What About My Truths? (Q&A)

I've read "The Right Way", would you clarify why I feel bad sometimes even if I know that I am right? Shouldn't it feel empowering if I am right?
Oh, we love to explain this to you, or shall we say "REMIND" you. Because this is, so to speak, part of the whole agreement. Before coming into physical you knew the "rules of the game". One of your strongest traits is to know you are right and that you were to choose to live this life in your unique way, find your own truth. While there are many choices; some resonate more with the non-physical-perspective of how it is, some choices resonate less. That is where your emotion about it comes in. You can KNOW you are right, or "this is how-it-is" as you say. And as you feel certain about your rightness you also feel bad about it being so. It is your reminder of that there are other perspectives to choose from, others which resonate with enjoying life. You are still free to choose your truths, unconditionally free, while when you choose a perspective that resonates with the non-physical-perspective of this game you play - then you are "In Alignment" with non-physical (The Ultimate Source) and you ENJOY that current part of your life. (August 11th, 2012)
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