Shoring Up Expectations {of getting everything you want}

"I ADORE how I've been getting more expectant of things going my way."
"It's DELICOUS to experience this HIGH amount of PERFECT TIMINGS."
One of my favorite things to do is some kinda of daily "process" - becasue it reminds me that I create what I live and that I'm in charge of how I feel. I've done daily processes for many years now, and usually I do them as "a 30 day" thing, and then it's just too delicious to let go of it. The content of it changes slightly, to adapt to where I'm currently at and to keep it fresh, fun and interesting.
If you've followed this blog for some time, you've probably also taken one or more of the 30 day processes (30 day challenges) that I've shared. Some have been 108 days.. and some for a year or so...
The latest I've been on is a "getting to know my concierge" or "shoring up my expectations" kinda project... and today I'm on day 93 of it. I started it off as a 30 day thing, and as usual.. it's too delicious to not keep going :)
I ADORE how I've been getting more expectant of things going my way.
I ADORE how I've been getting more expectant of things going my way. I mean, as it has become more and more a habit of delegating the "chores" of the day to the concierge, I've become more and more expectant that I WILL get a reminder at the perfect time.. and things ARE arranging themselves for the purpuse I have.. and I feel "carried" towards it, I feel its "set up" for it to work out. And the more I experience these kinda "arranged set-ups", the easier the everyday life feels. And the easier it is to come up with things that I want to improve... since I get to prefer - and I get to have it the way I prefer.. so why not prefer deliberately so it comes into stronger focus and then just notice that it has molded into what I wanted? YES! Way FUN! It's DELICOUS to experience this HIGH amount of PERFECT TIMINGS.
Well, so what did I do these past 90+ days?
This time I based my process(es) on a workbook (Abraham Hicks style) based on what Abraham calls "The Perfect Day".. kinda like what how they'd recommend you to live life.. which is to deliberately focus what you want into being, and before understanding that its a "sure thing", they recommend some fun processes to start playing around with it. They recommend you to sift and sort... when you experience things.. and deliberately PREFER if something could be improved... (ex. When I know what I don't want - I KNOW more clearly what I DO what.. so now I PREFER...) The workbook has a given scheduale of processes, and I'm personally not doing "all of them", and never did during these 90+ days either. I've mostly stuck to reading the quotes (morning and evening quote), and done the Place Mat process in the morning (as soon as possible at waking up.. sometimes in bed, sometimes while having breakfast.. but always BEFORE I "start my day" or leave the house.
Doing this have increasingly aumented the "perfect timings" and definately shored up my expectations! When doing the Place Mat process I keep it very simple on "my side" - that is "What do I intend to do today"... and leave it with "I intend to feel the best possible and follow the Path Of Least Resistance".. that's mostly it.. and THE REST goes on the Concierge's side! And first of all I state: "Arrange the flow of this day"... which sums it all up, keeps it general and has made my days flow fabulously - with perfect timings. Some days, thats all I put there... Sometimes I add - "you know what I want and where it is, so guide me to it.." and/or "Delight me today".. and I adore noticing how the delights are personally adapted to me.
You might "need" to shore yourself up some before starting these, I'm not sure. I remember trying the Place Mat years ago and simply couldn't keep "my side of the to-do-list" short enough.. it still felt like alot to do and I did not feel supported.. I felt like my own action was what was driving things forward and that "got it done".. well, I still act - but mostly now from "inspired action" with reminders (not my own reminders, I get like an inspiration) - and THAT is SOOOO much more delightful and requires SOOOO much less "effort". Feels GREAT! So, well, whatever processes that feel most inspired to you - that's the process to try out in this moment. Then just follow with whatever inspires you next... And well, when you start noticing the power/influence you have on what is your experience and what you want to happen. It feels logical, while if you compare it to how it would be before you "shored yourself up", it would have been thought of as "magic" or "miracle" or something.. where it's now natural, normal, everyday experience.
Yum, get on with it, let your life FEEL GOOD!

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