Being Big Time Influencial ~ On All Subjects

~ During these periods of Playfulness I'm loving the solidness of my knowing that I've come to - Luck is nothing random, Luck is Up To Me! I can influence my "Luck" and I can influence every bit of my life experience. First of all I can influence how I feel and how I respond to a current situation and I can influence the outcome. It seemed complicated at first, but that depended only on me making it such. It really is Easy, as I Get-Out-Of-The-Way... I'm making myself Naturally Influencial, Big Time, Letting The Universal Laws Work On My Behalf ~ The Power That Creates World, The Unlimited, The Invincible, The Undeniable BECOMES ME....Merging together in a Wonderous Dance of Bliss... EVERYTHING works out for me Deliciously, Effortlessly and Joyfully. It's ALL up to ME...(And ALL up to YOU, regarding your life!) The Independence of Our Life Experiences is Evident when coming to KNOW the Laws, yet we are Co-Creating in a seemingly Magical Way. Coolest Shit Ever! So, Want to Be INFLUENCIAL on all subjects??!!! Learn It, Own It and Watch The Evidence of How This Universe Works,as it will Blow Your Mind :))) Ready? Steady? Go!!!! Fly High and your Life Experience will Fly-High with You :))) FIREWORKS ((((((♥)))))) Ps. The picture was found trough google "Fireworks"

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