Fine-Tune To Real~Eyes The Preferred {with a Distraction-Guide}

When I exprience something that I do not want, it gets clearer what I DO want... that is - what I'd PREFER, if I had the ability to choose. And I can choose what I prefer. Love that. Love prefering and getting into that FEELING PLACE of it BEING in the preferred way! How can you not LOVE feeling good!
In the last post I wrote, I described a process which I've enjoyed ALOT... "Using DEBT to get some flow" There are alot of efficient process ideas on this blog, if you haven't already noticed. I've shared ALL of my favorite ways on Self-Empowerment-Delux that occur to me (to write about) along the way... Today I'll share two things. First I'll share a variation of a process that I currently love using for finetuning - and second I'll share some examples on what to "do" to get out of an intense "stubborn" not-so-good-feeling mood. I haven't "had to" use these techniques myself for years now, but these are VERY helpful until you get a handle on your emotions more "automatically"... as well as on older subjects that "suddenly get activated" and causes discomfort.
I LOOOVE and ADOOORE finetuning! Knowing that all it takes for "realization" of what I prefer - is to [at least] find some RELIEF, makes things so EASY to handle nowadays :) Finetuning is the deliciousness of not only finding relief - but finding a really LOVELY DELICIOUS "high-flying" place to savor. Yum, and it's a GREAT "pass time", no matter subject or situation.
This process is somewhat similar to the BOUNCE technique/process and challenge I've already presented on this blog, and which is one of my favorite ways of getting into a "better feeling place" - or FINETUNE my mood.
I get a blank piece of paper and a comfy pen that I love to write with. STEP 1: I get clear on what I want to "change" - that is, what I'd love to MOLD into something preferable and beneficial. State it in a BRIEF way to then move on (I spend very little time in this step before moving to the better feeling steps!) STEP 2 I get clear on, IN GENERAL terms, what I prefer. State this briefly in written words. STEP 3 Here comes the YUMMY - and it's where I clarify for myself 'How I'd feel then' - meaning how I'd feel WHEN the preferred situation/event/circumstance was already my reality. And here I state the feeling places.. for example: Knowing, Ease, Flow, Effortlessness, Playful, Clarity, Free... etc.. And while I state these - I do imagine myself in that preferred scenario and I pick the feelings from HOW I actually feel while imagining it. Which means I DO feel these emotions. I continue this step until it feels "complete". And the whole work is DONE. This has already put me in the mood of realizing, recieving, allowing ~ the waveleght in which I can PERCEIVE what was before invisible for me. And it's a GREAT FEELING and very effective way. Sweet!
Guide to DISTRACTION from uncomfy emotions
Inicially, remember that the uncomfy emotion IS a good thing since it's an INDICATOR. Then, realize that the ONLY thing that is needed to actually "get your reality into a more good feeling place" is to find some kind of RELIEF from that place. It's THAT simple! So, what if the uncomfy feeling is stubborn? Well, there is ALWAYS a way, if one wants to get some relief. And you might have to be stubborn with it yourself, and it might take some re-doing of it until it gets easier to 'remember to do it' and all.. but it's all worth that initial "work" ! STEP 1 Notice that you feel uncomfy! In the beginning you usually do NOT notice this until it feels REALLY uncomfy, which means you already have alot of momentum on it.. but it's alright. It will get easier with practice. Be EASY on yourself and realize it's beneficial to notice it, no matter how "long into it" it currently is. STEP 2 Depending on how experienced you are at distracting yourself you might be able to find relief by only thinking yourself there, or writing yourself there. But if you've got a strong momentum already, having a strong emotion, which might seem very stubborn... here are some examples of how to curb that:
*Get Physical - jump up and down, run, walk, do yoga, do a workout etc
*Balancing - something that you find "hard" to do, which REQUIRES your attention
*Other In-put in - like taking a shower, getting outside in whatever weather there is, pet your cat/dog
*Breathing Deeply - a very effective technique if you're "calm enough" to try it out, it can also be done after some intense physical things done
These are just some examples, you know best what works for YOU. Write down a list of things that easily distract you, "no matter what", and practice these until they come natural for you to use DELIBERATELY when feeling uncomfy.
NOTE that only a couple of minutes is ENOUGH for you to get a feeling of relief! It's impossible to not get it - so if you experience that you're not getting it, just change the means, try different kinds. The goal is to do something that REQUIRE focus from you, which in turn "break the pattern of thought currently going on". You might have to repeat, but you WILL get some relief from these kinds of distraction. ALSO it will get easier and more automatic with time. ENJOY!!!

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