Magnificent Immense YummyNess

LOL... this is getting outta hand.. lol.. I'm having no more vocabulary to describe whats going on ... I'm feeling so darn FABULOUS its beyond words... AND its BEYOND the "beyond words" I've written before lol.. I've sung myself into pure ecstasy, pure bliss today.. and I've made some more melodies to my collection.. I've TOTALLY blissed out and I'm fuller than ever with Who-I-Really-Am I suppose.. I dont really know how to describe it.. it becomes mediocre..lol.. Its complete deliciousness in the NOW. I need nothing, I lack nothing, I am feeling soft yummy wellbeing become me and I'm caressed & wrapped from the inside out... Blisschills ripple through my body and my mind wast and unlimited, without bondaries, there is no beginning or end - becoming one with space and time.. Its a MAGNIFICENT feeling, a HUGE feeling, a MASSIVE feeling, an UNLIMITED feeling of wonderfully dense LOVE I guess.. The appreciation is not containable, it floods to and through me, with no end... LOOOOOOVING where I am right now, and I'm not really "anywhere" special LOL... I'm feeling deeply satisfied with this Incredible Magnificent UnDescribeAble Immense YummyNess filling me... Fully LoveWrapped, Delish (((♥))) THANK YOU, MUAH!!! Ps. I know the spelling is scwewy.. :))) It's Day 86 of Theme Playfulness... try it, da** it!!! Wooohoooooooo!!!!!

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