Day 59 Invasion Of Immense Joy

It's Day 59 of Theme Playfulness and I've recently been invaded with an Immense feeling of Joy and Love and Appreciation... just different aspects of whats at the core of Me (and everyone else!).. What a delicious feeling to LET IT FLOW FREELY :)))) There are so many things to appreciate... all the little things that make up the big picture.. the amazing LoA bringing it all together into utter perfectness... Impressed with how I can easily pivot nowadays on really most subjects.. I said that a year ago too, but it keeps getting noticably DEEPER and there is no end to refinement... I totally ADORE knowing about LoA, adore applying it and I ADORE feeling so amazingly fabulous that I couldnt care less about anything else than just BEING in that wonderful feeling... Genious to be the one picking and choosing exactly how I want it, and consistently getting new opportunities to define myself and my wantings into an even more delicious reality... I love how I can see anything and everything in a way that makes my heart sing... YES, I SAID EVERYTHING!!!!! Its so LOVELY to advance in the appliance of Abe's teachings.. to have access to the bigger perspective of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ♥ YUM :))))

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