Comic Results of the new 108-Day Challenge :)))

I'm on Day 5 of the new 108-day Game (see details here) and the 4th day of living the awesome results of my Intention Game (details here) lol... my everyday life includes more comical and funny situations ever.. got great results already the first day I had intended for.. and I got kinda hooked.. I chosed "FUN" as my theme for the 1st day... and I've stuck with it cuz of the delightful and even some hilarious results..lol..just an example: as I rode the bus today, which was driving kinda fast rally-ish..lol.. I looked out the window and the registration plate letters of the car just passing spelled "KUL" (meaning FUN) Easy as pressing a button, click!!! ...awesome!!! :)))) Ps. More info to start yourself here.

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