating to be in the process of learning to optimize Bliss-Ability. And it's almost more exhilirating to watch how the Bliss-State itself works like a Wand-Of-All-Desires-Come-True.

My Bliss-Ability has reached Awesomeness and it's lotsa fun watching the world adapt around me...

Adoring the Universe for creating All-That-Is and for letting us Play.

Awww, the delicious feeling of Unconditional Love, Muah!



This Genious Universe of Ours

It's really exciting to start a new year with the knowledge that things will go my way. Knowing that All is Well at all times. Knowing that if I ask for surprices I will get some. If I ask for adventure, it will happen.
Knowing that Well-Being is within at all times. Knowing that I have the power to feel good whatever might happen. Knowing that I cant get it "wrong". Knowing that its up to me to create myself and my life experience.
I am the one choosing through my focusing.

And knowing that Feeling Good serves me in more ways than just enjoying my Singing Heart. It attracts on to me more reasons to be joyous and feeling good. It attracts on to me more things to bask about. More things to feel excited about. All the things I'd ever imagine wanting in my life. Everything is just some thoughts away, some imagination away, some prasing away, some basking away, some apprechiating away... Following the guidance of the Emotions, deliberatly allowing the natural flow.

Quite genious this Universe.

In celebration of this New Year which will be filled with as much adventures, fun, laughs, ease, flow, surprices and joyous expansion as I deliberatly will allow myself - In celebration I Bow with Love and Exhilaration, I Sing with Love and Exhilaration, I Dance with Love and Exhilaration!

Happy in Heart and Soul to be part of this Mind-Blowing-Game called Life. Continuously expanding In Love.

Thank You Universe for Being You, Adorable.