The Inspiration Of Having The Awesomest Friends

Hey Everyone, I simply ADOOOOOORE the response to this Challange I posted on here recently!!!!! THANK YOU all so very much :))) And I have to share this VERY INSPIRING VIDEO from a friend of mine that is on the train with us on this fabulous challange :))) She posts videos about her days on this challange - check her out :))) She has been doing this before, as you'll notice - she's a pro :))) So, feel free to Enjoy her Beautiful Sparkling Energy, and catch the vibe of it!!! And YES, Thank You Tatiana, I felt a very strong calling to do the video with tips & description regarding the challange.. Loved that you shared this with me, and with everyone else - how this life experience is a CO-CREATIVE one.. Its quite a mind-blow to think about, and a marvellous thing to be LIVING... It was delightful to make the video and I LOVE the response I got to it aswell. Tatianas video is kinda an answer to it, and a very inspiring watch describing in a delicate manner some more about how this Universe Works... Yum :))) Ps. The Video I posted is here: http://joylovebliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/30day-challange-video-with-tips.html ... and in the comments below I've posted some more inspirational examples.. and feel free to post your own link if you've posting somewhere :))))

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  1. Here's another Delicious example of how to do the challange: Thank you Tara http://coachtarawoodruff.blogspot.com/2012/01/extra-in-flow-of-appreciation.html