Let The Fun Begin {Exercise}


Motivation v/s Inspiration

Are you focused upon the joyous, wanted, outcome of your action/non-action? Or are you focused upon the dreaded, unwanted, outcome you're trying to avoid with your action/non-action?
Feel the difference of it... Are you joyously approching your goals or are you struggling in the awareness of what might happen if "you do/don't"?

And do you motivate others, making them aware of the unwanted outcomes they need to avoid? Or do you inspire them into action/non-action, by making them aware of all the deliciousness they're looking forward to?

Wouldn't it be nice if I could base my life in only inspireing myself towards my goals...Wouldn't that be Delicious, Exciting, Empowering... Not only when getting "there", but along the way!

I'm going to play around with this for a month, becoming aware of how often I motivate myself/others rather than inspire myself/others...and for the fun of it...refrase it..turning it into something inspirational and joyous...

So, let the fun begin!
Are you with me?



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