I AM Celebration, I AM

.... lovely calm deeeeeep breaths coming automatically.. and I feel blissful from the inside out..I'm enjoying FULLY and I'm enjoying EVERYTHING ... been enjoying music, singing, and BEING.. just being wonderfully blissed out and feeling fabulous... couldn't care less about christmas lol.. whos celebrating that anyway lol.. and why not celebrate always.. I'm IN the state of Celebration, no need for certain rituals, certain people, certain presents, certain trees, certain baking/foodmaking... certain whatever that is "necessary" for it to feel celebrative.. I AM celebration from the inside out...I AM celebration cuz I've let myself RELAX and FLOW with whats natural to me... Basking in my Celebration-State-Of-Being I'm savoring the delicious smell of the air, the delicious feeling of the cool air flooding down the nasal passage... I'm in need of Nothing, I'm fully satisfied with What-Is. I'm in complete LOVE with What-Is. And What-Is right now is Enjoying Being Me. The deep breaths and the calm blissed-out-ness is Enough. Who Knew? LOL Naturally High On Life, Manifested (((♥))) Pure Love, Pure Bliss ~ The Completeness of Satisfaction... The Mind Content is Delicious, The Feeling in My Body Delicious... This is how it really feels to LOOOOOVE What-Is Regardless how it looks like, Really, there is nothing special about this moment except MY INCREDIBLE STATE OF BEING ~ Muah!!!! In Love With The Divineness Dancing Through My Body, Breathing Through Me, Radiating Through Me, Feeling, Hearing, Tasting, Touching ~ Through Me... In Love With The Infiniteness Of You and Me, Far Out Cool... Enjoying every single second, its Awesome.. THIS is Being Alive,,, WoW:ed,,, Yum!!!! Ps: Picture found on Google searching Heart Song


  1. fantastik stuf
    i love it, i can feel it from you words
    merry Christmas jeuline

    1. My Pleasure :))) Blissful Holiday Times Right back at ya!!!

  2. My Pleasure :))) Blissful Holiday Times!!!