Feeling Awesome ~ On Purpose!!! {And Happy Birthday Roomba!!!}

Oh, My freakin Source, I ADOOOOORE feeling fabulously awesome on purpose. I love choosing how to feel and I LOVE how everything "magically" goes my way, just cuz I choose how I'd want to feel about it :))) Freakin GENIUS :))) I'm feeling fabulous these days and I've been dreaming some really COOL dreams, waking up feeling like a zillion bucks... THIS is living with cream on top... yum... And I'm in love with my magnificent robot vacuum cleaner.. so freakin cute, so freakin genius, so freakin GOOD at cleaning with joy while I'm enjoying myself elsewhere ~ thank you my sweet friend :)))) Muah! It's been with me for more than 2yrs now, feels just right to enjoy myself and then enjoy again in the clean room :))) YES, this is how I love to live, THANK YOU UNIVERSE :)!
Ps. Just found out that this vacuum cleaner that I have has it's 10th birthday this year :))) 2002-2012! And I've had mine for almost 3yrs now, ADORING it every day :))) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROOMBA!!!


I Cannot Agree More !!! {incl. New Music By Mika}

...with Mika!!! I just got his new video in my email "Celebrate" :))) Stand up, Have fun, cuz we just begun :))) I Want The Whole World To Celebrate!!! I cannot agree more :))) And the latest challenge* I'm on makes it soooo EASY to feel celebrative on an hourly basis, Sweet !!!
* Details of the latest fun-challenge, click HERE :)


Celebrating Everything

Having such a BLAST with (what I call) The Bounce Technique, I'm really enjoying it as well as getting fast results!!! Get all the details to start doing it yourself HERE! The past few days I've been extra joyous and extra high-flying and I owe it to this marvelous exercise, it's so simple yet so effective. It's one of my absolute favorite pass-times :))) Savoring the moments and singing in the rain!!! So sweet to live like this. I've been dreaming very cozy and joyous dreams too, and I remembered them even with pretty much detail - and I noticed myself thinking to myself in the dream and kind of "in charge of myself". Harmonious and Delicious. Loved that. My favorite kind of days are the ones where I sing while doing the "chores", where there is a "I'm really looking forward too it" feeling before I take on anything. I am enjoying myself on an every minute basis, that's very sweet.
Thank you Genius Universe, I adore you! Surprises and Delights All Day and Every Day. Yum!!!


Painting From A Place Of Joy

I'm high on this wonderful "challenge", adoring how it makes each day a mega-delight to revel in!!!! Lately I've taken on some painting again, and it feels wonderful to express the wonder I'm feeling through color and form!!! I've collected the paintings I've done the past days HERE, so feel free to check them out! I'm currently participating in an Art Challenge, so I'm doing one piece a day, so there will be more to come :))) Will update you of course, enjoy! And if you haven't started your fun challenge yet - more info and all details can be found through clicking HERE!!!
Feel Free to ENJOY life to the fullest !!!


This latest WONDER-MAKER Challenge has made me mega inspired to paint!!! Feeling DELICIOUS and ADORE setting color and form to this marveling... There will be more paintings soon, I'm doing one each day for an International Art Challenge at the moment... ENJOY :)))
#1 Title: Birds Of Paradise
#2 Title: Joy Blossoming
#3 Title: Home Is Where The Heart Is
#4 Title: Heart Song Celebration
#5 Title: Juicy Life Experience


Such A Sweet Life ~ On Purpose!!!

Sweet Challenge-Times :))) I'm adoring these challenges, it keeps me on my toes to be as picky and as high-flying as I LOVE being. I LOVE living like this and knowing that I can feel and have this experience ON PURPOSE. I can decide myself how to feel and when, I can decide what I want to experience and make way for any preferred situation I'd love. Mind blowing indeed. I've been experimenting with my mind and how happy I can be (genuinely happy that is!) under any and all cirumstances ~ and how this universe works - that is, if I get a say in what's going on with me and around me... And I've understood I'm more powerful and influential than I ever could imagine!!! I can mold my life experience ON PURPOSE. Ain't that MAGNIFICENT? Ain't that UTTER EMPOWERMENT :))) I'm calling it Self-Empowerment-Delux!!! Are you participating in the latest challenge? Read more about it HERE!!! I'm sharing it all with you, so feel free to join in anytime!!!
Ps. Today I was inspired by my artist friend Lee Ann to make an acrylic painting, it was pure delight!!! Thank You Lee Ann :)))


I'm A Joy-Devotee!!! ~ And Loving It :)))

I'm a Joy-Devotee!!!! And loving it :)))
It's a delicious approach to life ♥
I Apply the Laws Of Physics, creating my own experience. Meaning I Deliberatly Create My Life Experience ~ On Purpose!
The Ever-Present Guidance of my Emotions shows me what to choose and aim for. Awesome Stuff. Da Shit infact.
Feels awesome to be Empowerd in this powerful way...and under these conditions the Universe loves to play around with me delivering everything I've ever wanted in the most delightful of ways...
Fabulous! Lifetime Playtime! Yum!
I'm sharing how I came to all this knowing and You can participate in the fun-challenges I'm currently doing, I'm sharing all details on here so feel free to follow along!!! Get more info and all details of my current "challenge" by clicking right HERE ~ It's a BLOW-MIND challenge.. freakin fabulous, and today is day 8 of 30 !!! Cheers!!!


Free Yoga from generous GaiamTV (Limited Time Only)

Got this class, that I told you about in my recent post (click HEREto read it)..from GaiamTV... it's free view for a LIMITED TIME ONLY (just a couple of days)... so check it out right now, a VERY POWERFUL SEQUENCE! "Breakfast Of Champions" it's called and I've just done it... Great strengthener indeed!!! They show modifications and it's about 20 minutes long! To ENJOY it, click HERE

Delightful Mind Anytime--Anywhere ~ On Purpose

This morning has been a pure delight! And this is what happens during these challenges, and beyond! it just gets better and better all the time, and influencing the improvements with these techniques is such an ENJOYABLE experience, and SUPER-MEGA-EFFECTIVE :))) This morning I woke up with my heart singing, and did some appreciation practice (see details HERE), then a powerful yoga practice (1h) and some meditation (15min)... made a chocolate treat and a smoothie.. and as I checked my email I noticed I had gotten a free yoga class link ~ so I did a powerful kundalini sequence thanks to GaiamTV (for the link see next post, HERE) ... I've not even arrived at lunch yet, so there are lotsa yummies left to enjoy...haven't even done the MAGNIFICENT "Bounce" writing exercise yet (more on it, click HERE)!!!... but hey, OH MY how delicious this morning has been!!! Wishing you the SAME :))) ENJOY!!! Muah!


{Love Made} Delicious Brownie (RAW)

I'm DELIGHTING in the new challenge I've created & currently participating in... today is Day 6 of 30, yay!!! (details HERE and about Day 6 click HERE) ...and also, recently feeling very inspired to experiment with raw food. Found several recipes of chocolate cake or brownies, but haven't been satisfied, so made up my own recipe! Feel free to share it together with the info about where you got it! LOVE :)))
Love + 1,5 cups cashews+almonds + 12 dates (big juicy ones) + 1/3 cup cacao powder + 1-2 pinches of salt + 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil + a few frozen raspberries
Blend all ingredients in a food processor with an S-blade. Then mold the dough into desired shape with the hands (if it seems crumbly, press it between two fingers and see so it sticks together - it should). Grab some utensils and dig in immediately...or let it sit awhile in the refrigerator before serving :)))
Other recipes you would want to check out :))) Raw Cheesecake, Raw Choco Chip Cookies, Raw Fruit Loops/Leather, Raw Pasta Alfredo, Raw Chai Flavored Chia Pudding , Super Easy Raw Breakfast Treat

Day SIX ~ IN LOVE !!!

It's Day 6 of my new Challenge!!! (details HERE) And I'm in LOVE with it!!! The fine tuning and the Bounce Technique is awesome, I'm really ENJOYING and having LOTS OF FUN with it!! Getting delicious results already! :))) I'm also on the Fitness Challenge as I tipped you guys about in a recent post! Today has been absolutely LOVELY! Here's some of the GOOD stuff of my day!!!
~ Appreciation Morning (details HERE)
~ 2h Yoga Practice, today Ashtanga Yoga
~ Singing
~ Smoothie (making it while singing)
~ Writing The "Bounce" Exercise - YUM!! (for details see details for the last challenge HERE)
~ Fitness Challenge yoga practice (30 minute cardio today)
~ Meditation (15min)
~ Play with my son
~ Making DELICIOUS Brownie (Raw) and sharing with loved ones... Oh My!!! Sharing recipe in the next post ~ check it out HERE!
... and the day is not over yet :)))) I'm ENJOYING life to the fullest, ADORING this Challenge!!! Woooohoooooooo!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE :))) Read more about it, click HERE!!!


Fitness Challenge, Day 1!

On day four of my Blow-My-Own-Mind Challenge I got a reminder in my inbox... it's time for a Yoga "Fitness Challenge" ... great with some new yoga inspiration, free videos and stuff.. Have you joined? If not, click HERE! I've just done the first video, which was a yoga with focus on cardio workout, and it left me sweaty even though it was short!! The Challenge goes on for 21 days, so almost the whole rest of the Blow-My-Own-Mind Challenge.. great complimentary - so I thought I'd tip you guys !!! So far my day (the good stuff) have been like this - morning appreciation, yoga (approx 1h), delicious music, smoothie, oil massage & shower, meditation, play with my son and at the time of writing this - I just finished the yoga practice from DAY 1 of the fitness challenge including a bonus video with breathing exercise, YAY!! ...Feeling really GOOD and the day is not over... will do my Bounce Journal, delicious, (more info HERE) some singing, drumming, playing harmonium and .. who knows what yet.. :))) Finishing off with a good nights sleep, looking forward til tomorrow!!! Ps. If you haven't joined the BMOM-Challenge yet - click HERE for details!! :))) ENJOY!


Day 1 of "Blow-My-Own-Mind" Challenge ~ Woozaa!!!

Yay, at it again! A new challenge and it's soooo much FUN!!! I've prepared for my Bounce-story with selecting a subject and writing "BOUNCE" on top of a piece of paper, as a reminder to write it! This morning as I woke up, I remembered to start the Appreciation...LOVE starting my day this way. Looking forward to having to stop myself if engaging in something (even mind-talk) that doesn't feel good, this is a fabulous way of fine-tuning! So this morning after the appreciation I did some really-good-feeling yoga practice, stayed in savasana with delicious music by Wah! flushing over my body...yum! Then I found some more yummy music to enjoy, and went singing into the kitchen to do the dishes and make a morning smoothie... today I used...
Love + Song + Mango + Blueberries + Apple + 1 tbsp Hemp Protein + 5 Para nuts
[para nut is not really a nut I've read... here is the latin name: Bertholle´tia exce´lsa]
Some of the mango I had frozen, and it was about double amount of mango than blueberries... and a third of a small apple.. The mango gives it a creamy touch and feel free to use more of the frozen as it becomes more like an icecream.. and the apple gave it a very refreshing touch, and I added it to the blender last, so some crunchy pieces were left... yum! Feel free to add water or other liquid like coconut water until desired thickness! I topped with apple, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds... AND sang as I prepared it - that's my favorite way of making food!
Details for Blow-My-Own-Mind Challenge you can find HERE!!


New 30-day "Blow My Own Mind" Challenge ~ Get Ready To Embark!

I've been asked to share a new challenge, so I will! I've got a lot of favorites to choose from and for me it will be a continuation from the last ones, read more about it HERE! So the theme for me this time will be fine-tuning! And I'll share some instructions and add some of the things I've found very helpful before, but have gone beyond already. One thing that is VERY powerful is Appreciation, deliberately and actively appreciate! So this will be part of it! Another thing is to NOTICE what went well today & write it down. (this one is especially helpful and effective if you are new to this!!) Then, there is something I'd like to add, that I've been practicing for quite a while, especially during the Playfulness-Challenge... and this is to refrain to express myself about what is "not-going-as-I-want-it-to". I found it VERY powerful, although a little tricky in the beginning to apply. If this feels really awkward, if you are new to this - concentrate on finding a consistent habit of appreciation first, including for yourself. That will make it much easier. This time around I'd also love to incorporate a lovely thing I did some time ago, and it's to express the "bouncing place" of unwanted situations. If you are familiar with the teachings of Abraham Hicks, this would be explained as "Write about what is in your vortex on the subject"... which means, that you're writing about the situation in a way that feels good to you - and describing the "opposite"... in the sense that you already know what you don't want and THAT made it clear what you actually WOULD LOVE to experience instead. THAT part goes into the story. Write it as you get into the groove of it, make it feel as much "yours" as possible. And if the subject is too "hard", then leave it for awhile, find something easier to "Bounce" on. So HERE WE GO, presenting the :
* Evening exercise: Write about what went RIGHT today (leave the rest out, so if you currently write about your day describing both joy and frustration, take a break from that during this period!)
* Morning exercise, first thing: Appreciate whatever comes to mind, begin with your pillow, bed linen, bed room, the new day etc... and move on from there.. Aim for at least ONE MINUTE, and get in the appreciation-feeling of it! And feel free to do it longer, or a-lot-longer if that feels delicious and easy!!!
* During the day, generally: be mindful about how you are picking what to talk about, what to write - what you get triggered by to engage in. And every time you find yourself engaging in something that does not feel good, mindfully and gently (be easy on yourself, this is an adventure) - leave the conversation/leave the text/leave the engagement in unfairness or whatever it was that triggered you... and focus ELSEWHERE. (if you notice yourself engage again, gently repeat this and focus elsewhere)
* During the day, specifically: Sit down to write the "Bounce"-story, about a subject that feels uncomfortable at the moment. (but at least writable!) Find what it is about it that makes it feels uncomfortable and BOUNCE right away, by acknowledging how you would LOVE to feel in this situation instead. Note that this is about finding the "bounce" place, so just briefly touch on the unwanted subject, with the aim of finding the "opposite" feeling-place.. then expand from there. This exercise will be less than 1% focus on the unwanted... I'm clarifying this, since it's opposite to the "mainstream" way to approach things :))) Write about it in general terms, and focus on the feeling you want to create as well as "how would this situation look like if it'd change to my preferences right now?"
All this should feel enjoyable while you are at it, might be you have to "make yourself" do it, but the relief and the benefit emotionally should show itself shortly! Alright, EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30-days, starting TOMORROW on the 7th of September. Check it right now - where you've got some pens and paper! Ready? Steady? Enjoy!
Ps: During and after the previous challenges I've got a lot of feedback so I haven't always been able to respond to each personally, but please know that all feedback in writing, as donations or sharing this with others that are inspired ~ it's all always VERY APPRECIATED!!! Thank YOU in advance!
NOTE: I always get questions about HOW to donate, so here is how: There is a donation button on the left-hand-side of the blog page, click it and most credit/cash card are excepted. You can choose how much you want to donate. Paypal charges 10% or something for the transaction, but this will not be charged from you "on top", instead it's drawn from the amount you donate.

{Love Made} Hemp-Banana-Pancakes

These pancakes I did this morning, after 2 hours of yoga practice & a strawberry smoothie! EASY to make & Super-yummy-licious, of course :))))
1 medium to large sized banana (mashed)
1 tablespoon Hemp Protein
1 handful Quinoa Puffs
1 pinch of salt
1 egg
cardamom & Love!
Mix all ingredients & fry them in desired shapes (I made three smaller ones out of this batch) - serve while fresh with your favorite topping!
I choosed Coconut oil for the pan, and topped with fresh blueberries, hemp seeds & some sour cream!
>>> Check out what I enjoyed yesterday, click HERE!


Woozaaa ~ Love Feeling On-Top !!!

The other day I shared some of my yum-schedule and I'll continue some today :))) Since the day is not over yet, I'll also share what's to come... I'm feeling REALLY GOOD as always, and excited to see what will be up as my next "blow my own mind challenge" :))) Read more about it HERE if you haven't been on any of the mind-adventures to self-empowerment-delux !!! Feeling on-top-of-the-world...
* Began with 1h yummy yoga practice including breath-of-fire and twisting poses, and stayed in savasana while enjoying "namo namo" by Ram Dass ... and I couldn't help myself to start singing cuz I love it... so..
* ...continued with some singing practice, singing along to some delicious tracks...
* ...and after a while I continued singing but went into the shower and did a quick oil-massage from head-to-toe right before the shower... while I continued singing....
* ..then out to the kitchen to make some "Love Made" food... today I prapared a sweet (raw) yummy treat to start my day... (Strawberries, cashews, dates, vanilla, coconut oil and agave - mixed all together in a blender... half of it I enjoyed right away and the rest I put in the fridge to enjoy later) It was VERY VERY YUMMY!!!!
* Back home later on I made zucchini pasta (raw pasta) with a very delicious sauce (also raw)... (tasty small tomatoes, dried tomatoes, carrot, walnuts, garlic, cummin, coriander, cayenne, salt - mixed it with a blender until desired texture.. almost kinda like "minced meat") Enjoyed the sauce with the zucchini pasta and a spoonful of coconut salsa (1 part turkish yogurt + 2 parts shredded coconut + salt) ... and for dessert I ate the strawberry-treat from this morning!! What a lovely meal :)))
* Read about my wonder-woman-friend Robin and her new "Saying YES! Marketing Plan", enjoy it by clicking HERE, get inspired!!! And visit her when passing La Jolla, California next time!!!
So what's up for the rest of the day we'll see, but probably I'll practice some tabla (hand-drums) and enjoy some pranayama, maybe some more yoga and/or meditation too.. Might draw some, we'll see what I'm up for... Feeling Good is the best ingredient in a "successful" day :))) Yum!!!
Ps. I'm also letting the next "Creation Empowerment Challenge" fall into place... Almost there, I'll let you know before I start again, so you can join in!!! Click HERE for the previous post about my Yum-Schedule!


The Yum-Schedule Of Today

I've been asked what I do everyday to keep myself vibrant and happy, what are my favourite things to do... As you already know I've been sharing my fun-&-playful-challenges with you, which is to mold my reality... [Read more HERE] ...well, I'm already happy-no-matter-what... so what do I do when I'm happy? What do I love to do on a daily basis? Right now I'm for the most part following inspiration, but I'm actually very prone to some things on a daily basis anyways, so I thought I'd share some of what I call "the yummies" of the day...
* Began with 1 hour yoga, including "breath of fire" which is a great cardio workout.. but I've also noticed it is EXCELLENT for improving voice practice too [fast increase in ability to lenghten the outbreath, i.e. holding/playing around with a note] !!!
* 15 minute of meditation, today I used the mantra "yum" which corresponds to the heart chakra... very appropriate, lol!
* prepared some yummy food, "love-made" food as I say, that is a lovely "daily practice" too, to make food mindfully and deliberatly include love... Alot of times I sing while preparing it...
* voice practice using harmonium & tabla, did about 1,5 hours today, it's lovely to feel the voice stretching
* yoga practice, about 35 minutes, twists and armbalaces
The day is not over, I'll probably read some in my recent arrived yoga magazine while lying I'm on my bed-of-nails-mat... That's some inspiration for you, I've felt inspired to use my bed-of-nails-mat the past week, it has been gathering dust since last time I used it... about 18 months ago.. someone reminded me of it, so I got it out again! It's actually quite nice, every once in a while :)))
Ps: As soon as I embark on a new playful-mind-challenge, I'll share it with you of course... stay tuned...