Going For Ripeness Only


...I'm WOW:ed by the abundance that surrounds me...

I've got access to abundance of joy, abundance of opportunities, abundance of clarity, abundance of love, abundance of comfort, abundance of posibilites, abundance of support, abundance of delight, abundance of wonder, abundance of amazing people to interact with, abundance of delicious food to eat and try out, abundance of countries and adventures to explore, abundance of lovely places to stay and live at, abundance of things to try-out, abundance of things to get Genious at, abundance of things to joyously learn, abundance of interest, abundance of curiosity, abundance of new ideas flowing to me...

Sucha wonderful feeling to being wrapped by the love of this wonderous universe, to be held and know that the Universe supports every single wish I utter and becomes it for me to enjoy... I'm in love with this life - I love dancing with this Universe and feeling the sparks about everything new coming to me...

Unlimited, Undeniable, Unstoppable I am!

My words are acting as magic wands and there are endless ways to create, endless posibilities to mold and change everything into exactly the wonder I want... no more going for "second-best" just cuz there might not be a better one around for me... Its a Hell-Yes, or it isn't!!! If not yet an Hell-Yes,, then l let it RIPE into perfection, since I now KNOW I can..it will not slip away from me..it will "come back" as a better version... and delight me in its delicious ripeness.. It's such empowerment to know this!!!! :)))

...no more going for "second-best" just cause there might not be anything/anyone better around... If not a Hell-Yes yet, let it Ripe into Delicious Perfection!!!! ~Jeuline

Hell-Yes to travel, Hell-Yes to feeling free & lovefilled, Hell-yes to spacious fabulous houses at wonderous locations, Hell'Yes to being surrounded by playful & joyous-unlimited-thinkers, Hell-yes for comfortable and easily accessable travel-ways, Hell-yes for things flowing efforlessly into my experience, Hell-yes for taking the money out of the equation - there are endless other options on how to let things in, Hell-yes for letting the "who-how&when" be up to the Universe - the Expert-On-How-I-Want-Things-To-Be....., Hell-Yes for the feeling of being on vacation on an everyday basis, Hell'Yes for Loving, Basking, Praising, Enjoying, Singing, Flying, Dancing, Drawing, Painting,...and more..., Hell-YEs for the salt-water-pool in Nosara Costa Rica - and having a pool like that avaliable anytime I might want to enjoy it...., Hell-yes for openminded flexible people and situations, Hell-yes for adventure, for spice-in-life, for clarifying- & improvment-causing experiences, Hell'yes for knowing my power, Hell'yes for enjoying the strength, flexibility, stamina & agility of my body, Hell'yes for being the creator of my mood, Hell-yes for eating delicious, Hell-Yes for being radiant, charming and attracting, Hell-yes for having friends/family/staff around to make life utterly comfortable, spacious, easily-maintained, freedom feeling and laughter-filled...

♥ HELL-YES for being part of this Genious Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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