The 30Day Challange {Video with Tips & Description}

Wrote about this Challange in the previous blogpost, here: http://joylovebliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/day-1-of-magically-effective-30day.html


  1. Åh vad fint! Tack för att du delade med dig! Jag hänger på utmaningen jag med!

    1. Ja, vad kul :))) Och vad roligt att du skrev om det så fler kan vara med!!! Tack Fina!!! High-5 :)))

  2. Very nice, Yogini! I've done this part 2 and 3 before with a friend. The process is called "image streaming". We call each other up and leave a message saying something like, "hey remember when I told you about .... (some event in the future)... well, it went so well, etc. etc.. We always start off with telling what the date is. For example, today is January 15. I would call her and say, "hey, it's March 15th and that EFT video I recorded went really well. After the EFT online video summit on March 1st, I got a lot of calls for new clients."

    Wow, just writing that made me feel really good :) And now I know that when I DO record the video in the next couple of weeks, it will go really well. I love this stuff!!!!

    1. That's an AWESOME way of doing that with a partner/friend, THANK YOU for that Lucia!!! EXCELLENT :)))

  3. Day #5,
    #1 - Appreciations:

    I appreciate my 23 year old private practice and business as a psychotherapist. I have helped many, many people. I have helped families, individual adults, couples, teenagers and children. I appreciate my almost 10 years of being an hypnotherapist. I appreciate my 6 years of being an EFT practitioner. I appreciate how I can sit with someone with very severe issues and be patient, compassionate, understanding and intuitive.

    One of my specialties is in lesbian/gay/bisexual/and transgendered issues. I appreciative the work I do with them and sometimes their families. I appreciate that I have had some transgendered clients who came to me from many, many miles away. I appreciate that I have helped people who have had severe childhood traumas. I appreciate that I have helped people get over substance abuse. I appreciate that I have and *do* help people with a vast assortment of contrast.

    I appreciate that I have had BRILLIANT interventions with people that produced significant difference in their lives.

    I appreciate that in my 23 years of practice I have always had comfortable offices with pleasant landlords and nice neighbors. I appreciate that after being in the Hot Seat with Abraham on the first Alaska cruise in 2004, I found a new office and moved in 3 weeks later after I talked with them about it. I appreciate that my offices have always felt comfortable, homey and cozy.

    I appreciate being my own boss. I appreciate getting to set my own schedule, time and vacations. I appreciate getting paid *very well* for my services. I appreciate that even when I go away on vacation for any length of time, my business/my practice is still there when I get back.

    I appreciate that my tag line on my business card is: "supporting unbridled growth in personal development".

    I appreciate that I can retire whenever I choose. I appreciate that I have repeat business. I appreciate that clients refer their friends to me. I appreciate that I am respected in the therapist community.

    #2 (in Telling a New Story Abe group)

    My new story about my work/career/business: I love how much time I have for the things that give me the most pleasure. My business supports me in new ways that I never imagined possible. I now have more time and money to pursue my dance career in bigger and bigger ways. I am empowered by my business to support others in new ways. I can see now how my past career contrasts have given me whole new delightful ways of envisioning my life, my work, my career, my gifts, my interests, my talents. I building upon my successful longtime business. I love finding new ways of doing so.

    1. Oh My Source :))) LOVE IT Lucia, Rockin!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! Muah!!!