The Things Seemingly Going Wrong

Recently something "happened" to me that according to my standards was considered "things went wrong". And even though I'm fast at pivoting and looking for positive aspects of things happening nowadays, and quick at making the best of things. THIS thing seemed something more important than other things, and the current circumstances made it look like it had gone kinda very wrong lol... I actually started making the best of it straight away, but there was something about this I couldnt really let go of. Things actually are going extreamly WELL for me, and I'm usually very accurate at knowing when things will go the way I planned and not - since I now know my Emotional Guidance System, I can tell how I feel about the subject at hand. I had in general felt FABULOUS around this time this happened. There was a slight feeling of vunerability regarding this specific subject, I had noticed that, but compared with the overall wellbeing I had felt, this seemed not at all be the cause of this "going wrong" in this kinda seemingly extreme way... It did not make sense for me that something would go wrong, and since I was bothered about it, I couldn't let in the "going-right-ness" of it either..hahahaha.. But as soon as I managed to let go a little more... things really started FLOWING to me...in a matter of just a few days, the whole situation changed into MANY AWESOME things, I could never have imagined and with fabulous opportunities opening up like crazy!!!! It is now comic to me how I could see this as something "bad" happening to me. In hindsight, what happened was the tiniest thing compared to the Awesomeness that exploded out of it!!!! I cannot feel other than the DEEPEST of APPRECIATION for things seemingly going wrong!!! The Universe HAS my back and knows exactly how I want it, and KNOWS how to Surprice and Delight me in all kindsa wonderous ways.. I can now see how PERFECT this was. It was exactly what I needed to act in certain ways - which was essential to open up these wonderful opportinities I now have before me - The Universe tricked me into this Awesomeness very cleverly... I knew it - THINGS CANNOT GO WRONG for me anymore. ALWAYS right, and I'm now skilled enough to cash in every bit of it!!!! Woooooooooooooohooooo!!! What a team!! My Feelings* and I - We are invincible!!! *Ps. Our feelings are our indiviudual guidance towards everything and anything we want. Want more details about how to understand this guidance system??? Let me know! (Picture found through searching for "calvin and hobbes" on google)


  1. yes INDEED!! Thank you so much for your deep insight Amazing Playfulness!

    1. Thank You Tara, You ROCK :))) We're all in this together, yum!!!