Feeling Freedom - On Purpose


Wow, I'm in awe, over and over again!

These past days I've been playing around with feeling even better than I currently do - since I now feel comfortable with the pretty-high-good-feeling-place where I'm at.

So I asked myself again "ok, so how do I want to feel from now on?" and then I thought... wow, since I can go for anything I want, how about Invincible..? How about the freedom feeling of "rules-does-not-apply-to-me"?

...yes, kinda felt like a good idea and a possible step from where I was...

...so I stared to bring myself there by describing to myself how it would feel to feel that way and why it would feel so good to me
- and so...there I was... :)

Then, feeling this way, I found a lovely quote from my favourite teachers which pretty well described the feeling place I've just reached.

This quote is about setting your Joy-Standard. That it should be set real high. And how you can bring yourself higher and higher, and stay there just because you can and because of how lovely it feels to be there. So, here it is:

"You won’t settle for oneryness when you know the deliciousness of bliss, and you wont settle for worry, when you know the deliciousness of wellbeing, and you will not settle for sickness, when you know the inherent potential for wellness, and you will not settle for 'not-enough', when you know the universe is unlimited." (Abraham-Hicks)

I love making my life feel easy and I love feeling fantastic and most of all I love doing it all On Purpose - just cuz I can and it feels sooo lovely - such a yummy feeling of Freedom!!!


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