Unconditional Singing of Hearts

I recently had a very interesting experience.

It was acctually not something pleasant, but the way I managed to handle it impressed me and showed the power of practice, how it really works.

All of us are affected emotionally by the situations we encounter. We also are expected to react in certain ways to certain things, according to how bad our cultural upbringing rates the experience.

The interesting thing about training your mind to serve your mood, by self empowering and such, is that you still will be connected to what happens - but without (as much) disadvatage to your quality of life or clearmindedness.

With a belief that the conditions around you create the mood, you'll feel like a victim at all times since you'll never know whats up behind the next corner. With a belief that you can choose the way you feel, by aligning your thought patterns, you'll feel empowered.

When you get the distance to the tragedies of life, you see how your mood won't change the event as such, it will affect you "only". Either you'll feel powerful or your'll feel powerless.

In your powerful state you will see the possibilities and in your powerless state, you will not. In the powerful state you will see new doors opening and in the powerless you'll continue to stare at the only one that is closed.

The disempowering feelings will create an experience of bondage - and the empowering ones will give you an experience of freedom. A feeling of grief for example, what quality does that give you?

It can be grieving a lost lover, a lost opportunity carreer wise...it could be a loss of a pet or a person in the sense of someone leaving the body, or losing ones own identity to an illness or bodypart due to an accident.

The way you react or respond depends on how you are viewing yourself, as empowered or disempowered. How smoothly you'll move on after a bigger or smaller loss is according to your ability to see your potential and the new doors opening for you. That life is really presenting you infinite possibilities at all times to continue your life in a joyous and rich way.

Conditional love says that You will have to behave according to My standards for Me to love and feel good, blaming and keeping both bondage. Life has to always be according to My standards for Me to love life and be joyous.

Unconditional love says that no matter how You'll behave, I can (still) align, love and feel good - taking responsability for your own joy - giving freedom to all parties.

Infinite apprechiation for the ability to mold the mind into feelings of freedom and unconditional love - a life affirming and self empowering process of creating a deliberate joyous life.

It is exhilatating how your heart acctually can continue to sing, feeling free and alive "despite all"...

Celebrate this possibility and open to your fullest potential - seeing through the eyes of love, through the eyes of wonder, through the eyes of exhiliration.

Life is breathing you, wanting you to know and feel your worthiness, at all times.

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