The Idea Of Marriage Vows Abe-Style

My heart opens fully to the idea of Marriage when I read this Quote, I feel exhileration in the knowledge that This Is How I Want Every Relationship In My Life To Be, Simply Yummy!!!! "I promise you that I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep myself happy. And I'm not gonna hold you, not ever, responsible for the way I feel. So you're free. You are free to behave in whatever way you decide to behave, because I am an exerciser of unconditional love.The first partner that I'm reaching for, the relationship that is SO supremely important to me, is the relationship between me and me. And when I get that into alignment, you're going to have a really good time with me. Because when I hook up with that source energy, you're gonna be loved like you've never been loved. You're gonna be appreciated like you've never been appreciated. You're going to be uplifted like you've never been uplifted. And you're off the hook, because I take responsibility for how I feel." ~ Abe Ps. Thanks to Andreja Reberšak for the inspiration for this post. Picture found on Google Pictures searching "marriage ring heart"


  1. Yes, that is very liberating and also in fact a much higher promise to give to my partner. I will copy this quote on my blog.

    1. Agreeing fully, thanks for commenting :)))