Feeling Awesome ~ On Purpose!!! {And Happy Birthday Roomba!!!}

Oh, My freakin Source, I ADOOOOORE feeling fabulously awesome on purpose. I love choosing how to feel and I LOVE how everything "magically" goes my way, just cuz I choose how I'd want to feel about it :))) Freakin GENIUS :))) I'm feeling fabulous these days and I've been dreaming some really COOL dreams, waking up feeling like a zillion bucks... THIS is living with cream on top... yum... And I'm in love with my magnificent robot vacuum cleaner.. so freakin cute, so freakin genius, so freakin GOOD at cleaning with joy while I'm enjoying myself elsewhere ~ thank you my sweet friend :)))) Muah! It's been with me for more than 2yrs now, feels just right to enjoy myself and then enjoy again in the clean room :))) YES, this is how I love to live, THANK YOU UNIVERSE :)!
Ps. Just found out that this vacuum cleaner that I have has it's 10th birthday this year :))) 2002-2012! And I've had mine for almost 3yrs now, ADORING it every day :))) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROOMBA!!!

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