Being Comfy About The Uncomfy

I've come to appreciate the Uncomfy so much lately. During these recent days of Playfulness I've come to a much deeper sense of the Benefit of Uncomfiness! It actually Defines-Me in more and more Detail. Everytime I encounter it, I get a deeper understanding, a clearer picture, an eye-opener of what REALLY is important to me and how I want to live. My life gets richer, spicier and uniquer everytime I get to Define it in more Detail. Ain't that exquisite?! The Uncomfiness is an opportunity to take a closer look at what IS working and what I do LOVE about my life ~ letting what I LOVE get spacious in my current experience. It's like I'm at a crossroad getting the chance to improve my experience by deciding which way FEELS the best, which way I LOVE the most ~ what Defines Me the most. And its Me deciding, no one else. And everytime I let myself be the creator of my experience, it comes with a feeling of Relief, a feeling of Juicier Love, a feeling of a Fuller Experience. How I Adore it! I get to Decide What Defines Me! And Everyone else gets to do the same ~ a Win-Win! Rock n' Roll!

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