ExtraOrdinary Everyday Experience

It's Day 94 of Playfulness... say what?? NINETY FOUR, can you believe it???!!... and I'm reveling in the fact that my life is FABULOUS thanks to this experimental "challange" of mine... Any ordinary situation turns IMMEDIATELY extraordinary as soon as I turn the playfulness ON... ANY situation.. I've now made it second nature in most situation and life is MAGICALLY unfoldning in an effortlessness I never could imagine to be living ever... It's an elation to understand what an AWESOME difference that "little" shift makes to the whole experience. I've been asked to share some of the processes I've used on my path up to starting this challange ~ so let me know if you have any other requests. I might get inspired to write about it :))) Blissing Out is Your Birthright and your reason to be here ... YUM.. it's the CORE of who you are and accessable anytime you LET it flow... And there are many ways of doing so... :))) Ps. Feel free to share your favourite ways to LET your bliss flow freely

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