Benefits & Challenges Eating LCHF & some A-freakin-mazing Breakfast {LCHF, gluten-free, veg}

I keep amazing myself with the LCHF food (Low Carb High Fat)! Not only is the food DELICOUS, it's easy and fast to make... I'm alsofeeling full & satisfied after each meal + no "cravings" (altho I still enjoy some dark, 70-90% cacao, chocolate, which I LOVE) ... AND there are lots of other physical benefits like moisturised skin & nails, more energy, less need of sleep, warmer (like hands and feet, not freezing easily), clearer mind... and the list goes on.. on top of that - my yoga practice feels better than ever (yes, a couple two or three days in the beginning the practice was feeling slow, but then it got better than before!). I usually feel great doing my daily yoga, but this has somehow taken it to a new level. I LOVE IT :)
Actually, the first few days when feeling kinda slow and kinda wierdish weak as I practiced.. I was thinking it might not be a good "diet" for someone that practices alot.. so I did some research, and it happened to be OF HUGE BENEFIT... you just have to get through the first period (which in my case was maybe 3-4 days) ... One advice I found, that helped very much, was to add more salt when feeling weak and/or having headache...as well as if you are excercising and sweating alot you could take some before and maybe repeat the saltwater after the practice as well (if sweating heavily during practice). Here's how to do it: Blending half a teaspoon salt in a big glass of water, drink it, and if your symptoms are from salt and water deficiency, it will clear within 5-20minutes. For me it cleared each time I tried it out, and now I don't seem to need it...
"So, DON'T be hungry on this diet!
You're supposed to feel satisfied ALL DAY inbetween meals."
One of the good things about this "diet" is that the blood sugar is keept on a good even level, which doesn't only make you feel satisfied for longer without cravings or tiredness...but it also benefits the whole body in several ways. When the blood sugar peaks after a "normal" meal, it activates a hormone called Insulin, which is the "fat-storer". When the blood sugar is keept even, the body doesn't store fat in the same way, instead it lets you use the fat as fuel for your activities and giving you more endurance! You're supposed to keep the carbohydrate intake pretty low, so you cannot really eat any pasta, potatoes, rice, bread and so on. You also must keep your protein intake on a level that is not too high (not a problem as a ovo-lakto-vegetarian at least), cuz it can be transformed into glucose. It's not at all complicated really... just skip all of the mentioned above as well as sugar (including things made with sugar), and at least in the beginning making sweetners a minimum (some sweetners activate insulin without the raise of blood sugar, which can lead to early hunger and cravings). So, DON'T be hungry on this diet! You're supposed to feel satisfied ALL DAY inbetween meals, which could be two or three "larger ones" (eat until you feel full, not more and not less).
... and you're supposed to NOT-cut-back AT ALL on the fat... no low-fat at all.. It should be FULL fat butter/cream etc. NOTE that this diet is recommended for people with diabetes and overweight, so don't worry about it getting you overweight or something. It's recommended by the Swedish Health Association (Socialstyrelsen) as THE diet recommended in medical supervised weight loss. (I'm not overweight and not trying to loose weight, and I still LOVE this way of eating for ALL the benefits I've noticed so far.)
This morning I baked some LCHF "bread buns", which were AMAZING! This gluten-free bread was easily cut right from the oven, so they could be enjoyed warm! I had some butter, cheese and red bell pepper on them. To it, I had some freshly juiced kale+zucchini+broccoli juice, an egg with mayo and a cup of coffee with full-fat cream! It was DELICOUS!!
Update: a recipe similar to the one I did, is now available in the next post Grain Free Bread Rolls.
Last post has a recipe of LCHF-pancakes that are really good, and those are with ingredients that you can find in most places (egg, psyllium husk, almond butter, full-fat cream, salt) ! Check it out for a LOVELY breakfast (or any other meal) option!
My experiment with LCHF & mind-molding* continues! Do you have experience with this "diet"? Let me know in the comments below! Have an awesome rest of day!
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No-Grain-Pancakes with Parmesan Cheese & Pine Nuts ~ Recipe {LCHF, gluten-free, veg}

No-Grain-Pancakes (LCHF, Low Carb High Fat), 1 serving
1 egg
3 Tbsp full fat cream (40%)
0.5 Tbsp psyllium husk (I just grided psyllium in a coffee grinder)
approx 1 tsp almond butter
2 pinches of salt (I used the pink himalayan salt)
1 Tbsp butter (for the pan)
I topped with gouda cheese and parmesan cheese, rosted pine nuts, parsely & red bell pepper
How I did this: Blended the ingredients for the pancakes (this batch makes one big or two smaller pancakes, and is one serving) in a mixer. Then I let it sit for 5 minutes while heating the pan and melting the butter. When the butter and pan was ready (and the 5 minutes were up), I blended the mixture again so it was well combined before making the pancakes. Then poured the blend into the frying pan and cooked until ready to turn (should be easily turned, at least if doing two smaller ones like I did). When turned, I put the cheese ontop to melt while it got ready on the other side. When done, I transferred the pancake to a plate and added the rest of the topping. Repeated with the second one. And I enjoyed these with a cup of coffee with full fat cream.
It was my breakfast today and my day was made! One of the Best breakfast ever :)