Alright, Here You Go... !!! {with video}

Alright you guys, here it is, the song I told you about in THIS blogpost..the one for the contest ~ the winner will be announced in april 2012.. It's unlisted on youtube, that is, only a sneak-a-peak, especially for YOU :))) Enjoy, Muah!!!!


Singing Again ~ From The Heart

Since somewhere around March-April 2010 I've been enjoying my voice more and more. As a teen (aroudn 13 yrs of age) I was told by a music teacher I couldn't sing, so I believed it and never sang again, at least not when someone else was around or could hear me. I still sang at concerts when I thought noone would hear me anyways. But I never sang even in a choir even if my heart was longing for it, I actually applied once, but declined when I remembered I actually "couldn't sing". As a child I wanted to be a singer and sang along to all my favourite artists, even recorded myself sometimes...and kinda enjoyed what I heard as I listened to it...and I really enjoyed the music lessons!!! I didn't have the confidence to sing solo, but I really loved to do the "choir" things and did some performances (playback) with some friends on the "big stage". I really enjoyed it until high school, cuz that was when we got a new teacher, and got to do an exame. The exame was divided into three parts, with given grades to each part, that then would be part of the final grade in the mandatory subject of music.. We were all around 12-13 yrs of age... one part was "Theory" (music history, hearing for example "baroque" and recognize it).. the other two were "practical" ~ one of which was to play two different combinations on a drum set. We had to practice at home using our hands tapping on our legs or in the air.. (for the high hat), if not having a whole drum set at home (maybe one of us were lucky enough to have that lol). The other part of the practical exame was to sing along to a predeterminate song, in a predeterminate key that our teacher played on the piano. The song, now looking back, is actually a pretty hard piece with lotsa high notes. And actually we didn't get any guidance more than that we were supposed to sing it by heart. The melody was a known song, so seemed no problem in that regard. And I remember that when I sang it at home to practice it - it actually went pretty alright despite the "high-key parts". But at the test - not only cuz I was nervous to get "evaluated" and be singing "solo" in front of the evaluator,lol but becasue HE PLAYED ALONG in the same key that he always did - that is, I was not able to CHOOSE the "key" I was confortable with (which I had automatically done when practicing at home). Little did I know then (!), I just noticed that I couldn't sing-a-long well at all. And I didn't pass that part of the exame, he told me I couldn't sing, and that was it. No such thing as "there are singing lessons to make it to comfortably sing that high"..or whatever.. Nope.. This made me so ashamed of my voice that I actually never took the step to follow through with taking singing lessons, I actually thought I was "born that way" LOL. But it all shifted for me in 2010. I was at a chanting retreat, and I had been chanting (singing mantras) pretty regularly for a couple of years. I dared to sing it becasue it was a yogic practice, so there was a meditative purpose rather than a "performance"... So ~ although I still really thought I couldn't sing ~ I sang and loved it.
At this retreat, to my delight, there was actually daily Yogic Voice Practice ~ as well as a very clear message, "Every note is a Good Note", and everyone can get a note out... :))) I started to practice this yogic voice training on a daily basis and just a few months afterwards, actual melodies started to flow through me. My "homemade" melodies... I recorded them on my computer, to remember them. And I've now got more than 30 different pieces of melodies made by me and NOW I am confident enough to LOVE them AND my voice!!! In the end of 2011, I sent a few of them to a friend of mine (an internationally well known devotional musician), becasue I wanted to share them ~ and he LOVED my melodies and my voice!!! This felt FABULOUS to me of course, and when I met him a while later he even presented me as an "upcoming singer"..which of course made my day (or well, maybe my year lol)... Now that I've been studying (actually rather enjoying than studying lol) the Indian Classical music system, both through the yogic voice training and learning to play harmonium - I understand how different "root-keys" for different songs are more or less comfy for each individual... and how wonderful the Indian system is to accomodate everyones most-comfy-key to sing in. In general they differ inbetween two keys to most accomodate men, women and children respectively. But after a while, when starting to get the hang of playing for example harmonium to accompany the singing, the Indian system of notes allowes you to place your root key WHEREVER YOU WANT IT - and it can differ from song to song and you can change it all the time cuz the sing-sheet-notes are very flexible, you dont need to re-write them to move your song up or down a few notes on the keyboard... Changing notes can be done not only because you feel more comfy singing in a certain key, but also becasue the song gets a different feel when using different root-keys. And if the song has alot of high notes, you might want to lower your "root key" so you can comfortably sing all the notes of the song. The Indian system makes it possible to also shift the root-key if you sing with someone that is used to higher or lower key, becasue the notes are not "fixed" to a certain part of the keyboard as the western system is. Meanwhile, for example, the C# of the western system always has the same position... the Indian "Sa" (the choosen root-key) can be placed anywhere on the keyboard ~ so.. the Indian song-sheet needs not to be re-written, instead the song can instantly be "moved" up or down the keyboard.. Rather geniously simple :))) Ps. I've recently submitted a kinda "spiritually inspired" song for kids for a "contest". It came though me as I heard about the "Sing a little Song Project" contest ~ songs for a yogic kids album :))) I've now posted a sneak-a-peak of what I sent in, click HERE to watch it :))) Ps.2: The picutre was found through google images searching "Singing"


Taking The Call

More Goodies to Share...So ~ If you read my last blogpost , you already know that our emotions represent communication or even guidance from our "broader self", the part of us that has The Whole Picture..the Broader Picture and KNOWS what we personally prefer at all times.... And as I wrote to a dear friend recently.. An "uncomfy" emotion is actually kinda like a really good friend or a life partner (your broader part is a really great life partner btw lol) that is holding out their hand, and with the Unconditional Love that it IS, calling you towards it ~ and This broader part of the physical you IS actually right now experiencing what YOU just created (that is, you have just experienced something NOT preferred and a preferred version has been created instantly)...and of course wants to SHARE this wonderful experience with you, experience it together.. So the "uncomfiness" is actually the kinda separation from the broader-you that you acknowledge... "Come and Enjoy this Wonder with me", is calls you .. as you're still having your focus on what actually MADE you prefer something different.. LOL...And I've found that, more and more, since I have gotten the hang of this knowlege.. I'm more an more prone.. on all subjects.. to come along and hang out with my Life Partner ..and checking out, and let myself experience all the new creation has just happened, and that is MY OWN preferred version.. So, uncomfy emotion is nothing to fear or beware of..On the contrary, its something to really appreciate.. and FOLLOW :))) I LOVE following these indicators of Unconditional Love, lovingly and infinitly patiently... calling me towards what I personally prefer... The Geniousest :))))

The Benefit Of "Negative Emotions"

As you might already know, I started an experiment with myself some time ago. The Theme was kinda "is it possible to feel good under any and all conditions".. This process has turned alot around for me pretty quick and I have become quite a master at deciding how I want to feel and create my reality the way I want it. It has been quite a delicious experience and very eye-opening, and it continues to get BETTER even tho it always seems that it kinda "cant get any better"... LOL... so I though I'd share some of this GOOD STUFF with you guys :))) My favourite part of this experiment could have been "the creating of a great life for myself" and YES that is part of it.. but actually my favourite part has been to understand the Benefit of different kinds of emotions and what they actually INDICATE. So, as I live my life I bump up to things I prefer and things I dont prefer.. thats how it is for all of us... and when we bump up to the not-preferred, we WANT it differently, right?? :))) Atleast I definatley do..lol :))) So.. well, and that experience usually is accompanied by a so called "negative emotion".. and actually I thought before that THAT emotion was only a response to what I was currently observing.. but I've now understood how it works.. which is quite amazing!!! So, well, we are actually Spiritual Beings and our emotions is the communication from the Broader Perspective, the "All-knowing" and the Unconditional Love part of us, that is at our core. And it's so geniously made that everytime an individual part of the All knowing, to make it simple, lets say its ME (or You).. so when I encounter something I do NOT prefer, the "broader perspective" of ME actually BECOMES my "wish" .. I know this is a little brain-twisting lol...at least it was for me in the beginning..lol.. but when you start experimenting with it you will have your OWN personal experience with it, so you will OWN it.. and KNOW it just as clearly as I do now. It's very thrilling to know and live this, I must say.. It's life experience, personal experience that makes you KNOW, and when I started this experiment I didn't know this, I was just going to have "a try at it" LOL :))) And it just threw me into the most amazing life experience..
Alright, so where were we...Here: I encounter something I do NOT prefer and I create a preferrable version of it ~ for myself to experience.. And then what?? Why am I not experiencing it since it is already created.. where is it?? Well.. that is where the GUIDANCE, through emotions, comes in. Your emotion is like a GPS in your car. It knows where you ARE right now, and you have decided the destination, i.e. where you PREFER to be. So, any emotion that doesn't feel "kinda yum".. INDICATES that you're kinda NOT at the destination you prefer.. Thats ALL. It doesn't really mean that you are failing either, it just means that your PREFERRED location is somewhere ELSE :))) So, what do I do from there??, I asked myself.. and I experimented with it.. and understood that: To get to where I prefer-to-be, I had to FOLLOW the guidance.. and... the ROAD to where I prefer-to-be was indicated through RELIEF.. Cool!! So ~ everytime I found a way of thinking about the current subject (the current not preferred stuff) that INDUCED relief in me.. I actually came CLOSER to the destination!!! And if I didn't feel relief, that just meant that my car didn't make any head way.. And if I felt worse.. that just made me go in the opposite direction..lol.. and my GPS just wanted to notify me and get me back on track..patiently it would remind me.. to "Make a legal U-turn"...(and thoughtwise that means I found something about the current subject that made it look less and less preferrable..lol) ..Alright so, where are we now..yes, I have encountered what I did not prefer, I acknowledged my GPS and I induced RELIEF to head in the direction of my preferred destination.. right?? So that's what it all is.. so cool.. and the really nice stuff about this is that you can really get into the FEELING PLACE of your newly preferred perspective in a maximum of 10 minutes, when you get the hang of this process.. And there is actually always a HIGHWAY, or a short-cut, to the destination too.. which will show itself when you start getting the hang of the first process part.. and that is to SHIFT the focus of your attention to "How Would I Prefer To Feel". And well, I'll have to tell you the BONUS TREAT too.. lol.. altho this treat only feels like a treat until you get to the feeling-place of the destination cuz THEN and THERE you're having too much fun and feeling so good that you dont "need" any treat LOL.. ANYWAYS.. that is when it comes: THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of what you wanted.. so I arrived at the destination AND I AM FULLY EXPERIENCING IT with all of my senses.. :))) So, getting a hang of this, you'll notice that this is LAW-based, cuz when you arrive at your destination emotionalwise, what you prefered, is ALWAYS there to be experienced with all your senses.. COOL STUFF :))) I'm adoring it!!! HERE is a great way of seeing it...a favourite.. :))) Ps. Nothing wrong with getting off track from time to time, altho it really is delicious to recognize the guidance and follow it.. towards the All Dreams Come True.. It's FAB :))) Ps2: The picture was found through Google Images searching "U-turn".


Day 1 ~ Deepak Chopra

Hey Everyone, I'd love to let you know that the Deepak Chopra Centers 21 day Meditation Challenge starts TODAY :))) Its FREE, so sign up for the delicious journey of spending some time once a day with Deepak and his crew :))) Todays meditation is about 15min's with Deepak Chopra himself... :))) As you might already know, meditation is HIGHLY beneficial in many aspects, so if you haven't tried already, this might be one of the best opportunities to get started :))) Meditation can be done in a million of different ways and I'm curious of how this one is going to unfold :))) Seems like they have a THEME each week.. this week is "Mind-Body Connection"... so NOW I'LL DIVE RIGHT IN THERE :))) FEEL TOTALLY FREE TO JOIN ME :))) All I can say right now is.. YUM !!! Have FUN, Laterz!!! :))) Ps: Had a lil sneak-a-peak before I wrote this so I'm having it ready to play RIGHT NOW, and I'll be doing it right after posting THIS!!! YAY So click HERE or feel free to read this first (Quoted from the Chopra Page about the Challenge): QUOTE " Do you believe it is possible to transform your life in 21 days? If you joined us in our previous Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, you already understand the incredible power of this journey and you’re ready for more. If this will be your first time in the challenge, get ready to discover the untapped potential that rests within you, opening your gateway to true freedom, extraordinary bliss, and the life of your dreams! Studies have shown that it takes 21 days of consistent behavior to change a habit or create a new one, such as establishing a regular exercise routine, eating a healthier diet, or taking time each day for self-care. In just 21 days, you can also establish a fulfilling meditation practice that will give you a lifetime of rewards. You may have dipped your toe in the water with limited success, but this time, you will have daily support and guidance that will enable you to move beyond any past obstacles and experience the many gifts and benefits of meditation. Join us for a powerful journey that will change your life. Guided by Deepak Chopra, and dean of Chopra Center University – davidji and other master teachers – you will learn practical techniques for becoming more calm, centered, and happy. Your devoted participation during this all new Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ will result in a healing ritual you can carry forward to your own consciousness and to the world’s community. " END QUOTE


My Magic Box {with Video}

It's Day 35 of the Magically Effective Creation Challenge.. and as you've seen I've been inspired to do some Vision Boards as digital videos.. And now I want to share with you another fun way of creating/improving your reality :))) A Magic Box... In this Video I'm sharing some tips and how I have made my own box of Effective and Fun Creation!!! Enjoy Yourself :))) Ps. It also includes some tips on the different kinds of Vision Boards you can have Fun making :)))))


New 108 Days of Feeling FAB!!!

The 30 days of Magically Effective Creation "Challenge" has passed for me and I'm sooo thrilled about the feeling I've conjured ..and all the other results...that I've decided to continue for 108 days instead.. Just as my "Theme Playfulness" contiued for 108 days... LOVED IT so much!!! Didn't think it could be more delicious.. and here I am enjoying the effects of the Playfulness "Challenge" meanwhile I've embarked on a new delicious journey of Appreciation.. and as one of my teachers says "Appreciating is an active state of creating".. this is OBVIOUS to me, as all results are flowing into my experience... The other day as I left my home I was greeted by a "two entangled hearts" pattern on the street !!! LOVED IT and just had to take a photo, even tho "I might miss the bus" LOL... so here you go.. One of the beautiful-est Good-Morning-Greetings ever!!! Muah!!! Wishing you the same kinda delicious experiences, so keep up the results-wonders of appreciation :))))


Feeling Place Project {with Video}

New Vision Board Video, and Feel Free to make your own :)))

Envisioning What I Love {with Video}

It's day 26 of the Appreciation Game, and I'm full of excitement for all results and what is on its way :))) Simply ADORING where I am right now, feeling FABULOUS. And today I made a digital vision board, in the form of a "video" including some music I love. So that's just one of the ways you can be doing the appreciation game :))) You can do this kinda Vision Board using pictures from magazines and making a collage of what you LOVE that way. Anyway that FEEL GOOD and inspiring to you, is Da Best Way for you right now :))) HAVE FUN!!!! :))))