Nice Free Stuff For The Spiritual Crowd ~ By Pema Chödrön & More

I got some free gifts in my email and I'd love to share them with you. Love to share free stuff, and I've understood that Pema is a very well known and celebrated teacher altho I'm not sure I've ever heard anything by her before. Anyways, it's supposed to give you some peace of mind, so if you feel inspired - check it out. There are two gifts, one by Pema and the other one is by Shantideva. To get these gifts, the "payment" is getting a newsletter from "Sounds True" ~ a company that sells and gives a way stuff that you might really like ~ and if not, you can unsubscribe anytime :))) So, well, if feeling inspired.. get your free gifts :) I just did, and I'm already a newsletter subscriber of Sounds True, so I know that it's pretty enjoyable getting their newsletters and gifts :) HERE is the link (NOTE that it might be timesensitive!)!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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