Fine-Tune To Real~Eyes The Preferred {with a Distraction-Guide for Dummies}

When I exprience something that I do not want, it gets clearer what I DO want... that is - what I'd PREFER, if I had the ability to choose. And I can choose what I prefer. Love that. Love prefering and getting into that FEELING PLACE of it BEING in the preferred way! How can you not LOVE feeling good!
In the last post I wrote, I described a process which I've enjoyed ALOT... "Using DEBT to get some flow" There are alot of efficient process ideas on this blog, if you haven't already noticed. I've shared ALL of my favorite ways on Self-Empowerment-Delux that occur to me (to write about) along the way... Today I'll share two things. First I'll share a variation of a process that I currently love using for finetuning - and second I'll share some examples on what to "do" to get out of an intense "stubborn" not-so-good-feeling mood. I haven't "had to" use these techniques myself for years now, but these are VERY helpful until you get a handle on your emotions more "automatically"... as well as on older subjects that "suddenly get activated" and causes discomfort.
I LOOOVE and ADOOORE finetuning! Knowing that all it takes for "realization" of what I prefer - is to [at least] find some RELIEF, makes things so EASY to handle nowadays :) Finetuning is the deliciousness of not only finding relief - but finding a really LOVELY DELICIOUS "high-flying" place to savor. Yum, and it's a GREAT "pass time", no matter subject or situation.
This process is somewhat similar to the BOUNCE technique/process and challenge I've already presented on this blog, and which is one of my favorite ways of getting into a "better feeling place" - or FINETUNE my mood.
I get a blank piece of paper and a comfy pen that I love to write with. STEP 1: I get clear on what I want to "change" - that is, what I'd love to MOLD into something preferable and beneficial. State it in a BRIEF way to then move on (I spend very little time in this step before moving to the better feeling steps!) STEP 2 I get clear on, IN GENERAL terms, what I prefer. State this briefly in written words. STEP 3 Here comes the YUMMY - and it's where I clarify for myself 'How I'd feel then' - meaning how I'd feel WHEN the preferred situation/event/circumstance was already my reality. And here I state the feeling places.. for example: Knowing, Ease, Flow, Effortlessness, Playful, Clarity, Free... etc.. And while I state these - I do imagine myself in that preferred scenario and I pick the feelings from HOW I actually feel while imagining it. Which means I DO feel these emotions. I continue this step until it feels "complete". And the whole work is DONE. This has already put me in the mood of realizing, recieving, allowing ~ the waveleght in which I can PERCEIVE what was before invisible for me. And it's a GREAT FEELING and very effective way. Sweet!
Guide to DISTRACTION from uncomfy emotions
Inicially, remember that the uncomfy emotion IS a good thing since it's an INDICATOR. Then, realize that the ONLY thing that is needed to actually "get your reality into a more good feeling place" is to find some kind of RELIEF from that place. It's THAT simple! So, what if the uncomfy feeling is stubborn? Well, there is ALWAYS a way, if one wants to get some relief. And you might have to be stubborn with it yourself, and it might take some re-doing of it until it gets easier to 'remember to do it' and all.. but it's all worth that initial "work" ! STEP 1 Notice that you feel uncomfy! In the beginning you usually do NOT notice this until it feels REALLY uncomfy, which means you already have alot of momentum on it.. but it's alright. It will get easier with practice. Be EASY on yourself and realize it's beneficial to notice it, no matter how "long into it" it currently is. STEP 2 Depending on how experienced you are at distracting yourself you might be able to find relief by only thinking yourself there, or writing yourself there. But if you've got a strong momentum already, having a strong emotion, which might seem very stubborn... here are some examples of how to curb that:
*Get Physical - jump up and down, run, walk, do yoga, do a workout etc
*Balancing - something that you find "hard" to do, which REQUIRES your attention
*Other In-put in - like taking a shower, getting outside in whatever weather there is, pet your cat/dog
*Breathing Deeply - a very effective technique if you're "calm enough" to try it out, it can also be done after some intense physical things done
These are just some examples, you know best what works for YOU. Write down a list of things that easily distract you, "no matter what", and practice these until they come natural for you to use DELIBERATELY when feeling uncomfy.
NOTE that only a couple of minutes is ENOUGH for you to get a feeling of relief! It's impossible to not get it - so if you experience that you're not getting it, just change the means, try different kinds. The goal is to do something that REQUIRE focus from you, which in turn "break the pattern of thought currently going on". You might have to repeat, but you WILL get some relief from these kinds of distraction. ALSO it will get easier and more automatic with time. ENJOY!!!


Owing Myself ~ Using DEBT to get some FLOW

"I wanted to change it into feeling fun, and I've now found a way to trick myself into that feeling!!"
"On the 4th day I actually headed down to the storage room! AND I did it with genuine EASE ..."
Lately I've been noticing that some of the "bigger" things I'd like to get done, doesn't really get done, while time passes... (lot of time). For example, I've moved and it was over a year a go, and I'd love to get all the boxes unpacked and getting some order in the storage in the basement so I know where what is - and throw away things I don't like and/or don't use.
For some reason, the everyday life is filling up my days and obviously I've been thinking about it as a "big task" that also might be kinda boring. I have also been pondering how nice it is to clean out and clear the things I never use, to get the storage managable. And right then and there it feels good to do it, and I tell myself to do it the next time I've got some spare time and energy. Which seems to never come around :)
Thing is, there are some other things I'd like to get done, and they feel kinda equally "big and bulky tasks" - and I kinda want to get it ALL done and so I get none of it done :) so well... I wanted to change it into feeling fun, and I've now found a way to trick myself into that feeling!!
I wanted to change it into feeling fun, and I've now found a way to trick myself into that feeling!!
A few days ago I stumbled across a great idea though. It was not to try to solve the managing of the storage actually, but it was the thing that got me started. In a fun way.
There is a process that can be used to get you "debt free" money wise. The thing is - debt can be more than money... the storage clearing and such actually feels like a "debt" to myself. I have neglected doing something that I have, in a way, promised myself. So I OWE it to myself. Never thought of it like that before, but now I got the idea to do the same process but instead of mortages and such I added things I want to do daily to keep myself feeling good and to clear my space for new things and opportunities to flow in...
The "process to become debt free" states that you use a sheet of paper making columns. On the right hand side you state the "biggest debt" and to the left the smallest. You make a commitment to yourself to pay off what you can, and even if you might not have the resourses to pay off every column each month - you sometimes pay off double on the smallest post. The process states that this makes the "paying off" more fun, more like a game and it gets you feeling lighter about it - which in turn will move your energies so more money flow into your life.
I found that I could use this column process with the things I wanted to get done each day - putting "organize the storage room" on the right hand side, and to the left hand side I put things like "do some exercise daily", "drink 1 liter of water daily", "get outside and breath deeply", "enjoy something" and things that I "owe" myself and that is not such a hard task for me at this point. I wanted to be able to check off several things each day easily, to make me feel I was doing well and did good things for myself (which I do, but this made it more real).
So, I made a commitment to "use my resources", that is, do what is possible to do each day. Some days I might not check off more than one thing, but I might do it "double". And I started this experiment. I got several check marks the first day and it felt fun and easy to get those checked off :)
On the 4th day I actually headed down to the storage room! AND I did it with genuine EASE ...
On the 4th day I had actually even headed down to the storage room! AND I did it with genuine EASE and with clarity and feeling good and I felt I had time for it. Another thing I had noticed so far was that somehow my day felt less compressed. Only by recognizing that I was using the resources I had and showing myself how much I did for my wellbeing already.


Yoga Drop-Backs {Video Demo}

To work up to these you start with leaning back gradually. When you can "hang back" and see your mat - and feel fairly comfy with your back strenght - then stretch your arms back to land on the floor. You can do it on a thick carpet if you feel fear of the hard-floor.
A lot of leg strenght is needed, especially to lift back up. But the back-drop can be done without a lot of strenght if one is fearless enough. But the gradual working on the leaning back will give you a controlled drop back, and you'll gain loads of strenght in the process which serves in other poses as well.
Work on coming up with as parallell feet as possible (if they turn out you compress in the lower back... if they turn out alot you might consider working more on the strenght of your spine and legs). This pose is ALOT about the legs.
Have fun!
Ps: There is a video on this blog, from a couple of years ago, where I show how to work on this drop-back using a wall.
Ps.2: check out the demo of "how to work on Press Up Handstand" HERE

How To Press Up Into Handstand ~ Two Different Ways {Video Demos}

In this pose I'm showing how to work up to a Handstand-Press-Up. The first one is an example of how to work up to pressing up into handstand from the floor, with legs united. And at the end there is a video showing an example of floating up with "wide-legs")
These are advanced transition. For the "united legs" version - openness in the hamstrings is needed aswell as strong arms/shoulders and some core (especially for the down-float).
In this demo I'm using the wall, and pressing my head into it. This is very helpful for working on the "actions" to then press up without a wall.
Try working on coming down "with control".
You have to be far enough from the wall to be able to lean forward and have room for your spine and buns as you press up - but close enough to be able to press the back of your head into the wall. Also it's pretty crucial to have the feet as close as possible to your hands.
Press into your hands firmly and lean forward (leaning the back of the head towards the wall), and the legs will kinda automatically float up. Though - to come down gracefully you need to engage your core alot.
If you're too close to the wall or have your feet too far from your hands (it has to be a deep uttanasana), it will not be possible to float up. (your back or buns will touch the wall and hinder the lift up, if you're too close). I'm finding it helpful with a thicker blanket up the wall, since that makes the "wall" come closer to my head as I still have room for the forward-leaning.
As soon as you find the right distance from the wall and remember to keep your feet closely before starting - it's a float-up each time. Then work on coming down as gracefully as possible.
Have fun!
Ps. If you want to try floating up from the floor from Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana), there is a video of how to work up to that transition using blocks. Check this video below:
Ps.2: Here is a video demo of Yoga Drop Backs.


{Video} Maha Mantra Compostion ~ Version I, May 2014

Short video version of this Kirtan.
If inspired, Feel Free to Sing-A-Long and/or use it as a song-meditation.
Loosely this mantra can be translated:
"Celebration of the Bliss and Love in this current Life. Available to tap into and revel in [the bliss/love] anytime."
~ Interpretation of translation by Yogini Param Sangat, inspired by Wah!
Composition by Yogini Param Sangat, May 2014
Version II is available, click HERE.
Enjoy your day :)))


{Video} Maha Mantra Kirtan ~ Version II, May 2014

Something I really enjoy is to sing. And it's even more enjoyable when it's a melody I've made up myself. Have been playing around with composing and it's alot of fun when it's Easy. That means, when I really feel like playing and not knowing why really.. and all of a sudden I've composed a melody that I enjoy ALOT and kinda cannot stop singing :)))
It has happened twice lately and I've composed two melodies with the Maha Mantra. One of which there is a video below. I'll videotape the other one aswell to post. I LOVE them both to sing and play.
Since I'm not a "Krishna Devotee", I don't know if there are any "rules" on how to make melodies for this Maha Mantra. I do it for the joy of it, and these two times it happened to be this mantra. Which is, by the way, easy to find a melody to, as well.
I've recently encountered a lovely translation for it to. That translation is loosely: Celebration Of The Love and Bliss In This Current Life. Ready to be reveled in [that bliss/love], at all times.

{Video} Yoga Demo Part VII ~ Transition from Tripod Headstand to Flying Pigeon

There are many fun transitions in yoga and some are more advanced than others. Depending on what level you're currently at, or your daily status ... you feel attracted to those who challange you some.
Lately I've been able to do Flying Pigeon (Eka Pada Galavasana) and it's a fun pose that you can weave in, in many ways. Here's a video of transitioning from one of the yogic Headstands (this one is called Tripod where you balance on the crown of the head and your two hands). In this video I "press up" to this headstand with straight legs. It's usually harder than to press up with the legs bent and closer to the body. I love doing it this way.
From the full headstand, when feeling stable in that kind of practice (even "in the middle of the room"), one can start playing with different transitions out of it. Straight to Chaturanga or adding a pose inbetween. The most common pose added is usually Bakasana (crow pose), which can be used to transistion TO Tripod aswell. I have a video of that demo to, click HERE to see it. And see below for more video demos.
When adding Flying Pigeon as a transition, you would have to be pretty stable in that pose first before transitioning to it from headstand. Some find it easier to come into the full armbalance when coming "from the floor" instead of leaning forward, though. Since there is a fear-factor when leaning forward and trying to not "face-plant". You can always practice with a firmer pillow or a stack of blankets in front, to land your face on if it feels fearful when starting to practice. Anyways, if you are stable in both those poses, you can start playing around some more with this transition. Take your time.
I'm adding a "jump back" from the armbalance to Chaturanga. It's not necessary in the beginning. Feel free to bend the out-streatched leg to the floor, to then step back to Chaturanga, since that is alot easier.
Feel free to get inspired, and whenever you feel ready - start play around with it! Have fun!
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Yay ~ A Free Yoga Class ! {Video}

Yay! ~ finally, due to high demand, I've (amateurly) recorded a yoga sequence for y'all! It's a 25 minute sequence to Refresh Yourself. A Multi Purpose Sequence! It can be used as a morning yoga, pre-work yoga, yoga-break yoga, an afternoon yoga, a pre-decision-making yoga, clear-overwhelment yoga...and so on. Anytime you want to feel calm & together, yet clear minded for "important decisions" or similar - this is an excellent sequence for you.
The sequences includes some optional variations, which can be used for longer holds ~ in that case, just pause the video and savor some more time in those poses!
Most people have been asking for short sequences to do when feeling overwhelmed, shattered, tired, mind-fuzzy or to "be-at-their-best" at work and at home ~ so here you go!
NOTE First Low-Lunge is with the Right foot forward - to make sense of the rest of the cues.
Other yoga videos, click on the links below:
Meditation Seat Instruction ~ A Comfy Meditation Seat
108-Yum For Anger Management or Mediation Practice
Yoga Demo, Part VI ~ Tittibasana Sequence
Yoga Demo, Part V ~ Inversion Backbend
Yoga Demo, Part IV ~ Tripod to Bakasana to Jump-Back
Yoga Demo, Part III ~ Headstand with Legs in Lotus Pose
Yoga Demo, Part II ~ Mastering Drop Backs
Yoga Demo, Part I ~ Forearm Stand Press-Up


Easy-Made & Yummy Cherry-Nectarine Cobbler (Raw)

Summer is such a wonderful time! And food-wise, there's usually a lot of fresh tasty fruits and veggies in the stores, ripe and ready to eat. Got a few boxes of fresh cherries the other day and felt inspired to do something extraordinary with them, and it reminded me of someone doing a cherry cobbler with fresh cherries when there was none to be found where I'm at. But, NOW, I've got loads of fresh lovely cherries, so why not go ahead. I chose to add in some nectarine too.. yum!
Cherry Nectarine Cobbler (serves 2 or more, pretty large portions)
2 nectaries, pitted and cut
fresh pitted cherries (approx 500gr unpitted)
16 fresh pitted dates
1dl almonds
a few pinches of cardamom
a pinch or two of salt
ginger-cookie-spicemix (optional)
fresh myntha leaves (optional)
Starting with the "crust", I blended dates with almonds (in a blender) and added salt and cardamom (and some ginger-cookie-spice-mix). When ready I put approx half of it divided in two bowls (the rest of the crust is used later on), and added some freshly cut nectarine and some pitted fresh cherries on top.
Then making the sauce, blending some cherries and some nectarine with approx half of the remaining crust to a somewhat thick sauce... pouring it over the fresh fruit. Topping this sauce with the remaining crust and the rest of the fruit... and I added a few small fresh myntha-leaves too...
Simple as that, ENJOY!!!


Making A Good Point {Includes Video}

There is something about kids that most adults have forgotten in daily life, and it's the playfulness in the moment. The openness of possibilities. The genuine fascination and curiosity of the "simplest of things". A kid gets a playset, puts it together and one of the adults say "so, what's the point of it?"... while the kid is checking out every nook and cranny, trying it out in all different ways.. LOL.. The point is what you make out of it, and it counts for everything we live and experience :))) Kids are excellent at making a good point of things !! We all have the potential to be excellent at it :)))


Gayatri Mantra {Video}

One of my favorite mantras. And Douglas Brooks (http://rajanaka.com) has translated the sanskrit words exceptionally beautiful! I've included that translation at the end of this video.

Yoga Demo Part VI {Video} ~ Tittibasana Sequence

A few months ago I took up where I left off in the Ashtanga Yoga Series. It had been quite a while (years) since I had done the sequences, and last time I did it I was about half way through the "second series". Now I've been trying out the whole second series, which is a wonderful set.
I'm practicing yoga everyday, and now enjoying the Ashtanga practice a couple of days a week. There are many things about it that I really love, and I'm especially in-love with the second series. This short sequence is one small part from the second series. I'm being asked over and over to share more of my personal practice, so this is some of it :))) Enjoy!


Yoga Demo {Video} Part V ~ Inversion Backbend

Lately I've been doing more Inversions than ever... I think.. I'm in love with these upside-down poses and a great combo is to make it a heart-opening pose ... so here is a demo of one of my absolute favorites at this moment, combining a backbend and an inversion, yay!! It's a work in process as always :)))
What's your favorite pose at this moment?


Loving Molding The "False Alarm" ~ Take That "Facts" !!!

At first I thought the Universe was tricking me, or well having fun with me... And at times it was hard for me to get to that "amused" place.. :))) But then I realized it's actually ME all along. I am the creator of the situation... or how can I say - I am the PERCEIVER of what I'm currently experiencing as well as influencing the parts of the situation to fall in a certain way... Uhm..let's see...let's begin from the beginning.
I mean that there is something about what I experience that is my own creation, and when I encounter something that triggers me because of the unwanted-ness of it, it sucks, and it seems like a joke when it turns around into "false alarm" as soon as I made peace with it... Like if the Universe was "testing me" with harder and harder things...like the most important things I know to prefer in life...
Some things we experience push our buttons more, right? And when that happen we tend to get more upset than other times. It's a trigger. Because we see it as important for one reason or another. The reason might be ridiculous but it doesn't matter, it IS important to us and I love that I can decide what's important to me and not. That's a lovely thing about being alive, to prefer this and that... So well, when something is one of those IMPORTANT ones, that I prefer - and that one goes "the other way", it sucks more. And I've found that to be a GOOD thing. Especially when knowing how the Universe works. And what happens when you know how the Universe works AND something that SUCKS happens, is that you tend to get very eager about FEELING GOOD about it "regardless"... and what happens next is usually that things turn around in a way that the first very "clear" evidence of something...turns out to be false alarm. And it's so WELL done that you couldn't even SUSPECT that it could have been false alarm in the first place. It seems like written in stone, and that was it. So something important went "wrong" and you just have to try feel good either way. And it tends to be harder to feel good when it's something important, lol. However, the funny thing is. As soon as you feel better - something about the situation (I've found) TURNS and molds into "false alarm". It's so cool, and it has happened to me quite a few times since I started to experiment with understanding the "laws of this Universe"... and at first I thought that the Universe was playful with me, although I have to admit it felt kind of cruel at times... Anyhow, it was the BEST trigger for me to "learn how to manage feeling good NO-MATTER-WHAT"... cause it was really "NO MATTER WHAT" when stuff like "THAT" had come up. But lately I've started to understand that it can be seen another way, I got the insight that it's actually not a game played with me by the Universe or God or whoever you'd want it to be.. I've understood that it's actually ME making it happen. First I make the "unwanted" happen because I ponder it in a way that makes it active and I'm not aware enough to notice the momentum of it, and BAM, there it is. And SINCE the characteristics of the situation is HUGELY important, I notice it a lot, and it triggers me to FOCUS in a strong way to "make myself feel better" regardless, I make peace with it to the degree I'm able to in the moment. And I've trained myself to be quite good at finding a GREAT feeling - or at least relief. And so, as I find relief (or a better feeling still)...something actually happens TO the situation as well as to my own perception of it - people and events actually "change". I mean, someone in the situation might notice he/she had made a wrong diagnosis or missed something crucial etc - which makes the situation turn around on a dime. It's so freakin interesting to experience these shifts!!! And notice that MY own effort to "feel good no matter what" MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. As soon as I make peace fully with it, fully fully (which is quite hard to do at first if you believe like most people, but willingly it's fully possible to master!)...then well, things actually turn in an "unexpected" direction which can be (as odd as it seems in that current moment)revealed as "False Alarm". It's astounding how things can turn around with such small info-adding... a misunderstanding of a tiny detail which is revealed and BAM... there you have it ~ your "unwanted" turned into something not only beneficial but BETTER than before. As well as you noticed how you managed to feel good "regardless", which is amazingly empowering :))) So TAKE THAT "Facts" !!! :))) And, High-10 Universe!!!


Theme 2013 ~ Playfully-Invincible :)))

Alright, so the hype is on because the "new year" is up! So, what's up with this year... GREAT it will be of course... AND as I'm loving feeling good, no-matter-what, and molding reality on purpose... I thought I'd take advantage of this and squeeze all the fun out of it as I possibly can :))) ... The theme of this new period of life, The Year Of 2013 as it's called, I'll dedicate it to my fullest ability to feeling Playfully-Invincible. It sounds like a magnificent year to me, indeed :))) So that's my intention. And since I've done this before, even daily intention settings, keeping to them for the fun of experiencing the delightful results... I'm convinced this will be a wonderful period because of it! And just on the heels on my current wonderful experience!! The "Made My Day!" Challenge continues 10 days more, and I'm enjoying EVERY MOMENT of it, delicious challenge!!! Definitely the most crazily EFFECTIVE I've ever experienced, feeling more invincible than ever ~ so what's the best logical next step... yes that's right, explore the feeling of invincibility fully in a playified way... I cannot think of any better way to enjoy the new year to come! High-10 to myself, and feel free to join in ~ Choose the Theme you'd love to live and if you're new... Appreciation is an awesome theme-starter... and do it in smaller segments to make it feel manageable! :))) I've done several challenges of 108-days, so THAT feels manageable for me to start with, and then let's move on from there when that day comes :)))
It's supposed to be FUN and not any kind of "extra chore"...so manageable is first priority.. I'm having FUN with this, and feeling WONDERFULLY FABULOUS ... on purpose!!! Wishing the same for you!!
Happy Invincibility Year :)))


Playified !!!

Playify is my new favorite word, or well, actually the meaning of it is my favorite way to enjoy life! Playify means to make something ordinary into something extraordinary, to "Make My Day!" (click HERE for more info!) There are so many wonderful ways to make the day more special, and there is no end to the fun either... so many details to play around with - to Playify!!! And the easiest way to playify is to already decide that the day will be fun and enjoyable.. then it comes naturally to playify! And when you want to playify to cheer the day up, it's not a lot different, just needed some momentary intent from your part. You feel less good than you want? Then intend to playify what's currently going on, or the current maybe boring task... And BAM, you created some delight for yourself... :))) I love to playify my day intentionally, beforehand, becasue then I get playified surprises during the day, and it's a lot of fun to experience. And well, if forgetting to make the intention beforehand... no problem, I can always playify spontaneously and that's fun to! It can be as simple as noticing you feel a bit less joyous than wanting to and make it a "game" to find relief, to find the feeling place you'd love... That's playifying "catching yourself" and reap the benefits of it in a playified way :))) What's your favorite ways to Make Your Day? To make the small things delightful and your day wonder-full ? :))) Playify is my subject of RAMPAGE of this day, YUM!!! It's the essence of a joyful life experience ♥


Christmas Craziness

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! Are you having a good time? Or are you being over-ambitious? I know I'm not, and it's awesome. I'm being as laid back as usual, and it amuses me to witness all the craziness going on "for nothing"... or really for "discomfort". Who are comfortable when stressed out ? :))) No one of course. So what to do when stress is the norm, the automatic habit... how about changing it for another a habit - a Good-Feeling-One maybe?? :))) It's a great thing to start such a process I've found. Life becomes very enjoyable and actually a lot more interesting since you can be more aware of the beauty and fun stuff going on around you, you're not busy with being stressed :))) This is somewhat kind of hard to grasp when stressed out, you might think there is "no other way to make this and that happen", that it would feel wrong to not be stressed, that you might get nothing done without being stressed..lol..and such... but it's actually a delight to find out how enjoyable and stress free life can be as you actually "achieve" MORE as a result as well. How about that for a brain-twister during the holidays... :))) If you're reading this you're probably not as stressed as the majority though, you've already ratchet it back a notch or a few... and gotten ready to enjoy life more fully every day. There is a lot of beauty, a lot of fun and a lot of excitement ahead.. let's experience it fully in each moment!!! Happy Holidays - For Realz!!! :)))) Cheers Fellow Wonder-Beings!!!! And let me know what wonders you experienced during these enjoyable holidays, big or small, doesn't matter... YOU are the the one deciding the wonder of it!! :)))


Good-Feeling-Treating Yourself?

Christmas is almost here, and how are YOU doing? Are you Good-Feeling-Treating yourself, or forgot maybe in the midst of everything else... It's pretty easy to create a new habit of automatically Good-Feeling-Treating yourself on a regular basis :))) Have you tried?? I've got some fun and good-feeling ways to get in the process of it! I'm calling them "challenges", although they are mostly to actually ENJOY life more fully!! Are you enjoying your life? If not, you can start any time :))) Need some inspiration or a gentle nudge? Click HERE for the latest Challenge called "I Made My Day!"! Enjoy, starting right now!!
What are the things you love most to talk and think about? What gives you joy? It's a great tool for when not feeling it... hint hint :)))
I've got plenty of things I love thinking about... ♥ And if you don't, no discouragement... it's all about practiced habit, YOU can be in charge anytime you desire it!!
Good-Feeling-Treating Yourself on a regular basis and it's EVIDENT... yum :)))
♥ Happy FRIDAY Everyone :)))
Ps... Christmas is up anytime soon, celebrating with some Good-Feeling-Treating Yourself I hope... :))) I am!!!


LOVE My New Ones ~ My Third Pair Five Fingers :)))

Oh My! I'm in LOVE with these shoes, The Vibram Five Fingers, and I got a package in the mail today! My new pair! I bought my first ones a few years ago and fell in love at first try... they are the most comfy shoes I've EVER used!!! And I'm amazed over their ability... I have two pair of the "classic" model, and now I got myself a pair of "Bikila", which (to my amazement) are EVEN MORE COMFY... they are divine :))) How comfy can a snug shoe get?? I've been using my classics on concrete floors and even run some in hallways with concrete floors, and I feel better than ever in my legs and back after long days of walking and standing for several hours in a row... (during surgery for example)! I ADORE these shoes and a few other people I know have dared to buy them - and have fallen in love just like me... Sweet delight :))) Which shoes are YOUR absolute favorites, and why? :)))

{Love Made} Divine Vanilla Creamed "Rice" With Almonds & Cacao Nibs ~ RAW

This AMAZING dessert or snack/breakfast is super delicious, filling and great for body and soul :))) So let's get started right now!
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Creamed RAW Vanilla "Rice" ~ With Chopped Almonds, Mesquite & Cocoa Nibs (makes about 2 cups)
2 cups (4,5-5dl) of parsnip "rice" (peel and chop two smaller parsnips, processing them into "rice" using a food processor or similar)
A handful chopped almonds
3/4 of a cup (1,5dl)cashews
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons honey
0.5-2 teaspoons vanilla seeds (I used a lot of it, maybe even more than 2 teaspoons..)
water (or coconut water) added gradually until desired consistency, I used about 3/4 of a cup (1,5dl)
mesquite to taste - I used about 1 teaspoon, but add it gradually and taste so it's "just right" amount for your taste :)
cacao nibs to top with
Fruit sorbet to top with (optional, I love this one)
- mix frozen berries (I used strawberries, raspberries and mango) and a few fresh pitted dates in a food processor or similar, until desired consistency... serve immediately.. or let it became a sauce if you prefer... (or use fresh berries and some dates) ...
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Make the "rice" and set aside in a bowl and add the chopped almonds. Then start to make the vanilla cream sauce. First of all, mix the cashews in a food processor or similar, until a fine "flour", and then add all the other ingredients except the water, which will be added gradually. When all is mixed and attained your desired consistency, add some mesquite to taste...taste it.. it should give a divine touch of toffee flavor.. when satisfied with the amount of it - pour the vanilla cream over the rice and almonds. Blend until well combined and chill or serve immediately topped with cacao nibs. If you want to serve with the sorbet, it's a delicious addition and takes just a couple of minutes to make. If so, just set the creamed rice aside or in the refrigerator - blend your frozen berries/fruit and add a few fresh pitted dates... and serve some on top of the rice with the cacao nibs... Ahhh, DIVINE :)))
Ps. You haven't missed to try out the absolutely DIVINE "bliss balls" that I made recently, have you??? Freakin' amazing... made them several times already, and my toddler who helped me roll them the other day re-shaped them into small cigars.. (calling them something completely different, very toddlerly, I'll let you guess..).. Check them out HERE, very healthy and DELICIOUS!!! And below there are more links to recipes... all "raw".. and all made by me :))) YUM :)))
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