{Love Made} Gingerbread Flavoured Mudcake Fudge ~ Raw

Delicious Mudcake/Fudge... Made up the recipe the other day, super easy to make!
2 cups fresh dates (pitted)
4 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon vanilla seeds
1 1/2 tablespoons "gingerbread spices"
2/3 cup cacao
2 pinches of salt
a squirt of lemon juice
adding later: 2/3 cup almonds
cacao for topping
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Using a food processor or similar, mix all ingredients except the almonds which will be added later. Let them mix until gooey, then place it all on a baking sheet and add the almonds (crush them some first if you want) and spread them out evenly and pressing them into the cake. You might need to grease your hands before doing this. If is sticking to your fingers alot (depends how dry your dates were before you mixed them, some are pretty juicy and will make a stickier dough), then add another baking sheet on top and press out the dough until desired thickness. Put it in the freezer to set, about 1 hour or at least 30minutes. Then take it out and cut in desired sizes and shapes with a sharp knife(I made them bite sizes, like fudge). Sift some cacao powder on top of each one (I used a "tea ball" to sift the cacao). Enjoy!
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