Day 59 Invasion Of Immense Joy

It's Day 59 of Theme Playfulness and I've recently been invaded with an Immense feeling of Joy and Love and Appreciation... just different aspects of whats at the core of Me (and everyone else!).. What a delicious feeling to LET IT FLOW FREELY :)))) There are so many things to appreciate... all the little things that make up the big picture.. the amazing LoA bringing it all together into utter perfectness... Impressed with how I can easily pivot nowadays on really most subjects.. I said that a year ago too, but it keeps getting noticably DEEPER and there is no end to refinement... I totally ADORE knowing about LoA, adore applying it and I ADORE feeling so amazingly fabulous that I couldnt care less about anything else than just BEING in that wonderful feeling... Genious to be the one picking and choosing exactly how I want it, and consistently getting new opportunities to define myself and my wantings into an even more delicious reality... I love how I can see anything and everything in a way that makes my heart sing... YES, I SAID EVERYTHING!!!!! Its so LOVELY to advance in the appliance of Abe's teachings.. to have access to the bigger perspective of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ♥ YUM :))))


Feeling The Appreciation-Abundance

I'm definately in deep appreciation for a massive amount of subjects... So lovely to have the knowing that WHATEVER happens to me is serving me tremendously.. how more appriciative can you be???? :))) Appreciating the LoA, myself, the beauty, the everyday-adventures, the LOVE I can experience... the delicious feeling of being in the flow, feeling attracted and getting ideas and following them, and noticeing that when I do - I'm ALWAYS getting it my way, so very naturally.. Deep appreciation for Source and for me being an extension so I can experience this so called reality that I can CHANGE and MOLD in whatever way pleases me... how cool is THAT??? :)))


Day 51 of Theme Playfulness ~ Exquisiteness

Day 51 of Theme Playfulness ♥ Sucha Exquisitly Wonderful Way To Be... Advancing in every aspect of Living My Dreams ~ On The Edge ~ Kick-Ass Confident of that Things-ALWAYS-Work-Out-For-Me ♥ This Universe in its geniousness, Adore getting to know you in this deep intimate ways ~ Rockin n Rollin My World :)))) Muah!!!!!


My Newfound Deepened Hang-loose-ness

Day 44 of Theme Playfulness Challange... and noticing good-er & bliss-ier vibes coming my way as I relax more and more into Life Of Play... I'm really LOVING to be noticing that the hang-loose-ness of me is having influences even on the most seemingly impossible things/scheduales/people... as I let the hang-loose-ness come FIRST, the influence follows.. ♥ Still tending to leave things open until I feel the energy flow in a more "obvious" way..before acting, as well as "letting me be happy EITHER WAY"... which has made things move in my desired direction.. Occationally became Often became Mostly... and really seems to become ALWAYS!! Not that things aren't either way working out.. (it ALWAYS does go my way as a whole) ..but now I'm seeing a more obvious pattern of things in more detail going as I desired... Experiencing more of getting Divine Guidance on how to get it "my way" ...as well as giving myself more freedom on how to make things work out... I am more flexible in my mind... ...which has showed off as an increased flexibility in my body... ♥ ♥ ♥ Yummy Life !!!


Being Comfy About The Uncomfy

I've come to appreciate the Uncomfy so much lately. During these recent days of Playfulness I've come to a much deeper sense of the Benefit of Uncomfiness! It actually Defines-Me in more and more Detail. Everytime I encounter it, I get a deeper understanding, a clearer picture, an eye-opener of what REALLY is important to me and how I want to live. My life gets richer, spicier and uniquer everytime I get to Define it in more Detail. Ain't that exquisite?! The Uncomfiness is an opportunity to take a closer look at what IS working and what I do LOVE about my life ~ letting what I LOVE get spacious in my current experience. It's like I'm at a crossroad getting the chance to improve my experience by deciding which way FEELS the best, which way I LOVE the most ~ what Defines Me the most. And its Me deciding, no one else. And everytime I let myself be the creator of my experience, it comes with a feeling of Relief, a feeling of Juicier Love, a feeling of a Fuller Experience. How I Adore it! I get to Decide What Defines Me! And Everyone else gets to do the same ~ a Win-Win! Rock n' Roll!


Day 37 of Theme Playfulness

Day 37 Theme Playfulness: Already Day THIRTY SEVEN!!!! I've played for 37 days, and all is still well ;) LOL .. Actually better than ever before... Mind more blissful, body works perfectly, things line up.. big smiles come my way, people being funny round me, relaxed, kids spontaneously start playin'... my mind is very clear and receptive, learning fast and I'm sharper than ever before... grasping concepts - the bigger picture - very easily.. at the same time I know that it is just ONE of the ways you can see/experience this ;) ...food is richer and I love eating whatever I'm inspired to, just the love of enjoying it.. my body feels very comfy and happy.. a classmate said the other week... "oh, I saw you on my way to school today, couldnt miss you - The skip in your walk" ... I'm usually skippin alil actually..sometimes kinda doing a lil dance as I go.. LOL... Enjoying my good-feeling-physical-being VERY MUCH! I enjoyed alot being me before also, and it has increased since I started studying Abe... and after discovering how very "effective" Playfulness is, and starting to play around with that - it increased alot in a short time... And Now, as I'm dedicated to this Theme Playfulness its becoming EVEN MORE....DEEPER and JUICY-ER... RICHER...FULLER... yum!!! Its all about DARING being FULLY playful.. and being it as often as remembering to, and on as many subjects as remembering to... And remembering is NOT hard, its actually rather easy.. especially if you create some tricks for yourself.. as I've done.. hee hee... :))) The oftener and the more subjects.. the more High-Flying and Flowing Life Tends To Be !!!! Worth remembering, huh? ;)


Letting Bliss BE Life Experience

Feeling anything less than fabulous, is nothing but - not letting the bliss inside BE life experience ♥ ~Jeuline


Making Room For What I Love

How do you feel about cleaning, washing the dishes, paying bills and things like that? Does that bore you? Does it feel like a "must" that you need to drag yourself trough? Interestingly I've found a very effective way to feel even EXCITED about doing things I previously thought were kinda boring :))) I've been adding a second thing to the task, that I can do meanwhile. Personally, I love to sing and to practice singing ~ which is perfectly well combined with doing something else... So I put on some music or a recording with vocal excersises, and since I really LOVE singing - I kinda do the cleaning without noticing. And NOW, when I see there is something that needs to be put in order, or I see the dishes pile up (usually they don't pile up anymore actually)... I associate it with the joyous task of singing...and that I get to spend time doing one of the things I really LOVE doing - so there is NO resistance in me anymore to make it happen... Voila! :) So, I've Made Room for Singing in my busy scheduale.. and I've got a Effortlessly Clean and Tidy House, as a Bonus :))) Laid the basis for a JOYOUS Heart, Mind, Body and Soul... Cannot be much better, can it? :) Ps. I've got a Vacuum Robot, so I can do the floors when I'm doing something NICE (+ wherever I fancy doing it)... That's what I call Honoring-What-I-Love-Doing :)))