Open Up The Heart and Let it Shine The Brightest!

My gratitude to Mc Yogi making inspirational and tought provoking lyrics, worth celebrating his courage to share his heart with the world!

How about this:

"...love has no limit
cuz love is timeless..."

"...and fear will try to bind us,
but love unites us,
nobody can fight this.
This love is righteous
and it might just
save the whole world from this global crisis.

Throw your hands up - if you know what the time is.
Open up your heart and let it shine the brightest!
Give Love, Give Your Love Away, Give Love...don't be afraid... Give Love..."

Feel free to watch the video (link below) and enjoy all the lyrics for yourself.

And if inspired to,
please take a tall seat...
..and go to the feeling place of how it would be expanding in love, to be so filled up with love radiating from every cell of your body - that there would be no question about containing it...feeling the total absence of fear because your heart is full of blissed out love and wide open, shining bright... Spreading your love everywhere you go - filling up heart after heart after heart after heart...as you pass by people on the street... :)

Dream away, and enjoy! Celebrate Your Heart!
Love to all!!!


Ps. The picture is from Paris; Celebrating the Heart with an heart-opening yoga pose, in front of the The Sacred Heart Basilisque (Sacre Coeur) - Bliss!

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