{Love Made} Raw Chocolate With Hazelnuts, Sultanas & Cardamom ~ Mouth Melting!

This recipe is ridiculously easy, as many other recipes on here. Raw Chocolate can be made using different fats, like cocoa butter or coconut oil. In this recipe coconut oil is used, which makes it melt in your mouth :))) I LOVE THAT! All ingredients in this recipe can be made with either raw, organic or regular versions, feel free to make it the way it pleases you and according to what you have available. The texture is like that of "chocolate truffles" :)))
Raw Chocolate With Hazelnuts, Sultanas & Cardamom
1dl (approx 1/2 cup) cacao powder
3/4 dl (approx 1/3 cup) coconut oil at room temperature
3/4 dl honey, I used a pretty firm textured honey, i.e. not a runny kind
About 1-2 handfuls of hazelnuts & sultanas, feel free to add more or less according to your taste...although with balance since it will tend to fall apart with to much stuff in it, logically :)
Cardamom to taste, grinded or freshly grinded
pinch of salt, to taste
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Using a spoon or a food processor, mix the cacao, the room temperatured coconut oil and the honey until blended fully (add cardamom too if you want, I added it afterwards which makes it taste fully chocolate AND cardamom in some parts at the top of each bite...). Scrape it all into a container of choice, or divide it into portion cups. Then add the hazelnuts and the sultanas, pressing them into the gooey chocolate. Add cardamom (if not already) to taste on top of it all, and press that too down into the chocolate. Now, it's time to harden, in the freezer. It will harden super quick if you've put small amounts into portion cups (like 5 minutes), and if you put the whole thing into a bigger container it will take longer, approx 30 minutes. If you made a big chunk, you can take it out when hardened and cut it with a sharp knife into desired sizes. Store them in the freezer or in the refrigerator, to have them ready to enjoy anytime you please. They start becoming loose kinda quickly (you noticed that you had time to cut them up, so you know its not THAT quickly...) in room temperature due to the melting point of the coconut oil, so take them out just prior to enjoying them :) I'm finding that very practical, always handy even if in the freezer! They become soft and melts in the mouth, which I'm finding extraordinarily delicious! I'd say they're better than the regular "chocolate truffles"...YUM, enjoy :)))
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