Joy-Sparkling Experiments


Time flies when having fun and it's exhilarating to notice the wonderful progess this experiment has resulted in. Keeps getting deeper. Getting alot more Apprechiation-Prone, Joy-Sparkly-Prone, Dance-Prone, Skip-Prone, Laugh-Prone...

Feels fantastic to know that these things can be trained into perfection, no need to "be born this way". And its wonderful to have a Guidance System working like a GPS and telling me that NOTHING IS UNCERTAIN, although it will always play out in the way I'm able to ALLOW it to happen.
Also, it always has the potential to AMAZE you beyond what you might have been thinking was possible.

Setting my standards to "Things ALWAYS work out for me" has made a believer out of me. I now KNOW that I create my reality, that I ALWAYS can change anything that has happened that might not be to my liking - or that I find I want to modify.
Although what I find more pleasureable, is to just Prepave an outcome I want, and so it is. Things can always be modified...so, if not beforehand, then after.... (seems impossible at first, it takes some Ignoring of What-Is, but when you get the How-To its lotsa FUN) Everything is possible.

What I want is OH-SO-CERTAIN. The journey "There" is what LIFE is. And the more I allow - the more the Universe wants to PLAY :)

The more I allow the Universe to conspire for me (not trying to bang it into place that is) - the more AMAZED I am of the resaults. The Universe is THE BEST conspireer and gives me Cues on what I "might want to do", where I "might want to stop", what "might want to read", where I "might want to go" ... to swiftly get there.

THIS is what I came here for, this is what I signed up for - this is DELICIOUS LIFE EXPERIENCE!!!


Thank You, Adoring You - Apprechiation Blast comin your way :)))


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