New 108-Day Game Challenge ~ Details Here

Alright peeps, I'm going to embark on my third 108-day Game of Feeling Fabulous, and YOU are of course welcome to join me!!! Feel free to join me in experiencing how to influence your reality, its WAY COOL... So I've got a list of "simple" and fun habits that I ADORE practicing cuz of their SUPERPOWERS, and so it will of course be included, as well as some newer stuff to experiment with.
My Basic Scheduale for these days is as follows: MORNING ~ APPRECIATION GAME (1st thing in the morning, I'll do it before I leave my bed) I'm listing some nice things in my life, that I appreciate and I describe them in a short way writing down what my fave thing/s about it is. Then going through the list from the top to the bottom, as I feel the Blessings with my whole being :))) EVENING ~ INTENTION GAME This game is divided in FIVE parts and I'll do the one I feel most inclined to do, each evening right before bed. The Five parts are FUN, EASE, FLOW, PLAYFULNESS and APPRECIATION. And I will be sharing with you some additions to this GAME as we move along (aswell as other additions for the ones who want it). Anyhow, first up is to choose one of these five FEELINGS and ponder it before bed, as well as INTEND that this feeling will be the THEME of the nighttime and the following day. So, if I choose FUN to be my theme: I'll ask myself "how does FUN feel like, and how would my workday be like feeling FUN.." etc.. Pondering this, and Imagining for example having Fun dreams, Feel Fun during the morning, feel the Fun during ride to work, Feel the Fun during the day at work, Fun convos with friends/collegues, feeling of FUN as you pay bills/doing chores etc, . It doesn't have to be party, just the FEELING of FUN following along with EVERYTHING. I'll be writing this down too (just as the morning practice), for the feeling of FOCUSING on the deliciousness of it, even more. Then just before I fall asleep I will let this game go and let sleep take over and refresh me for the next day to come. Click HERE to read about some nice ways, and how to remind yourself. ALRIGHT LOVES, thats all for now, so I'll start the new game on SUNDAY the 29th of April!!! Are you joining me, for 30 days or longer??!!! Then get your papers and pens ready right beside your bed & if you appreciate me sharing this with you click here. Now you know all you need to know to get started!!! ~ More Yummy Details of the Games to come :))) Until Then, HAVE FUN WITH WHAT-IS!!! [update june 19th, click HERE for additional yummy instruction] Ps. To read posts about results from the previous challenges, start by clicking here! NOW WITH ADDITIONAL YUMMY INSTRUCTION from Day 52, click HERE :))))

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