Being The Fulfiller Of My Dreams

...love how it feels to wake up and know that I'm the boss of my day... I love how it feels to know I can be, do and have anything I want... I love how it feels to know that I can feel the In-Loveness whenever I want and choose my own subject, no matter what... I'm the boss of me and my reality... I love how it feels to imagine something happening that I'd really want, and get into it in sucha way it feels like I'm actually LIVING it right now... I love how I can choose the emotion I feel, I can decide how I'd like to feel and achieve that emotion easily... I love how it feels to love and appreciate... I love how the love and appreciation I feel wraps me up in bliss and exhiliration as I savor my deep breaths, I enjoy every second of the wellbeing I feel.. and I've created this, I did this, I have decided how I'd like to feel and I am feeling it right now... and the knowing that everything will always work out for me however things look like right now is the most delicious knowing.. the knowing that I can "mess up" and "fail" any number of time, and still get it RIGHT, thats what I call a yummy feeling... There's some exquisite confidence in that knowing and I'm bathing in the feeling of it... I'm letting it ripple through my body and I know I'm an extension of Source who is aware of me at all times, applaude me at all times, is on my side at all times, calling me towards what I really want at all times, loves when I'm playful at all times... loves me no matter what and KNOWS my potential at all times, showering me with the Unconditional Love knowing that I'm Unlimited, that I'm Undeniable, that I'm Invincible, that I'm Successful, that I'm Worthy, that I'm Genious, that I can at all times relax into that knowing too, and become the fulfiller of all of my dreams (((♥))) Ps. The picture is from http://www.alexross.com/Dreaming.jpg, found by searching google "dreaming"

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