" I dont want life to be taken seriously. Seriousness is a kind of psycological disease. Life has to be fun. Life has to be a rejoicing. A dance. A song. A love affair. Its such a small life. Being serious is simply wasting opportunity. Before reaching your grave...have a lil dance, have a lil drink. Rejoicing is my religion. " (Osho)


Some time ago I did a kind of fun challange inspired by Osho, intending to take everyday-doings playfully. I really love the idea of feeling playful in every and any given situation. Giving a real boost to the joy inside and life becomes a rejoicing indeed.
Beginning small or not, this has a transformative effect. Everything and anything gets easy and joyous just by changing attitude. Very lovely indeed.

I remembered this challange now that I head this quotation stated above. Acctually have been continuing it just for the joy of it, and happy I started.

Getting a habit of being (more) playful makes life real fun and a lovely place to be. Really love the approach to life living for the fun of it and making rejoicing (instead of renounciation) a "religion", joyously affirming life!

All is well :)


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