Go Happy Mind Go

Time and time again I get reminded of how my life acctually has changed.

Some time ago I decided to make an intent. I decided that I wanted to be able to feel good no matter what happened to me or around me. It started as an experiment. Curious about the mind as I am, it felt exciting to see if it would be possible. And now I'm experimenting with how far it can be stretched.

I love my life more and more everyday and I owe it to this decision. The intent of stretching my mind into loving myself fully and to choose happy thoughts predominantly. Thoughts of well-being, unconditional love, freedom, joy, bliss and contentment.

It is exhilirating to feel good everyday, "without reason".

This Blog is a Celebration of this new joyous life and created out of pure inspiration <3


Ps. Thanks to my precious friend Elli Eisenhauer happy memories are brought back trough this photo