..that it's All About Me...

My happiness depends on me. And I Adore it!

It depends on how I choose to see the situation. Yes I said Choose. How I choose to react/respond.

I can always choose to find something to think about that feels better than what I'm currently thinking. Atleast now I can. Because it can be learnt (if I choose to want to learn it.. that is) I have a choice. And when it starts to become a general habit to look for the best you can find in any and all situation, yum....the ease of that exhilaration!

To catch yourself earlier and earlier. Becoming apprechiative of catching yourself. Being honestly happy about catching yourself in the moment of making things harder than they really have to be... Knowing that You have the Choice to turn yourself in another direction... and deliberately directing yourself into an upward going spiral...to find yourself emotionally relieved, heart opened, eyes opened and easy going again.

Finding relief until you acctually can see more positive aspects than negative. Finding relief until you're acctually apprechiating what happened. Finding relief until you acctually find it hard to access those negative thoughts you had so easily avaliable a while ago...
Freeing yourself gradually from your self imposed limitations.

This usually develops over time automaticly as life continues to happen to you, but takes an enternity compared to making a deliberate decision. It does not require "time to mature into this new perspective", it just takes determination to make it happen and gradually bringing yourself there emotionally. It can take as short as a few minutes!!! Especially when you've let go of the habit of thought telling you that others might find it inappropriate to not be "down" for a certain amount of hours/days/weeks...

When you bring yourself to an autenthic feeling of relief and gradually upwards from there to better and better feeling places, it will be amazingly genuine. You will surprice yourself how easy you can feel good no matter what. And its an autenthic well-being. You will still be caring. Even more caring acctually and more present in whats going on in the moment. More autenthically alive. More spontaneous. More generally joyous. More skillful at listening, at uplifting, at supporting. Others and yourself.

When feeling stable and knowing that you always can find ways to see opportunities, life become less "serious" and instead more playful. More feelings of love than fear. More feelings of compassion than competition.
Feelings of freedom and eagerness are predominant. You automatically look for the best in people and the best in things. You look forward to whats coming and if you look back its to remember and rejoice in what has been - for the pleasure of it and to remind yourself that similar things can and will happen at any moment...Thanking it for bringing you to where you are now and all that is before you.

The Knowing that you can (choose to) create relief for yourself in any and all situation and bringing yourself to a really good place emotionally may seem far away. Like something magic and unreal. But it is something completely natural. Its the essence of who we are deep inside. The part of us that witness our thoughts. The part of us that is in "the eye of the storm" when things seem chaotic. The part of us that never change.

This part of us is always calm, always feeling free, always whole, always loving, always filled with energy, always supporting and always joyous.
And it's always there for us to connect to its essence.

Way cool.

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