My Yummy Mind Habit


Energized, Good-Feeling, Clearminded, Things-Go-My-Way, Sure Of Myself, Loving Everyday Life, "Luck" Follows Me, What-I-Want-Flows-Easily-To-Me, Expert-At-Handling-Previous-Stresstriggering-Situations, In-Love-With-Life, Skip-In-My-Step, Fabulously-Functioning-Body, Savouring-The-Moment-Habit, Self-Empowered-Delux, Quality-Of-Life has Skyrocketed, Utter Compassion, Tendency-To-Attract-Fun&Laughter, Feeling Extremely Comfortable and At Ease with My Self, My Mind and My Body, Reveling in the Well-Being I feel....

are some of the side-effects of My Experiment..

♥ Soon avaliable for YOU ♥


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