The freedom of feeling worthy

It happens to everyone. People talk behind your back. Not everyone likes you.

And the funny thing is that it doesn't bother you until you get to know about it. And then you start to wonder how many might not like you or how many might believe in that horrible thing someone spread about you.
Once I took this really seriously, wanted to get to the bottom of this and that...and now I'm more likely to shrug my sholders and to send them some love instead :)

A few years ago someone said something about me that wasn't true, or at least it was so twisted that it was nowhere near the truth anymore.

I got to know about it a year after it spread out, by a friend who "really had to" ask me since thought it was way to absurd to have been said or done by me.

First thing, I laughed. It was really absurd. But then I started thinking about what people who didn't know me would be thinking about me. So I went the traditional way... from disappointed/sad to angry to frustrated.. how could I make it right again, I thought. Took me some days to get passed it and gain my feeling of worthiness and self empowerment again, realizing that what I really wanted was approval.

One of the most precious gifts in life is to feel worthy, to feel comfortable deep inside with your own unique self. Everyone is different. And everyone has something great to offer with their own uniqueness. So rich!!!

There will always be something or someone that you prefer over someone/something else. Nothing personal to that color, to that person, to that outfit, to those shoes, to that city.... And there will always be someone twisting things, intentionally or not, but still will do it about you. Nothing personal. They might not even see it the way you do.

Each of us has our own story that we add to what we see and experience. You might be deeply offended by something that someone else simply laughs at.

It's a lovely feeling of freedom to let the reaction or response, to circumstances and experiences serve your mood. Making it easy on yourself. Looking at it from a distance and not letting your "pride" get hurt. Maybe even recognizing that the person that "hurt" you might need some more love in their life to "behave better". Stretching it further maybe, and sending them love - wishing them to be happy and successful.

How about just continuing to flow that way, enjoying life...

With a steady foundation of worthiness within your heart, bending some wont make you lose balance.

Awesome, huh? :)

Love to all!!!

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