Grain-Free Bread Rolls/Buns {LCHF}

Many have asked for the recipe that I used for some grain free bread rolls/buns that I mentioned in the last post about advantages and challenges eating according to "LCHF". Click HERE to read. These buns are really yummy - AND you can eat them warm... freshly baked... :)
First of all, note that this bread recipe include something called potato-starch (sometimes called potato fibre), which can be confused with potato flour (very different baking results).. so first make sure you got the right ingredient :) Read more HERE about the differnces, and where you might have to look for it in the grocery store. I found it in the gluten-free section.
Grain-Free Bread Rolls makes 4-6 buns/rolls
Dry Ingredients (combine these first)
1,5 dl almond flour (I usually mix/grind almonds myself, approx 0,75 dl of whole almonds grinds to approx 1 dl of flour)
1,5 dl "potato starch"/potato fibre (NOTE see link above, to find the correct ingredient)
1,5 or 2 Tbsp psyllium husk (I sometimes use ready made, and sometimes I just gind some psyllium seeds in a coffee grinder..)
1,5 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
Wet ingredients
2 eggs
2 dl high fat yogurt (or full fat sour cream)
about 40g melted butter
Opional topping: for example poppy seeds, sesame seeds, other seeds... +/- some beaten egg... and/or sprinkle some grated cheese on top and feel free to add some seeds and or cheese in the dough too.. :)
First, I combine the dry ingredients, then I melt the butter while beating the eggs fluffy. Then adding the yogurt and butter to the eggs (add the yogurt first, or combined with the melted butter before adding it to the eggs). Then I add the dry ingredients and combine them all well (but not overwork the dough). Then I heat the oven to 200 degrees Celcius, while the dough gets to sit for at least 5 minutes. When the time's up, I make rolls of the dough and put them on a baking sheet covered baking tray. I usually make 4, and then I sprinkle some poppy seeds or sesame seeds on top (you can spred some beaten egg ontop before adding the seeds too). When all desired topping is added - I bake them (middle part of the oven) for about 15 minutes.
Tips; These are great to eat freshly baked. And I always cut all of the buns, and then put the ones that are left over in the freezer, with a piece of non-stick paper inbetween them. Then I can take a whole or half a bun out to eat whenever I fancy. And I usually put them in a toaster. These are loaded with energy, so don't be surprised if youfind youself fully satisfied after one whole bun (with butter, cheese) & some red bell pepper) and a cup of coffee with cream :)


Benefits & Challenges Eating LCHF & some A-freakin-mazing Breakfast {LCHF, gluten-free, veg}

I keep amazing myself with the LCHF food (Low Carb High Fat)! Not only is the food DELICOUS, it's easy and fast to make... I'm alsofeeling full & satisfied after each meal + no "cravings" (altho I still enjoy some dark, 70-90% cacao, chocolate, which I LOVE) ... AND there are lots of other physical benefits like moisturised skin & nails, more energy, less need of sleep, warmer (like hands and feet, not freezing easily), clearer mind... and the list goes on.. on top of that - my yoga practice feels better than ever (yes, a couple two or three days in the beginning the practice was feeling slow, but then it got better than before!). I usually feel great doing my daily yoga, but this has somehow taken it to a new level. I LOVE IT :)
Actually, the first few days when feeling kinda slow and kinda wierdish weak as I practiced.. I was thinking it might not be a good "diet" for someone that practices alot.. so I did some research, and it happened to be OF HUGE BENEFIT... you just have to get through the first period (which in my case was maybe 3-4 days) ... One advice I found, that helped very much, was to add more salt when feeling weak and/or having headache...as well as if you are excercising and sweating alot you could take some before and maybe repeat the saltwater after the practice as well (if sweating heavily during practice). Here's how to do it: Blending half a teaspoon salt in a big glass of water, drink it, and if your symptoms are from salt and water deficiency, it will clear within 5-20minutes. For me it cleared each time I tried it out, and now I don't seem to need it...
"So, DON'T be hungry on this diet!
You're supposed to feel satisfied ALL DAY inbetween meals."
One of the good things about this "diet" is that the blood sugar is keept on a good even level, which doesn't only make you feel satisfied for longer without cravings or tiredness...but it also benefits the whole body in several ways. When the blood sugar peaks after a "normal" meal, it activates a hormone called Insulin, which is the "fat-storer". When the blood sugar is keept even, the body doesn't store fat in the same way, instead it lets you use the fat as fuel for your activities and giving you more endurance! You're supposed to keep the carbohydrate intake pretty low, so you cannot really eat any pasta, potatoes, rice, bread and so on. You also must keep your protein intake on a level that is not too high (not a problem as a ovo-lakto-vegetarian at least), cuz it can be transformed into glucose. It's not at all complicated really... just skip all of the mentioned above as well as sugar (including things made with sugar), and at least in the beginning making sweetners a minimum (some sweetners activate insulin without the raise of blood sugar, which can lead to early hunger and cravings). So, DON'T be hungry on this diet! You're supposed to feel satisfied ALL DAY inbetween meals, which could be two or three "larger ones" (eat until you feel full, not more and not less).
... and you're supposed to NOT-cut-back AT ALL on the fat... no low-fat at all.. It should be FULL fat butter/cream etc. NOTE that this diet is recommended for people with diabetes and overweight, so don't worry about it getting you overweight or something. It's recommended by the Swedish Health Association (Socialstyrelsen) as THE diet recommended in medical supervised weight loss. (I'm not overweight and not trying to loose weight, and I still LOVE this way of eating for ALL the benefits I've noticed so far.)
This morning I baked some LCHF "bread buns", which were AMAZING! This gluten-free bread was easily cut right from the oven, so they could be enjoyed warm! I had some butter, cheese and red bell pepper on them. To it, I had some freshly juiced kale+zucchini+broccoli juice, an egg with mayo and a cup of coffee with full-fat cream! It was DELICOUS!!
Update: a recipe similar to the one I did, is now available in the next post Grain Free Bread Rolls.
Last post has a recipe of LCHF-pancakes that are really good, and those are with ingredients that you can find in most places (egg, psyllium husk, almond butter, full-fat cream, salt) ! Check it out for a LOVELY breakfast (or any other meal) option!
My experiment with LCHF & mind-molding* continues! Do you have experience with this "diet"? Let me know in the comments below! Have an awesome rest of day!
*see other posts


No-Grain-Pancakes with Parmesan Cheese & Pine Nuts ~ Recipe {LCHF, gluten-free, veg}

No-Grain-Pancakes (LCHF, Low Carb High Fat), 1 serving
1 egg
3 Tbsp full fat cream (40%)
0.5 Tbsp psyllium husk (I just grided psyllium in a coffee grinder)
approx 1 tsp almond butter
2 pinches of salt (I used the pink himalayan salt)
1 Tbsp butter (for the pan)
I topped with gouda cheese and parmesan cheese, rosted pine nuts, parsely & red bell pepper
How I did this: Blended the ingredients for the pancakes (this batch makes one big or two smaller pancakes, and is one serving) in a mixer. Then I let it sit for 5 minutes while heating the pan and melting the butter. When the butter and pan was ready (and the 5 minutes were up), I blended the mixture again so it was well combined before making the pancakes. Then poured the blend into the frying pan and cooked until ready to turn (should be easily turned, at least if doing two smaller ones like I did). When turned, I put the cheese ontop to melt while it got ready on the other side. When done, I transferred the pancake to a plate and added the rest of the topping. Repeated with the second one. And I enjoyed these with a cup of coffee with full fat cream.
It was my breakfast today and my day was made! One of the Best breakfast ever :)


Fine-Tune To Real~Eyes The Preferred {with a Distraction-Guide}

When I exprience something that I do not want, it gets clearer what I DO want... that is - what I'd PREFER, if I had the ability to choose. And I can choose what I prefer. Love that. Love prefering and getting into that FEELING PLACE of it BEING in the preferred way! How can you not LOVE feeling good!
In the last post I wrote, I described a process which I've enjoyed ALOT... "Using DEBT to get some flow" There are alot of efficient process ideas on this blog, if you haven't already noticed. I've shared ALL of my favorite ways on Self-Empowerment-Delux that occur to me (to write about) along the way... Today I'll share two things. First I'll share a variation of a process that I currently love using for finetuning - and second I'll share some examples on what to "do" to get out of an intense "stubborn" not-so-good-feeling mood. I haven't "had to" use these techniques myself for years now, but these are VERY helpful until you get a handle on your emotions more "automatically"... as well as on older subjects that "suddenly get activated" and causes discomfort.
I LOOOVE and ADOOORE finetuning! Knowing that all it takes for "realization" of what I prefer - is to [at least] find some RELIEF, makes things so EASY to handle nowadays :) Finetuning is the deliciousness of not only finding relief - but finding a really LOVELY DELICIOUS "high-flying" place to savor. Yum, and it's a GREAT "pass time", no matter subject or situation.
This process is somewhat similar to the BOUNCE technique/process and challenge I've already presented on this blog, and which is one of my favorite ways of getting into a "better feeling place" - or FINETUNE my mood.
I get a blank piece of paper and a comfy pen that I love to write with. STEP 1: I get clear on what I want to "change" - that is, what I'd love to MOLD into something preferable and beneficial. State it in a BRIEF way to then move on (I spend very little time in this step before moving to the better feeling steps!) STEP 2 I get clear on, IN GENERAL terms, what I prefer. State this briefly in written words. STEP 3 Here comes the YUMMY - and it's where I clarify for myself 'How I'd feel then' - meaning how I'd feel WHEN the preferred situation/event/circumstance was already my reality. And here I state the feeling places.. for example: Knowing, Ease, Flow, Effortlessness, Playful, Clarity, Free... etc.. And while I state these - I do imagine myself in that preferred scenario and I pick the feelings from HOW I actually feel while imagining it. Which means I DO feel these emotions. I continue this step until it feels "complete". And the whole work is DONE. This has already put me in the mood of realizing, recieving, allowing ~ the waveleght in which I can PERCEIVE what was before invisible for me. And it's a GREAT FEELING and very effective way. Sweet!
Guide to DISTRACTION from uncomfy emotions
Inicially, remember that the uncomfy emotion IS a good thing since it's an INDICATOR. Then, realize that the ONLY thing that is needed to actually "get your reality into a more good feeling place" is to find some kind of RELIEF from that place. It's THAT simple! So, what if the uncomfy feeling is stubborn? Well, there is ALWAYS a way, if one wants to get some relief. And you might have to be stubborn with it yourself, and it might take some re-doing of it until it gets easier to 'remember to do it' and all.. but it's all worth that initial "work" ! STEP 1 Notice that you feel uncomfy! In the beginning you usually do NOT notice this until it feels REALLY uncomfy, which means you already have alot of momentum on it.. but it's alright. It will get easier with practice. Be EASY on yourself and realize it's beneficial to notice it, no matter how "long into it" it currently is. STEP 2 Depending on how experienced you are at distracting yourself you might be able to find relief by only thinking yourself there, or writing yourself there. But if you've got a strong momentum already, having a strong emotion, which might seem very stubborn... here are some examples of how to curb that:
*Get Physical - jump up and down, run, walk, do yoga, do a workout etc
*Balancing - something that you find "hard" to do, which REQUIRES your attention
*Other In-put in - like taking a shower, getting outside in whatever weather there is, pet your cat/dog
*Breathing Deeply - a very effective technique if you're "calm enough" to try it out, it can also be done after some intense physical things done
These are just some examples, you know best what works for YOU. Write down a list of things that easily distract you, "no matter what", and practice these until they come natural for you to use DELIBERATELY when feeling uncomfy.
NOTE that only a couple of minutes is ENOUGH for you to get a feeling of relief! It's impossible to not get it - so if you experience that you're not getting it, just change the means, try different kinds. The goal is to do something that REQUIRE focus from you, which in turn "break the pattern of thought currently going on". You might have to repeat, but you WILL get some relief from these kinds of distraction. ALSO it will get easier and more automatic with time. ENJOY!!!


Owing Myself ~ Using DEBT to get some FLOW

"I wanted to change it into feeling fun, and I've now found a way to trick myself into that feeling!!"
"On the 4th day I actually headed down to the storage room! AND I did it with genuine EASE ..."
Lately I've been noticing that some of the "bigger" things I'd like to get done, doesn't really get done, while time passes... (lot of time). For example, I've moved and it was over a year a go, and I'd love to get all the boxes unpacked and getting some order in the storage in the basement so I know where what is - and throw away things I don't like and/or don't use.
For some reason, the everyday life is filling up my days and obviously I've been thinking about it as a "big task" that also might be kinda boring. I have also been pondering how nice it is to clean out and clear the things I never use, to get the storage managable. And right then and there it feels good to do it, and I tell myself to do it the next time I've got some spare time and energy. Which seems to never come around :)
Thing is, there are some other things I'd like to get done, and they feel kinda equally "big and bulky tasks" - and I kinda want to get it ALL done and so I get none of it done :) so well... I wanted to change it into feeling fun, and I've now found a way to trick myself into that feeling!!
I wanted to change it into feeling fun, and I've now found a way to trick myself into that feeling!!
A few days ago I stumbled across a great idea though. It was not to try to solve the managing of the storage actually, but it was the thing that got me started. In a fun way.
There is a process that can be used to get you "debt free" money wise. The thing is - debt can be more than money... the storage clearing and such actually feels like a "debt" to myself. I have neglected doing something that I have, in a way, promised myself. So I OWE it to myself. Never thought of it like that before, but now I got the idea to do the same process but instead of mortages and such I added things I want to do daily to keep myself feeling good and to clear my space for new things and opportunities to flow in...
The "process to become debt free" states that you use a sheet of paper making columns. On the right hand side you state the "biggest debt" and to the left the smallest. You make a commitment to yourself to pay off what you can, and even if you might not have the resourses to pay off every column each month - you sometimes pay off double on the smallest post. The process states that this makes the "paying off" more fun, more like a game and it gets you feeling lighter about it - which in turn will move your energies so more money flow into your life.
I found that I could use this column process with the things I wanted to get done each day - putting "organize the storage room" on the right hand side, and to the left hand side I put things like "do some exercise daily", "drink 1 liter of water daily", "get outside and breath deeply", "enjoy something" and things that I "owe" myself and that is not such a hard task for me at this point. I wanted to be able to check off several things each day easily, to make me feel I was doing well and did good things for myself (which I do, but this made it more real).
So, I made a commitment to "use my resources", that is, do what is possible to do each day. Some days I might not check off more than one thing, but I might do it "double". And I started this experiment. I got several check marks the first day and it felt fun and easy to get those checked off :)
On the 4th day I actually headed down to the storage room! AND I did it with genuine EASE ...
On the 4th day I had actually even headed down to the storage room! AND I did it with genuine EASE and with clarity and feeling good and I felt I had time for it. Another thing I had noticed so far was that somehow my day felt less compressed. Only by recognizing that I was using the resources I had and showing myself how much I did for my wellbeing already.


Yoga Drop-Backs {Video Demo}

To work up to these you start with leaning back gradually. When you can "hang back" and see your mat - and feel fairly comfy with your back strenght - then stretch your arms back to land on the floor. You can do it on a thick carpet if you feel fear of the hard-floor.
A lot of leg strenght is needed, especially to lift back up. But the back-drop can be done without a lot of strenght if one is fearless enough. But the gradual working on the leaning back will give you a controlled drop back, and you'll gain loads of strenght in the process which serves in other poses as well.
Work on coming up with as parallell feet as possible (if they turn out you compress in the lower back... if they turn out alot you might consider working more on the strenght of your spine and legs). This pose is ALOT about the legs.
Have fun!
Ps: There is a video on this blog, from a couple of years ago, where I show how to work on this drop-back using a wall.
Ps.2: check out the demo of "how to work on Press Up Handstand" HERE

How To Press Up Into Handstand ~ Two Different Ways {Video Demos}

In this pose I'm showing how to work up to a Handstand-Press-Up. The first one is an example of how to work up to pressing up into handstand from the floor, with legs united. And at the end there is a video showing an example of floating up with "wide-legs")
These are advanced transition. For the "united legs" version - openness in the hamstrings is needed aswell as strong arms/shoulders and some core (especially for the down-float).
In this demo I'm using the wall, and pressing my head into it. This is very helpful for working on the "actions" to then press up without a wall.
Try working on coming down "with control".
You have to be far enough from the wall to be able to lean forward and have room for your spine and buns as you press up - but close enough to be able to press the back of your head into the wall. Also it's pretty crucial to have the feet as close as possible to your hands.
Press into your hands firmly and lean forward (leaning the back of the head towards the wall), and the legs will kinda automatically float up. Though - to come down gracefully you need to engage your core alot.
If you're too close to the wall or have your feet too far from your hands (it has to be a deep uttanasana), it will not be possible to float up. (your back or buns will touch the wall and hinder the lift up, if you're too close). I'm finding it helpful with a thicker blanket up the wall, since that makes the "wall" come closer to my head as I still have room for the forward-leaning.
As soon as you find the right distance from the wall and remember to keep your feet closely before starting - it's a float-up each time. Then work on coming down as gracefully as possible.
Have fun!
Ps. If you want to try floating up from the floor from Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana), there is a video of how to work up to that transition using blocks. Check this video below:
Ps.2: Here is a video demo of Yoga Drop Backs.


{Video} Maha Mantra Compostion ~ Version I, May 2014

Short video version of this Kirtan.
If inspired, Feel Free to Sing-A-Long and/or use it as a song-meditation.
Loosely this mantra can be translated:
"Celebration of the Bliss and Love in this current Life. Available to tap into and revel in [the bliss/love] anytime."
~ Interpretation of translation by Yogini Param Sangat, inspired by Wah!
Composition by Yogini Param Sangat, May 2014
Version II is available, click HERE.
Enjoy your day :)))


{Video} Maha Mantra Kirtan ~ Version II, May 2014

Something I really enjoy is to sing. And it's even more enjoyable when it's a melody I've made up myself. Have been playing around with composing and it's alot of fun when it's Easy. That means, when I really feel like playing and not knowing why really.. and all of a sudden I've composed a melody that I enjoy ALOT and kinda cannot stop singing :)))
It has happened twice lately and I've composed two melodies with the Maha Mantra. One of which there is a video below. I'll videotape the other one aswell to post. I LOVE them both to sing and play.
Since I'm not a "Krishna Devotee", I don't know if there are any "rules" on how to make melodies for this Maha Mantra. I do it for the joy of it, and these two times it happened to be this mantra. Which is, by the way, easy to find a melody to, as well.
I've recently encountered a lovely translation for it to. That translation is loosely: Celebration Of The Love and Bliss In This Current Life. Ready to be reveled in [that bliss/love], at all times.

{Video} Yoga Demo Part VII ~ Transition from Tripod Headstand to Flying Pigeon

There are many fun transitions in yoga and some are more advanced than others. Depending on what level you're currently at, or your daily status ... you feel attracted to those who challange you some.
Lately I've been able to do Flying Pigeon (Eka Pada Galavasana) and it's a fun pose that you can weave in, in many ways. Here's a video of transitioning from one of the yogic Headstands (this one is called Tripod where you balance on the crown of the head and your two hands). In this video I "press up" to this headstand with straight legs. It's usually harder than to press up with the legs bent and closer to the body. I love doing it this way.
From the full headstand, when feeling stable in that kind of practice (even "in the middle of the room"), one can start playing with different transitions out of it. Straight to Chaturanga or adding a pose inbetween. The most common pose added is usually Bakasana (crow pose), which can be used to transistion TO Tripod aswell. I have a video of that demo to, click HERE to see it. And see below for more video demos.
When adding Flying Pigeon as a transition, you would have to be pretty stable in that pose first before transitioning to it from headstand. Some find it easier to come into the full armbalance when coming "from the floor" instead of leaning forward, though. Since there is a fear-factor when leaning forward and trying to not "face-plant". You can always practice with a firmer pillow or a stack of blankets in front, to land your face on if it feels fearful when starting to practice. Anyways, if you are stable in both those poses, you can start playing around some more with this transition. Take your time.
I'm adding a "jump back" from the armbalance to Chaturanga. It's not necessary in the beginning. Feel free to bend the out-streatched leg to the floor, to then step back to Chaturanga, since that is alot easier.
Feel free to get inspired, and whenever you feel ready - start play around with it! Have fun!
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