Miracle Is The New Normal

As I've entered Day 93 of Theme Playfulness, The things I thought was Magical before, are Normal and the Everyday-Ordinary Days Of My Life ... are Beyond Words Wonderous :)))I've experienced the Impossible happen, people have shared with me "Miraculous" Stories (about themselves or loved ones, no fiction folks) of considered "impossible" healings taking place... I'm CONVINCED. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, EVERY SINGLE THING. I'm Knowing it, and its SUCHA HIGH to LIVE it!!!! Experiencing Synchronicity, Miracles, Magic, You Name It.. My "New" Life is PACKED with Details to Muse over... Eternally... AND Deliciously FUN, LAIDBACK, EASY and EFFORTLESS... :))) What???!!! Oh, YES, Big Time Elation!!!!! AND keeps Getting better..What???!! YES, it DOES!!! Get ont it!!! Theme Playfulness is Da Shit :))) Get Da Hang, Glide and Keep Living It!!!

Kick-Ass Coolest Thing Yet

I've been asked to put up a Donation Button!!! How COOL isn't that??? I ADOOOOORE it!!!! Are You also Enjoying My Experiment Results and Inspirations? Feel Free to Join the Donators, Sharing Your Own Celebration Of Life, I'm Deeply Appreciative of Everything Coming My Way, You Guys Totally ROCK ~ Keep Living It :)))


Magnificent Immense YummyNess

LOL... this is getting outta hand.. lol.. I'm having no more vocabulary to describe whats going on ... I'm feeling so darn FABULOUS its beyond words... AND its BEYOND the "beyond words" I've written before lol.. I've sung myself into pure ecstasy, pure bliss today.. and I've made some more melodies to my collection.. I've TOTALLY blissed out and I'm fuller than ever with Who-I-Really-Am I suppose.. I dont really know how to describe it.. it becomes mediocre..lol.. Its complete deliciousness in the NOW. I need nothing, I lack nothing, I am feeling soft yummy wellbeing become me and I'm caressed & wrapped from the inside out... Blisschills ripple through my body and my mind wast and unlimited, without bondaries, there is no beginning or end - becoming one with space and time.. Its a MAGNIFICENT feeling, a HUGE feeling, a MASSIVE feeling, an UNLIMITED feeling of wonderfully dense LOVE I guess.. The appreciation is not containable, it floods to and through me, with no end... LOOOOOOVING where I am right now, and I'm not really "anywhere" special LOL... I'm feeling deeply satisfied with this Incredible Magnificent UnDescribeAble Immense YummyNess filling me... Fully LoveWrapped, Delish (((♥))) THANK YOU, MUAH!!! Ps. I know the spelling is scwewy.. :))) It's Day 86 of Theme Playfulness... try it, da** it!!! Wooohoooooooo!!!!!


I AM Celebration, I AM

.... lovely calm deeeeeep breaths coming automatically.. and I feel blissful from the inside out..I'm enjoying FULLY and I'm enjoying EVERYTHING ... been enjoying music, singing, and BEING.. just being wonderfully blissed out and feeling fabulous... couldn't care less about christmas lol.. whos celebrating that anyway lol.. and why not celebrate always.. I'm IN the state of Celebration, no need for certain rituals, certain people, certain presents, certain trees, certain baking/foodmaking... certain whatever that is "necessary" for it to feel celebrative.. I AM celebration from the inside out...I AM celebration cuz I've let myself RELAX and FLOW with whats natural to me... Basking in my Celebration-State-Of-Being I'm savoring the delicious smell of the air, the delicious feeling of the cool air flooding down the nasal passage... I'm in need of Nothing, I'm fully satisfied with What-Is. I'm in complete LOVE with What-Is. And What-Is right now is Enjoying Being Me. The deep breaths and the calm blissed-out-ness is Enough. Who Knew? LOL Naturally High On Life, Manifested (((♥))) Pure Love, Pure Bliss ~ The Completeness of Satisfaction... The Mind Content is Delicious, The Feeling in My Body Delicious... This is how it really feels to LOOOOOVE What-Is Regardless how it looks like, Really, there is nothing special about this moment except MY INCREDIBLE STATE OF BEING ~ Muah!!!! In Love With The Divineness Dancing Through My Body, Breathing Through Me, Radiating Through Me, Feeling, Hearing, Tasting, Touching ~ Through Me... In Love With The Infiniteness Of You and Me, Far Out Cool... Enjoying every single second, its Awesome.. THIS is Being Alive,,, WoW:ed,,, Yum!!!! Ps: Picture found on Google searching Heart Song


Being The Fulfiller Of My Dreams

...love how it feels to wake up and know that I'm the boss of my day... I love how it feels to know I can be, do and have anything I want... I love how it feels to know that I can feel the In-Loveness whenever I want and choose my own subject, no matter what... I'm the boss of me and my reality... I love how it feels to imagine something happening that I'd really want, and get into it in sucha way it feels like I'm actually LIVING it right now... I love how I can choose the emotion I feel, I can decide how I'd like to feel and achieve that emotion easily... I love how it feels to love and appreciate... I love how the love and appreciation I feel wraps me up in bliss and exhiliration as I savor my deep breaths, I enjoy every second of the wellbeing I feel.. and I've created this, I did this, I have decided how I'd like to feel and I am feeling it right now... and the knowing that everything will always work out for me however things look like right now is the most delicious knowing.. the knowing that I can "mess up" and "fail" any number of time, and still get it RIGHT, thats what I call a yummy feeling... There's some exquisite confidence in that knowing and I'm bathing in the feeling of it... I'm letting it ripple through my body and I know I'm an extension of Source who is aware of me at all times, applaude me at all times, is on my side at all times, calling me towards what I really want at all times, loves when I'm playful at all times... loves me no matter what and KNOWS my potential at all times, showering me with the Unconditional Love knowing that I'm Unlimited, that I'm Undeniable, that I'm Invincible, that I'm Successful, that I'm Worthy, that I'm Genious, that I can at all times relax into that knowing too, and become the fulfiller of all of my dreams (((♥))) Ps. The picture is from http://www.alexross.com/Dreaming.jpg, found by searching google "dreaming"


Blissy Blissy Blissful Reminders (((♥)))

YUM, I Loooooove seeing photos of MYSELF being used by Wonderfully Talented people in a Blissful Context!!!!! Thank You Universe for letting me notice this today, Muah (((♥))) ...so... Thats a Blissed-Out ME in the photo, on Snatam Kaur's blogpost... http://snatamkaur.blogspot.com/2011/12/sat-nam-everyone_19.html

The Idea Of Marriage Vows Abe-Style

My heart opens fully to the idea of Marriage when I read this Quote, I feel exhileration in the knowledge that This Is How I Want Every Relationship In My Life To Be, Simply Yummy!!!! "I promise you that I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep myself happy. And I'm not gonna hold you, not ever, responsible for the way I feel. So you're free. You are free to behave in whatever way you decide to behave, because I am an exerciser of unconditional love.The first partner that I'm reaching for, the relationship that is SO supremely important to me, is the relationship between me and me. And when I get that into alignment, you're going to have a really good time with me. Because when I hook up with that source energy, you're gonna be loved like you've never been loved. You're gonna be appreciated like you've never been appreciated. You're going to be uplifted like you've never been uplifted. And you're off the hook, because I take responsibility for how I feel." ~ Abe Ps. Thanks to Andreja Reberšak for the inspiration for this post. Picture found on Google Pictures searching "marriage ring heart"


Being Big Time Influencial ~ On All Subjects

~ During these periods of Playfulness I'm loving the solidness of my knowing that I've come to - Luck is nothing random, Luck is Up To Me! I can influence my "Luck" and I can influence every bit of my life experience. First of all I can influence how I feel and how I respond to a current situation and I can influence the outcome. It seemed complicated at first, but that depended only on me making it such. It really is Easy, as I Get-Out-Of-The-Way... I'm making myself Naturally Influencial, Big Time, Letting The Universal Laws Work On My Behalf ~ The Power That Creates World, The Unlimited, The Invincible, The Undeniable BECOMES ME....Merging together in a Wonderous Dance of Bliss... EVERYTHING works out for me Deliciously, Effortlessly and Joyfully. It's ALL up to ME...(And ALL up to YOU, regarding your life!) The Independence of Our Life Experiences is Evident when coming to KNOW the Laws, yet we are Co-Creating in a seemingly Magical Way. Coolest Shit Ever! So, Want to Be INFLUENCIAL on all subjects??!!! Learn It, Own It and Watch The Evidence of How This Universe Works,as it will Blow Your Mind :))) Ready? Steady? Go!!!! Fly High and your Life Experience will Fly-High with You :))) FIREWORKS ((((((♥)))))) Ps. The picture was found trough google "Fireworks"


Tricks For Kick-Ass Genious Experience

Simply adoooooooooring how easy the Abe Teachings are to apply, when getting a hang of it.. And what MAGNIFICENT results it brings :) Developed my own approach to it, out of the insights I've got applying it...And as my own experiment, I've been blown away by the results!!! Like putting on a magic cape, savouring the moment and KNOWING that Things Will ALWAYS work out for you ~ Forever... Kick-Ass-Genious!!!! Thank You Universe, Love You, Muah!!!! :)))
Ps. Picture found through Google Pictures searching for "Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly."


...Cool Stuff Happening To ME :)))

As I went from the seminar today, a motorcyclist passed me (I was walking), and he was standing up while driving - playing around... and as he passed me he let go of the handlebars and balanced standing on his motorcycle while it was moving forward.. !!! And I was like: HeyHeyHey, playful things are a match to me!!! YAY!!!! ...as I joyfully semi-skipped my way along the sidewalk... How I ADORE this whole concept of Creating My Own Reality.. yum :)))) Ps. It's day 63 of Theme Playfulness..and this is just an example.. hee hee