Soaring on Wings


Brought my mind to my heart to soar on wings of Love and Freedom
♥ Life is Good :)))


Creating Through Thought


Here's something for all of you wanting studies to verify it acctually works before trying it out...
So I'm saying it again... It IS possible to Train Yourself to be Happy and achive (more) Success :)))


Check the link above if the video is not working, the accessability depends on where you are on this planet Earth :)



Being in Charge of Well-Being


Ever noticing yourself resisting a task at work, resisting getting up in the morning, resisting meeting a certain person, resisting doing what you love cause you "should" be doing something "valuable instead"...?

Its all about habits of thought-patterns you picked up on your journey of Life.

...so how about experimenting letting go and see how good it can acctually feel - how much difference it can make :)

Without your own foot stepping on the brakes cronically (negative habits of thought), things will move smooth like silk.


Here are some great things to notice about your habits of thought...
If you had the tools to feel good anywhere and anytime - would you choose:

* Caring more about what someone else's thinking of you, rather than feeling good?
* Complaining rather than feeling good?
* Talking/thinking about something that clearly does not please you, rather than feeling good?
* Letting someone else decide how you should feel and think about something, rather than feeling good?
* Observing "defects" about yourself or someone else, rather than feeling good?
* Expecting things to not work out, rather than feeling good?
* Worrying about what someone might say to you, rather than feeling good?
* Listening to others worrying/complaining/critisizing and joining them in it - rather than feeling good?
* Taking something seriously - rather than feeling good?
* Letting news scare/worry you - rather than feeling good?
* Observing whats Wrong about somthing - rather than feeling good?
* Getting "depressed"/overwhelmed/confused/discouraged due to something happening in your life - rather than feeling good?
* Not believing in yourself/your capacity - rather than feeling good?
* .... and so on...

Good News, habits of thoughts can be changed rather quickly and easily, if you want to. The clarity of mind which follows these habits-of-thought changes has fantastic benefits of course. On many levels.

Decide if Feeling Good is a good enough reason to let go of all these kinds of habits of thought!

Lotsa Love Coming Your Way!

Genuine Well-Being from the Inside Out


Marvelling in the experience of the harmonious, eyes-sparkeling, beaming, grounded, dance-prone, sure-of-myself kind of Well-Being I have personally and deliberatly created for myself...

Bring it on World - Let's Rock n' Roll :)

Lotsa Love Coming Your Way


Everyday Marvelling

My Experiment is still working wonders and I'm getting better at it every day passing by.
Starting to get immune to complaints and "bad news", it cant get me out of my well-being-state that easily, becoming automatic. Really Cool!

I'm also noticing how I alot more often automatically expect things to go well.. including an attitude of "not worried about my response/reaction if things would be acting up on me either".

I know that its not the situation that makes my mood (anymore), instead its me deciding how to feel.

I feel free and calm and at ease almost every hour of the day now. And I can pivot myself rather easy if needed. Feels kinda like In Love at all times. Feels like beaming and having lotsa fun!

Thinking about how it feels when you're in love and mesmerized by your beloved - can you worry or complain about something without losing that In-Love-Feeling? Not really, you interrupt your feeling of well-being quite fast. Same with returning to In Love by just getting a glimps of her/him, as long as they don't do or say something that triggers you into other feelings...

Getting the hint... This emotional stuff can be done deliberatly. Isn't that something?! :) Feeling (genuinly) in love ...or well... filled to the brim with love maybe (but it's same-same)whenever it suits you. Yum!

It pays off big time training yourself to noticing and focusing on the good stuff "only", yay!

Deep apprechiation to MySelf for trying this stuff, and sticking with it "patiently"...
or well..rather..Playfully and Joyously playing along with the Universe!!!

Lotsa Love coming your way!


The Meaning Of Life


The purpose of life is Joy
The reason for life is Joy
The basis of life is Freedom
The resault of life is Expansion
The meaning of Life is... experience the thrill...of Life!

I'm in :)


..that it's All About Me...

My happiness depends on me. And I Adore it!

It depends on how I choose to see the situation. Yes I said Choose. How I choose to react/respond.

I can always choose to find something to think about that feels better than what I'm currently thinking. Atleast now I can. Because it can be learnt (if I choose to want to learn it.. that is) I have a choice. And when it starts to become a general habit to look for the best you can find in any and all situation, yum....the ease of that exhilaration!

To catch yourself earlier and earlier. Becoming apprechiative of catching yourself. Being honestly happy about catching yourself in the moment of making things harder than they really have to be... Knowing that You have the Choice to turn yourself in another direction... and deliberately directing yourself into an upward going spiral...to find yourself emotionally relieved, heart opened, eyes opened and easy going again.

Finding relief until you acctually can see more positive aspects than negative. Finding relief until you're acctually apprechiating what happened. Finding relief until you acctually find it hard to access those negative thoughts you had so easily avaliable a while ago...
Freeing yourself gradually from your self imposed limitations.

This usually develops over time automaticly as life continues to happen to you, but takes an enternity compared to making a deliberate decision. It does not require "time to mature into this new perspective", it just takes determination to make it happen and gradually bringing yourself there emotionally. It can take as short as a few minutes!!! Especially when you've let go of the habit of thought telling you that others might find it inappropriate to not be "down" for a certain amount of hours/days/weeks...

When you bring yourself to an autenthic feeling of relief and gradually upwards from there to better and better feeling places, it will be amazingly genuine. You will surprice yourself how easy you can feel good no matter what. And its an autenthic well-being. You will still be caring. Even more caring acctually and more present in whats going on in the moment. More autenthically alive. More spontaneous. More generally joyous. More skillful at listening, at uplifting, at supporting. Others and yourself.

When feeling stable and knowing that you always can find ways to see opportunities, life become less "serious" and instead more playful. More feelings of love than fear. More feelings of compassion than competition.
Feelings of freedom and eagerness are predominant. You automatically look for the best in people and the best in things. You look forward to whats coming and if you look back its to remember and rejoice in what has been - for the pleasure of it and to remind yourself that similar things can and will happen at any moment...Thanking it for bringing you to where you are now and all that is before you.

The Knowing that you can (choose to) create relief for yourself in any and all situation and bringing yourself to a really good place emotionally may seem far away. Like something magic and unreal. But it is something completely natural. Its the essence of who we are deep inside. The part of us that witness our thoughts. The part of us that is in "the eye of the storm" when things seem chaotic. The part of us that never change.

This part of us is always calm, always feeling free, always whole, always loving, always filled with energy, always supporting and always joyous.
And it's always there for us to connect to its essence.

Way cool.


Deliberate Upliftment - yum!

One of many excellent Quotes by Abraham-Hicks:

"Look for something that brings forth within you a feeling of love. Seek that which uplifts you. Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another. Seek a feeling of well-being. Know that your value can only be measured in terms of joy. Acknowledge your absolute freedom to do any of these things or not do any of these things, for it is without exception your choice in every moment of every day."
- Abraham-Hicks -

Love Love Love :)


Joy Blossoming

Feeling good is up to you, really.
And when you get the hang of it, it feels way cool to know that.

It IS possible to, under any condition, wake up with positive expectations for whats next!

It's a question of breaking the habit of feeling like the victim to current conditions and instead choose to guide your thoughts to something (whatever!) that feels like relief again and again... Stepping out of your "powerlessness" (you really arent, just feels that way due to your thought pattern..) and regaining your power again.
Wouldn't it be nice to feel in-power and energized on a regular basis? :)

...as easy as starting to deliberatly think differently about things you are used to feel bad/fear/nervous/etc about.

...can seem tricky at first, but soon enough you'll get leverage and things ease up. Some determination to deliberately focus your thoughts is of good help of course.

After some work on it.. magic seems to start happen. For real.

And on top of it - your newfound relief/joy/freedom-feelings will benefit you tremendously energy-wise, health-wise, self-esteem-wise...and more :)

Deep apprechiation to my teachers for the tools and to myself for using them, making my mind & body such a wonderfully happy place to be, Adoring You All!

Love Love Love, all is pure Love :) Yum!


The Bright Side Of Things

The deliciousness of turning a seemingly really icky unwanted situation into something favourable is beyond words and may seem like a tricky art. But it is absolutley worth practicing, cuz it can be learned... Seems like real magic to your big-wonderfilled-eyes when you start getting the hang of it :)

Looking trough your kaleidoscope of love and opportunities - every day of your life can and will be enjoyed royally!

Ready? Steady? Enjoy!
Love to all,


Unconditional Singing of Hearts

I recently had a very interesting experience.

It was acctually not something pleasant, but the way I managed to handle it impressed me and showed the power of practice, how it really works.

All of us are affected emotionally by the situations we encounter. We also are expected to react in certain ways to certain things, according to how bad our cultural upbringing rates the experience.

The interesting thing about training your mind to serve your mood, by self empowering and such, is that you still will be connected to what happens - but without (as much) disadvatage to your quality of life or clearmindedness.

With a belief that the conditions around you create the mood, you'll feel like a victim at all times since you'll never know whats up behind the next corner. With a belief that you can choose the way you feel, by aligning your thought patterns, you'll feel empowered.

When you get the distance to the tragedies of life, you see how your mood won't change the event as such, it will affect you "only". Either you'll feel powerful or your'll feel powerless.

In your powerful state you will see the possibilities and in your powerless state, you will not. In the powerful state you will see new doors opening and in the powerless you'll continue to stare at the only one that is closed.

The disempowering feelings will create an experience of bondage - and the empowering ones will give you an experience of freedom. A feeling of grief for example, what quality does that give you?

It can be grieving a lost lover, a lost opportunity carreer wise...it could be a loss of a pet or a person in the sense of someone leaving the body, or losing ones own identity to an illness or bodypart due to an accident.

The way you react or respond depends on how you are viewing yourself, as empowered or disempowered. How smoothly you'll move on after a bigger or smaller loss is according to your ability to see your potential and the new doors opening for you. That life is really presenting you infinite possibilities at all times to continue your life in a joyous and rich way.

Conditional love says that You will have to behave according to My standards for Me to love and feel good, blaming and keeping both bondage. Life has to always be according to My standards for Me to love life and be joyous.

Unconditional love says that no matter how You'll behave, I can (still) align, love and feel good - taking responsability for your own joy - giving freedom to all parties.

Infinite apprechiation for the ability to mold the mind into feelings of freedom and unconditional love - a life affirming and self empowering process of creating a deliberate joyous life.

It is exhilatating how your heart acctually can continue to sing, feeling free and alive "despite all"...

Celebrate this possibility and open to your fullest potential - seeing through the eyes of love, through the eyes of wonder, through the eyes of exhiliration.

Life is breathing you, wanting you to know and feel your worthiness, at all times.


A comfy meditation seat

Meditation can be done in various ways and is a great tool to enhance wellbeing, clarity of mind and serenity. In other words, making life easier and more joyous.

Here's a short videoclip on how to create a comfortable seat which will facilitate your practice by giving you more freedom in your spine, more space in your body and a calmer nervous system. The perfect start on your journey.

Love to all!!!


Open Up The Heart and Let it Shine The Brightest!

My gratitude to Mc Yogi making inspirational and tought provoking lyrics, worth celebrating his courage to share his heart with the world!

How about this:

"...love has no limit
cuz love is timeless..."

"...and fear will try to bind us,
but love unites us,
nobody can fight this.
This love is righteous
and it might just
save the whole world from this global crisis.

Throw your hands up - if you know what the time is.
Open up your heart and let it shine the brightest!
Give Love, Give Your Love Away, Give Love...don't be afraid... Give Love..."

Feel free to watch the video (link below) and enjoy all the lyrics for yourself.

And if inspired to,
please take a tall seat...
..and go to the feeling place of how it would be expanding in love, to be so filled up with love radiating from every cell of your body - that there would be no question about containing it...feeling the total absence of fear because your heart is full of blissed out love and wide open, shining bright... Spreading your love everywhere you go - filling up heart after heart after heart after heart...as you pass by people on the street... :)

Dream away, and enjoy! Celebrate Your Heart!
Love to all!!!


Ps. The picture is from Paris; Celebrating the Heart with an heart-opening yoga pose, in front of the The Sacred Heart Basilisque (Sacre Coeur) - Bliss!


The freedom of feeling worthy

It happens to everyone. People talk behind your back. Not everyone likes you.

And the funny thing is that it doesn't bother you until you get to know about it. And then you start to wonder how many might not like you or how many might believe in that horrible thing someone spread about you.
Once I took this really seriously, wanted to get to the bottom of this and that...and now I'm more likely to shrug my sholders and to send them some love instead :)

A few years ago someone said something about me that wasn't true, or at least it was so twisted that it was nowhere near the truth anymore.

I got to know about it a year after it spread out, by a friend who "really had to" ask me since thought it was way to absurd to have been said or done by me.

First thing, I laughed. It was really absurd. But then I started thinking about what people who didn't know me would be thinking about me. So I went the traditional way... from disappointed/sad to angry to frustrated.. how could I make it right again, I thought. Took me some days to get passed it and gain my feeling of worthiness and self empowerment again, realizing that what I really wanted was approval.

One of the most precious gifts in life is to feel worthy, to feel comfortable deep inside with your own unique self. Everyone is different. And everyone has something great to offer with their own uniqueness. So rich!!!

There will always be something or someone that you prefer over someone/something else. Nothing personal to that color, to that person, to that outfit, to those shoes, to that city.... And there will always be someone twisting things, intentionally or not, but still will do it about you. Nothing personal. They might not even see it the way you do.

Each of us has our own story that we add to what we see and experience. You might be deeply offended by something that someone else simply laughs at.

It's a lovely feeling of freedom to let the reaction or response, to circumstances and experiences serve your mood. Making it easy on yourself. Looking at it from a distance and not letting your "pride" get hurt. Maybe even recognizing that the person that "hurt" you might need some more love in their life to "behave better". Stretching it further maybe, and sending them love - wishing them to be happy and successful.

How about just continuing to flow that way, enjoying life...

With a steady foundation of worthiness within your heart, bending some wont make you lose balance.

Awesome, huh? :)

Love to all!!!


{Love Made} Inspiration Book

At times I'm needing a crutch to lean on. A reminder.

During the first period (see "Go Happy Mind Go" May 2010) I read in my Inspiration Book daily (at least). It gave me hope and was self-empowering. Giving me a push to continue.

I still read in it from time to time, but now the sight of it usually reminds me enough. And writing in it reminds me aswell. I treasure my collection. I also love the process of finding new ones to write.

In this precious book of inspiration, of tresures, only self empowering reminders are welcome. Quotes that make me feel Free, that make me Smile From Deep Inside, that make me Radiate With Love, that give me Strength and Hope. That make me want to bliss-out in Song and Dance. All of them tell me something that uplifts me, or the HowTo uplift or make it easy on myself. Or just something I'd love to think automatically.
Its acctually a "How I Can Love Myself More"-book...

Reading them over and over makes me beleive in them. That's the yummy part. To start to believe in those wounderful life affirming, life celebrating, freedom giving, energy releasing, soothing, empowering thoughts. Knowing that they now are true for me.

Here's a hint of what's inside...

"I love and approve of myself exacly as I am right now" (from Louise Hay)

"Be the Queen/King in your own conciousness" (from Rajanaka Tantra Philosophy)

"I can Be, Do and Have Anything I want" (from Abraham's teachings)

"What is perfect for me will always unfold, and meanwhile, I'm thankful for this and I'm eager for the path that will unfold" (from Abraham's teachings)

"Wisdom is Avoiding All Thoughts That Weaken You" (from 10 secrets to success and inner peace)

no matter where I'm going, no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm with - my dominant intent is to see that which I'm wanting to see" (from Abrahams teachings)

"Be what you are and say what you feel, because those who will mind don't matter and those who matter doesn't mind." Dr. Seuss

"Just a little alertness...
to devote oneself to creativity, to love, to sensitivity, and to make this small life just a series of songs — that you dance in your life and that your death will be your crescendo of dance; that you live totally and you die totally, with no complaint...with gratitude, with thankfulness to existence."
(from No-Thought for the Day, 10th of June 2010, OSHO)

How about that for breakfast?



Diversity Celebration

Something I often used before as an excuse to complain and feel bad (= not being a Loving Version of me) was Others. Their ways, their decisions, their attitudes, their choices.

What's interesting now is how that very same thing makes me bow in reverence of the choices I have - and we all have.
Not only that I now completely love the diversity of choices of lifestyle, food, stuff, transportation etc. I'm filled with infinite apprechiation for the fact that we are not all the same. We are different. That's Rich! And worth celebrating!

Like the diversity of Nature and its variety of Beings, everyone of us is Unique. We have our own preferences and specific talents. We are All so very Special!
So the actions, choices and preferences of Others that we feel are the most inappropriate or appropriate, are the same ones we can use for more clarity when shaping our own life.

I praise the diversity in cultures, in actions, in behaviours, in looks, in interests, in books, in music, in climates, in shoes, in hairstyles, in hobbies, in treatments for illness... Oh, I could go on and on... Not to mention that new things add themselves to the selection every moment.

I adore that it's about deciding what You want to pick out for your Unique self. And I love the feeling of letting others pick and choose aswell. We are all beautifully Unique. There will be no "real" shortage.

I bow in Reverence to the Abundance of the Universe, to our uniqueness and feel deep inside that All is actually more than Well!

Love and Light,

Ps. Feel free to check out complementary Posts like Playfulness, Lovingkindness and Go Happy Mind Go


{Love Made} Organic Apple Chutney with Roasted Almonds

[all Organic for Taste, yum!]

2 Apples
2 Onions, small ones
2 Bay leaves
Mint leaves (about 2-3)
Umeboshi Vinegar
Apple cider Vinegar
1 tasty dried apricot (chopped in tiny pieces)
1 tsp olive oil

8 sultanas
Pepper & Herbal Salt to taste
approx 12 Roasted Almonds (crush them before adding them)

Chop the onions and let them fry in olive oil, then add chopped apples, herbs, apricot, vinegars and water (I didn't mesure, but vinegars and water together could have been less than 1/2 dl?).
Stir with Love at low heat and when the apples start to get softer...add sultanas, herbal salt and pepper to taste. Take the pan off the heat and add the crushed roasted almonds.

This Chutney variation was delicious together with some SourCream and coconut sprinkled on top... I enjoyed it as a part of a simple Quinoa Sallad (Red Quinoa, Cucumber, Tomato, Olive Oil, Herbal Salt and some Brie - all Organic for taste)... yum!

Lots of Love,

Sun Celebration

Today my son had an appointment and I was sure it was at 14 so we came two hours early. First I got somewhat bothered (old habit), but then I remembered my intent and quickly decided to do the absolutly best of it.

Only a few blocks a way I found a beautiful spot in the grass under a smaller tree. It gave just enough shade to place my son there, aswell as just enough sunlight shining trough for a comfy tempered yoga session.

As if I had pressed Play, my son fell asleep so I could do my practice. It was a gourgeous feeling to have the sun right in front so I opened my heart to it in a series of backbends. Then ended with some quieting poses, for that lingering serene post-yoga feeling. Quickly checked on my son, who was still asleep (yay!) and took some time to enjoy meditation.

The "mistake" I made by leaving more that two hours earlier than needed made this day a gourgeous one. An opportunity for celebration.

Back home I had some apples and in this (still) inspired state...decided to do a Chutney variation... which turned out delicious.. yum..! It'll be the next post!

Love and Light,


{Love Made} Organic Rubarb Vanilla Marmalade & more...

[all organic as always]

2-3 dl of newly peeled and chopped Rubarb
1 small sweet pear, chopped
1 sweet "unbleached" apricot, chopped in tiny pieces
Vanilla Seeds
Small amount of water (1-2 tablespoons)

Stir all ingredients with Love at low heat until makes a marmalade. Taste to see if needing more sweetness (I didn't need any), if so - add some Agave Nectar.

I enjoyed this Rubarb-Vanilla-Marmalade with an Organic Coconut Cream* on toasted bread... yum!

*Ps: Ingredients for the Organic Coconut Cream...philadelphia cheese, lotsa coconut, mintleaves, some herbal salt and Love

Lovingkindness {with a meditation}

One of the benefits of creating well-being for yourself trough your mind is Lovingkindness.

Lovingkindness is a beautiful state of being. Some say it's our natural state, what happens naturally when we don't resist - when we let go to just Be.
It's the state where you feel Flow, where you feel at ease and calm. At ease with all being, all relationships and all situations around you. The feeling of "All is Well".

What I love to do is feeding my mind healthy ways of thinking and beautiful things to look at. Like I love to feed my body delicious and nutricious foods and drinks, my mind is equally feed trough the thoughts I think, the stuff I read and what I lay my eyes on.
As my body thrives on good fuel, so does my mind. And the reward is health, energy, joy and lovingkindness. A happy loving version of me.


Turn off your phone etc.
Sit comfortably crosslegged on a folded blanket or in a chair. Make sure to be comfortable and sit with a straight spine. Lengthen your upper body, open your chest trough shrugging your shoulders up and back so your shoulderblades come closer together.
Let your palms come together infront of your heart and set an Intention for your practice or dedicate it to someone (it could be to yourself).
Then place your hands comfortably on your thighs or knees with palms up (receving mode). Keep your shoulders rolled back so your chest is open.
Close your eyes almost all the way, so you still can see your nose tip.
Take three deep breaths to then recite three times out loud:

"May I be filled with Lovingkindness
May I be radiating vibrant health
May I feel clearminded and at ease
May I feel joy and wake up each morning with a smile"

Then continue to recite quietly as long as you feel good about it. It could be 5 minutes or longer. Find the feeling place of this as you recite.

Close the meditation by taking a deep breath and then folding the palms together at your heart, feeling the difference in your state of mind and thank yourself for doing it.

Continue everyday for 30days and notice the difference in your daily state of being. Be easy and playful about it! Enjoy it!

Love and Light

Ps: The Rose in the picture is a gift and reminds me of the 1st Mother's Day of my life


{Love Made} Raw Organic Crackers

Improvised crackers (Inspiration from Javier Medvedovsky and Renee Voltaire)

Love, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Pumkin Seeds, Thai Spices, Basil, Thymes, Trocomare (Herbal Salt).. feel free to add whatever spices you feel like, like garlic and rosemary.. Renee uses chopped dry tomatoes.

Put all ingredients together and let them soak in some water to marinade for a few hours. The flax seeds will make the added water "thick" and that will keep the whole thing together after drying.
When thick - spread it out with love and let dry at the lowest temperature in the regular oven over night (if you don't have the "Raw Food Oven").
Make sure it's dry before making them into cracker size. And the "left overs" can be sprinkled over any salad, sandwich or pasta..

Enjoy with avocado, your favourite spread or natural!

Ps. Javier uses raw crackers to make many delicious things, like "raw burgers" with cashew-cheese, gucamole, lettuce and tomatoes..yum..


Isn't it great when you feel playful and filled with inspiration? Thats the spirit to make anything a joyous experience.

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a Satsang* by a Swami* who said that life is like a game. And by that time I had heard it before more than once, but that day it clicked somehow. It made me feel more alive resonating deep inside of me.

I thought about it again, recently.
What if life really is a Game? What if this reality that seems and feels so extreamly Real, is like a computer game? A game that ends with a Game Over on a Screen and can be restarted again - eternally. You just choose a caracter and then go for whatever happens to it. And the game is so well made that you forget it isn't really Real... Wouldn't that be awesome? Wouldn't that make you fall head over heals in love with the Universe?!

I love how that kind of thoughts make me feel free and safe. Free and fearless. Vibrantly alive and energetic. The feeling of having space for playfulness, leaving the stiff fearbased seriousness behind. Satisfied with where I am and knowing that I can do anything I'd set my mind to.

I want to live a rich and joyous life, a life that feels good deep within. A life filled with spontaneous song, dance and celebration. Enjoying each moment and diving into every new adventure with an eager and open mind.


* Simplified meanings of
Satsang: Q & A with a Master teacher
Swami: a title given in some yoga traditions to someone who has mastery over his own mind


{Love Made} Raw Organic Yummy Bites I & II

Version I
Mix almonds (some of them roasted for taste), walnuts, tasty dried apricots (soaked before mixing) and cacao. Then add some flax seed and some sultanas. Shape them with love and add roasted sesame seeds as topping

Version II
Mix walnuts, almonds, cacao, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla seeds until it all turns into a pretty dry dough.
Then add agave nectar to sweeten and to make the dough manageable, taste to make sure to be satisfied with the resaults. Shape them with love and add topping/decoration if inspired to (for ex. goji berries, coconut, roasted sesame seeds)

...enjoy your delicious and nourishing treat

Go Happy Mind Go

Time and time again I get reminded of how my life acctually has changed.

Some time ago I decided to make an intent. I decided that I wanted to be able to feel good no matter what happened to me or around me. It started as an experiment. Curious about the mind as I am, it felt exciting to see if it would be possible. And now I'm experimenting with how far it can be stretched.

I love my life more and more everyday and I owe it to this decision. The intent of stretching my mind into loving myself fully and to choose happy thoughts predominantly. Thoughts of well-being, unconditional love, freedom, joy, bliss and contentment.

It is exhilirating to feel good everyday, "without reason".

This Blog is a Celebration of this new joyous life and created out of pure inspiration <3


Ps. Thanks to my precious friend Elli Eisenhauer happy memories are brought back trough this photo