Can you be playful and serious at the same time? Of course not.

Can you be playful and feel bad at the same time? Of course not.

Ever thought about it that way?

In my experienting on how to optimize my daily joy and chill percentage I've discovered that playfulness really does the trick, every time. Adding the attitude of playfulness makes the whole difference on how you experience the current task or experience. Cuz you can't be tense and playful at the same time. You cant be bored and playful at the same time. You cant be irritated and playful at the same time.

You cant have ANY negative emotion at the same time as you're being playful! Yay!!!

Alright, so how do I increase my daily playful precentage?

Personally I've found that there are alot of things we automatically do that keep up the seriousness, quite simple things acctually... hahaha :) So... to be playful you gotta care less about what others think, you gotta care less about your belongings, care less about what things cost, care less about keeping order, care less about how you walk, care less about being elegant or appropriate, you gotta dare being alil crazy. All about having fun really. Being more childlike... (or drunk-like, if you prefer? hahaha)

So well, sing and dance while doing the dishes. Use the dish-brush as a mic once in a while maybe even. Sing and dance while cleaning. Sing and dance while cooking. Sing and dance while grocery-shopping. Sing-a-long to a happy song while paying the bills. Skip along the sidewalk while walking to work. Making the ordinary-everyday-things playful and joyful.

Removing the breaks to make your life a joyous experience! No more shoud-do's but instead play-a-do's...

Wear different colored socks on each foot? Buy a childrens note book instead of the elegant one you "kinda dont wanna ruin"? Buy a childrens pen with glitter and hearts or ...my favourite.... a lucky-troll on top?

Things that repetingly can bring you back to a more relaxed, chilled place - things that remind you of your playfulness over and over again are real TREASURES for your mood and well-being!

You can't be stressed-out and playful at the same time.... yum... fabulous!!! Love it!

Have any of your own tricks to share? Feel Free :)

Adoooring everything and everyone reminding me to be the joyful loving eager being that I truly am - Delicious Life Ahead !

Ps. picture found on Google searching "lucky troll"