The Benefit Of "Negative Emotions"

As you might already know, I started an experiment with myself some time ago. The Theme was kinda "is it possible to feel good under any and all conditions".. This process has turned alot around for me pretty quick and I have become quite a master at deciding how I want to feel and create my reality the way I want it. It has been quite a delicious experience and very eye-opening, and it continues to get BETTER even tho it always seems that it kinda "cant get any better"... LOL... so I though I'd share some of this GOOD STUFF with you guys :))) My favourite part of this experiment could have been "the creating of a great life for myself" and YES that is part of it.. but actually my favourite part has been to understand the Benefit of different kinds of emotions and what they actually INDICATE. So, as I live my life I bump up to things I prefer and things I dont prefer.. thats how it is for all of us... and when we bump up to the not-preferred, we WANT it differently, right?? :))) Atleast I definatley do..lol :))) So.. well, and that experience usually is accompanied by a so called "negative emotion".. and actually I thought before that THAT emotion was only a response to what I was currently observing.. but I've now understood how it works.. which is quite amazing!!! So, well, we are actually Spiritual Beings and our emotions is the communication from the Broader Perspective, the "All-knowing" and the Unconditional Love part of us, that is at our core. And it's so geniously made that everytime an individual part of the All knowing, to make it simple, lets say its ME (or You).. so when I encounter something I do NOT prefer, the "broader perspective" of ME actually BECOMES my "wish" .. I know this is a little brain-twisting lol...at least it was for me in the beginning..lol.. but when you start experimenting with it you will have your OWN personal experience with it, so you will OWN it.. and KNOW it just as clearly as I do now. It's very thrilling to know and live this, I must say.. It's life experience, personal experience that makes you KNOW, and when I started this experiment I didn't know this, I was just going to have "a try at it" LOL :))) And it just threw me into the most amazing life experience..
Alright, so where were we...Here: I encounter something I do NOT prefer and I create a preferrable version of it ~ for myself to experience.. And then what?? Why am I not experiencing it since it is already created.. where is it?? Well.. that is where the GUIDANCE, through emotions, comes in. Your emotion is like a GPS in your car. It knows where you ARE right now, and you have decided the destination, i.e. where you PREFER to be. So, any emotion that doesn't feel "kinda yum".. INDICATES that you're kinda NOT at the destination you prefer.. Thats ALL. It doesn't really mean that you are failing either, it just means that your PREFERRED location is somewhere ELSE :))) So, what do I do from there??, I asked myself.. and I experimented with it.. and understood that: To get to where I prefer-to-be, I had to FOLLOW the guidance.. and... the ROAD to where I prefer-to-be was indicated through RELIEF.. Cool!! So ~ everytime I found a way of thinking about the current subject (the current not preferred stuff) that INDUCED relief in me.. I actually came CLOSER to the destination!!! And if I didn't feel relief, that just meant that my car didn't make any head way.. And if I felt worse.. that just made me go in the opposite direction..lol.. and my GPS just wanted to notify me and get me back on track..patiently it would remind me.. to "Make a legal U-turn"...(and thoughtwise that means I found something about the current subject that made it look less and less preferrable..lol) ..Alright so, where are we now..yes, I have encountered what I did not prefer, I acknowledged my GPS and I induced RELIEF to head in the direction of my preferred destination.. right?? So that's what it all is.. so cool.. and the really nice stuff about this is that you can really get into the FEELING PLACE of your newly preferred perspective in a maximum of 10 minutes, when you get the hang of this process.. And there is actually always a HIGHWAY, or a short-cut, to the destination too.. which will show itself when you start getting the hang of the first process part.. and that is to SHIFT the focus of your attention to "How Would I Prefer To Feel". And well, I'll have to tell you the BONUS TREAT too.. lol.. altho this treat only feels like a treat until you get to the feeling-place of the destination cuz THEN and THERE you're having too much fun and feeling so good that you dont "need" any treat LOL.. ANYWAYS.. that is when it comes: THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of what you wanted.. so I arrived at the destination AND I AM FULLY EXPERIENCING IT with all of my senses.. :))) So, getting a hang of this, you'll notice that this is LAW-based, cuz when you arrive at your destination emotionalwise, what you prefered, is ALWAYS there to be experienced with all your senses.. COOL STUFF :))) I'm adoring it!!! HERE is a great way of seeing it...a favourite.. :))) Ps. Nothing wrong with getting off track from time to time, altho it really is delicious to recognize the guidance and follow it.. towards the All Dreams Come True.. It's FAB :))) Ps2: The picture was found through Google Images searching "U-turn".