Creating Whatever-I-Desire


By Choosing to Feel-Good under any and every circumstance - I get access to an even better-feeling Reality to revel in...

Trough experiencing un-wanted I get Clear about What-I-Want and then I Revel in the Knowing it's already unfolding for me.

The feeling of Reveling-in-the-knowing IS Evidence of that it is, Right Now, on its way towards me...

My emotion about it is the indicator if near or further away from me at this very moment in time.

So learning to take control over your emotion, IS the "fix" of everything you have ever wanted. As my teachers say: You can Be, Do and Have anything you want. No exceptions.

Its mindblowing to get to Feel and Know the Power we all can access - the Power-That-Creates-Worlds is ours to use, to the degree we allow it - to allow the creation of Whatever-We-Desire.

Avaliable to EVERYONE, which of course include You, and You, and You and You....

Have Fun with it, Dreams In The Works!!!


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